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no cover
CDEP $9.50

10/31/2006 697410277520 

EJ 75 

Seven-headed monster When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth (two singers, two guitars, two drummers and bass) create horrific, spastic noise-sludge for Young Republicans. Formed from the ashes of Awesome Cool Dudes and The Tuxedo Killers, the band crept up on the Austin scene in early 2006 like coffee in a cup, bourbon in a glass, and fine grass.  Snacks opens with the band's theme song led by a no-fi boys choir then crashes into full-on stereo mayhem with "1-2-3 Pissmop." "Let's All Get Fades" begins with a mangled heap of strangled yelping and carefully picked single notes before a crushing guitar interlude gobbles up the mix. The epic closing track, "Bananafana," begins as a typical dinosaur montage: crunch, stomp, splatter, attack -- before diving head first into an endless Flipper-meets-Sabbath-on-45rpm dirge that destroys all sense of time.  WDRTE's live show (which earned them personal high-fives from David Byrne at SXSW 2006) is a sight to behold: two drummers face off, players fight for room on the stage, and the singers begin arguing before the first note sounds. During the set expect flying objects (not limited to Pabst cans) and a fluid line between the audience and the stage. Twenty-five minutes later you'll be grinning and sweating, like you just saw the shortest horror movie ever.

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