Ash Borer S/t


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Label # PFL 109UPC 616892097549
Street DateJanuary 22nd, 2013
Label # UPC 616892097549
Street DateJanuary 22nd, 2013

2012’s Cold of Ages was one of the most highly acclaimed American black metal releases of the year, praised by the likes of Pitchfork, Popmatters and Decibel Magazine. Now, Ash Borer and Profound Lore Records have conspired to reissue the band’s acclaimed self-titled debut, initially released in limited quantities on vinyl and cassette only and now out of print. Available on CD for the first time ever, the 2011 album captures the vitriolic, ambient black metal fury for which Ash Borer is quickly becoming renowned. Comprised of three elongated, time-stretching songs, it’s a powerful statement of purpose that proves the Northern California band is one of the most innovative, original and powerful currently in existence.


  1. #1 In The Midst Of Life, We Are In Death
  2. #2 Rest, You Are Lightning
  3. #3 My Curse Was Raised In The Darkness Against A Doomsday Silence
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