Classics Of Love S/t


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Label # AM 235UPC
Street DateFebruary 14th, 2012
Label # AM 235 CDUPC 612851023529
Street DateFebruary 14th, 2012

CLASSICS OF LOVE began in February of 2008 when JESSE MICHAELS, former lead singer of East Bay mainstays OPERATION IVY, joined forces with San Jose's HARD GIRLS. Initially formed as a project to demo a few songs Michaels was working on, the members discovered that they had good musical compatibility and decided to form an ongoing band. After some early touring Classics offered up their first EP, 2009's Walking in Shadows which served up 6 songs of mid-tempo punk in the traditional East Bay vein: catchy, energetic and gritty. The following 2 years saw the band playing selective shows and slowly developing their sound. During this period, Classics incorporated other musical influences including a few ska and rock songs and most notably a barrage of up-tempo numbers heavily influenced by early 1980s Hardcore. 2011 saw the recording of their self titled full-length to be released on Asian Man Records in February of 2012. The record features a slew of high energy tracks which favors the band's neo-hardcore approach but also includes ska and punk songs as well as a few surprises. Recorded in a raw and unaffected style by local favorite JACK SHIRLEY, Classics of Love's eponymous first record is bound to become a classic in its own right for all those who enjoy punk music which knows its history and looks forward at the same time.