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Casually Smashed To Pieces

Six Parts Seven

Casually Smashed To Pieces

Suicide Squeeze
CD $13.25

01/23/2007 803238005225 

S 052 CD 

***The latest from Kent, Ohio-based sonic exploration squad SIX PARTS SEVEN, and the band’s most adventurous release to date. Like the soundtrack to a heartbreaking film that never existed, the songs on Casually Smashed To Pieces are simultaneously beautiful and completely unpredictable. “Knock At My Door” features gorgeous guitar chords, layered arrangements and a twangy undercurrent; “Confusing Possibilities” features dueling melodic lines, shifting dynamics and sub-bass tones that transport the band’s music into uncharted frequencies; and “Stolen Moments” showcases the singing horns, unorthodox chord voicing and crescendos so gradual you’ll wonder how you got from point A to point B.

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