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no cover
LP $12.00


EJ 81 

This San Fran-sicko duo make their long-playing debut with 46 minutes of devilish, droney psych that will delight fans of truly demented music. Repetitive bass leads are peppered with murky washes of horror movie-inspired sounds, all served on top of a mountain of tape hiss that becomes an integral part of the music.  This is not instrumental music but mental music, with creepy, wordless vocals chanting questions that only a demon could decipher. Side two starts off like a lost Suicide demo from 1973: a broken synth spits out a beastly pattern while a single tom drum keeps time with echoplexed mumbling, as washed-out cymbals flail about on the floor. Some heavy, sick shit we have here!  There are too many drone, noise, and freak-fuck LPs out there right now. This LP will cleanse your bowels of the flooded market of underground music. This record sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Rahdunes have unleashed a work that will strongly stand the test of time, so step up and shake their hands, because as one of the song titles says, “Meeting you is like sucking God’s cock.” Toodle pip, no worries; cheers then.

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