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Stagger & Fade
LP $14.00


HHBTM 144 

***The new SOURPATCH album fulfills every promise the band ever made. We may not hear a more excited album all year. It’s the sound of infatuation, it’s the sound of being young, it’s the sound of hoping against hope. It’s rollercoaster melodies and caffeinated rhythms. It’s buying a lottery scratch ticket and knowing this one’s going to be the winner, the one that changes your life forever. The San Jose four-piece is the realized utopian vision of their influences. Raised on Tiger Trap and Tallulah Gosh, it isn’t about what they sound like, it’s what they do with it. They know about disaster, they know about loss, but they push on regardless. Sourpatch is in love with being alive, and goddamn it feels so good.