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Tall By Josh Small

Small, Josh

Tall By Josh Small

Suburban Home
CD $9.45

06/26/2007 667928004727 

SH 47 CD 

***JOSH SMALL, the wily singer with the worn-through boot soles manages to capture a traveling narrative reminiscent of the bard, the ballad of a weary lover, and the "by hook or by crook" self- indulgence of a real rock n' roller. Small learned from his father how to play music starting at the age of six, and has since fallen in love with the work of Harry Nilson and Roger Miller. He has become a versatile part of the music scene in Richmond, Virginia. He has toured with bands such as Stop It, Pink Razors, and Strike Anywhere. Small’s latest effort is an album filled with a melody-driven blend of folk music and ‘70s-style rock. But don't be misled: this isn't a lame hipster attempt to revitalize a bygone genre. There is a rare authenticity to Small's sound that is impossible to ignore. Lyrically, the album can be read as a sort of therapy session for Small. It's this brutally honest, almost stream-of-consciousness approach to songwriting that gives the album its greatest strength.

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