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CD $9.50


Turd 21 

Call it synchronicity. Call it fate. But in the mid-2000s, in two different corners of the world, two girl DJ tag-team duos arose, both with the same taste in raw underground bass. Wierder still, the two sets of girls even looked kind of similar—one tall blonde, one sassy brunette each. In New York City, Syrup Girls—California transplants raised on drum and bass and sweaty rock shows—cause drunken late-night mayhem in the streets of the Lower East Side. In Berlin, Sick Girls throw middle fingers up to the minimal techno-obsessed with broken breaks and in-your-face style. And then Tigerbeat 6 don Kid 606 decides to pair these low-end dopplegang-girls together for Violent Turd’s genre-busting Shotgun Wedding series.   On side one of Vol. 8, Syrup Girls go balls out in Brooklyn, busting out the gate with down ’n’ dirty breaks (favela funk, rave jams, B’more jawns) before dropping nasty punk-house and closing out with a fire fight between the Dirty South and spooky dubstep bangers. Yowch! On the flip, Sick Girls bring on the revolution, Berlin-style, heat-fusing raw Nintendo grime (Shystie, Sticky, Drop The Lime) with club rap stormers, and super surprises, all edited, reworked, chopped, and screwed to sweet death in the pair’s Kreuzberg laboratories. Fire!

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