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CD $13.00

04/29/2003 751937224624 

OFF 996cd 

After much coercion from his peers, reluctant genius CHARLIE CAMPBELL finally allows the world to hear the GOLDCARD recordings—about which a small, privileged group of awe-inspired fellow musicians have long whispered since the mid-'90s, and have come out of the woodwork to help complete this year. Brace yourself for recordings of the greatest band that never was. Recorded with members of GRANDADDY, QUASI, SLEATER-KINNEY, and POND, Mr. Campbell's knack for creating otherworldly, orchestral psych is truly unmatched. His unique guitar-playing technique (e.g. his use of multi-tracked slide above the bridge almost resembles a full blown orchestra) has been showcased in his previous band Pond (Sub-Pop) as well as his four compositions on the Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel compilation. Recalling The Grifters' perverse soul, the sad pop aspects of Sparklehorse and Grandaddy, an overall vibe of someone who's losing it à la Skip Spence, and happily in the shadow of the Pet Sounds legacy, Goldcard is truly a beautiful piece of work over which fans of mysterious, innovative pop music will drop to their knees, look upwards and thank the heavens the day these rare recordings were made available the public.  From Grandaddy: Jason Lytle - Vocals, piano, keyboards Jim Fairchild - Guitar, synth bass, keyboards, production Aaron Burtch - Drums, percussion, production / From Quasi: Sam Coomes - Vocals, keyboards, bass guitar, guitar, theremin, production / From Sleater-Kinney: Janet Weiss - Drums / From Pond: Chris Brady - Vocals, bass, production Dave Triebwasser - Drums  

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