Father Finger S/t


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Label # UPC 655035826240
Street DateOctober 22nd, 2012

Providence, Rad Islander Kylie Lance aka Father Finger synthesizes solo synth-voice-sequencer-drum-machinery into unexpectedly twisted yet elegant curvatures of glassy, avant digital-mystic post-pop, of which the four frameworks found on her self-titled debut cassette stand as some of her most gleaming achievements to date. “Temper” and “Separation Anxiety” pulse, prowl, and groove under a glowing ozone of evocative vocals (ranging in mood from minimal wave to fever dream), washed out waterfalls of wind instrument keys, cryptic samples, and backwards echo FX; fractured lyrics about “the hottest heat ever” and “cardboard boxes” and “man’s frustration” conjure an inner world of scorched cities and drugged desires. The B side flowers a more baroque synthesizer terrarium: “Fauna” and “Italy” bubble, scrape, and slide through 96 tiers of graceful, liquid arpeggiations, new neu wave hypno-melody, and ebbing, colorful arcs of psychic voice. A stunning set of songs by one of our favorite new solo heroines. Currently on tour coast-to-coast with Maria Minerva.


  1. #1 Temper
  2. #2 Separation Anxiety
  3. #3 Flora
  4. #4 Italy
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