Pallbearer Sorrow And Extinction


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Label # SPIN 048UPC 721616804812
Street DateAugust 28th, 2012

Earlier this year, Pallbearer’s debut album Sorrow and Extinction was released to wide critical acclaim both by the heavy metal press and the wider indie music press machine. A crushingly heavy and beautifully melancholy piece of traditional doom metal, Sorrow and Extinction reveals more layers with each listen. Brett Campbell’s incredible vocals, soaring above the twin guitar melodies and megalithic doom riffs, give the LP a uniqueness and confidence rarely found in a band on their debut album.  This double-vinyl issue is the highly anticipated definitive edition of Sorrow and Extinction, one of 2012’s best albums.  “Brett Campbell’s beautifully belting voice cuts through railroad-tie-pounding riffs, slow and steady, reinforced by steel.” —NPR (Top 25 of 2012 So Far)  “Pallbearer have created their own version of a traditional jazz funeral march, or like they went ahead and invented some sort of ‘celebratory doom.’ Whatever you want to call it, the record’s a triumph.” —Pitchfork (8.4 rating)  “... arguably the mark to meet in metal so far this year.” —Spin  “... these songs impress unilaterally, in both construction and tonal expanse.” —The Obelisk  “Pallbearer painted a sonic masterpiece with Sorrow and Extinction. Pick it up now.” —Stereokiller