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no cover
LP $12.00


EJ 65 LP 

Behold the Texas molten psych/blues band’s stoned masterpiece, a 50-minute ride of ’60s heaven through ’70s hell. Though they’ve never practiced once, Tia Carrera features a trio of seasoned players convening with a mission to createheavy improv rock, and their long-standing residence every Psychedelic Friday (at Room 710 in Austin) is a thing of legend to the committed. There’s a undeniable metal influence — one might imagine Sleep’s Jerusalem with a dope-sick Robin Trower at play here. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel, as their delta doom leads to white blind psych again and again. This vinyl document was professionally recorded live in front of an inebriated audience, and the cover is presented in a sick, eye-piercing pink and black silk screened cover printed on heavy stock.   A-bomb quality, like ... Guru Guru shredA little slice of ’60s heaven filtered through some seriously heavy ’70s hell.  This instrumental power trio from Austin jams with A-bomb quality, like ... Guru Guru shredding Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Machine Gun’ at halfspeed.” —David Fricke, Rolling Stone

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