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Label # ITR 178 CDUPC 759718517828
Street DateApril 27th, 2010
Label # ITR 178UPC 759718517811
Street DateMay 11th, 2010
Label # UPC 759718517828
Street DateApril 27th, 2010

LP VERSION INCLUDES FREE DOWNLOAD COUPON!!! Los Angeles gets a bad rap. The city is known for shallow glitter, brutal cops and urban unrest--and sure, the stereotypes are sometimes accurate, but there are also lots of everyday folks, living unpretentious everyday lives. It's also true that Los Angeles is famous for a healthy underground music scene, both in the past and in the present. Take the everyday folks and drop them into an underground scene and you get something like Wounded Lion, a great no-frills pop band that sounds fresh, even when they remind one of classic American power-pop of the '70s. Inspired by The Velvets, The Cramps, The Clean and The Vaselines (as well as Credence Clearwater Revival and Kleenex), Wounded Lion is regularly seen at Los Angeles haunts such as Mr. T's Bowl, The Smell, The Scene and Spaceland. Their hum-inducing, toe-tapping tunes wiggle their way into your brain and have you singing their choruses at the grocery store or waiting in line at the DMV.
The band's formula is relatively simple: shambling, alternately silly and poignant songs that bend and twist timeless pop hooks. The bass and guitars belch out raw distortion, lending the music a primitive quality, but a whimsical sensibility elevates the abrasiveness to a jubilant level. Wounded Lion writes pop songs that celebrate the unrefined, dispensing with ego and tapping into the primal areas of the brain.

"The LA-based quintet slams down the perfect prescription for your raw pop addiction with heavily contagious songs that break down the sophisticated strut of rock 'n' roll's simplest parts. It's hard to dissect their exact frame of influence, but with severely effective songwriting such as this, it really comes secondary, and you'll soon see how a bleak environment can pull the best creativity out of a sterile gutter and come out with a handful of winners."
--Victim of Time


  1. #1 Hungry?
  2. #2 Creatures In The Creatures
  3. #3 Dagoba System
  4. #4 Hunan Province
  5. #5 Carol Cloud
  6. #6 Hangin In Ancient Circles
  7. #7 Belt Of Orion
  8. #8 Pony People
  9. #9 Black Socks
  10. #10 Silver People
  11. #11 Omar Walk
  12. #12 Crunchy Stars
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