Demonologists / Hhl Split


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Street DateOctober 2nd, 2012

Demonologists have consistently produced high-quality and supremely vicious assaults of demonic electronic noise over the past few years, with their full-length Miscarriage of the Soul being one of the highlights of the Crucial Blaze series. Here, Demonologists return to Crucial Blast with more hellish noise, accompanied by comrades in sonic extremism HHL. On the A-side, Demonologists offer four tracks of extreme blackened savagery. Their signature harsh noise assault commences with the violent wall of distortion and layered feedback of “Consumed by Grief and Despair,” continuing through the Merzbow-ian roar of “Blood Noir” and “Bloodsucker Malpractice” to the brief closing chaos of “Child Sized Coffins.” But like most of this group’s material, these brutal sex / death hallucinations are infested with additional layers of atmospheric drone that elevate them above a simple brute-force noise attack. In among the churning maelstroms of mid-range static roar and amplifier overload, Demonologists penetrate the ocean of noise with swaths of haunting celestial ambiance, monstrous screams, brief glimpses of corrupted church choirs, smoldering black electronics, and what sound like insanely deformed black metal guitar riffs seething and swarming in the frenzy of distortion. Side B features a pair of long tracks from Portland, Oregon, noise artist HHL, a newcomer to the harsh noise scene whose recordings thus far have fallen in somewhere between the hypnotic, suffocating black walls of The Rita and the heaviest junk-noise avalanches of K2. Titled “Shame Gauge” and “Reflecting Disgust,” these two ten-minute pieces bombard the listener with a constant storm of low-end static, howling speaker abuse and collapsing walls of metallic noise surging upwards in a power-blast of electronic destruction.  Without question, this is the harshest entry into the Infernal Machines series, and is issued in a full-color sleeve in a limited edition of 100 copies.