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***STEEL POLE BATH TUB put out a bunch of killer records between 1986 and 1996, most of which are long out-of-print. Towards the end of their tenure, SPBT was signed to a major label in the free-for-all signing bonanza of the post-Nirvana years. The second album SPBT recorded in 1996 for their major was deemed “unlistenable” by the suits and went unreleased until 2001, when it came out on CD via Zero to One. So here we are 14 years after the original recording of this incredible record, releasing it on vinyl for the first time. The entire SPBT catalog is great, and highly recommended for fans of the noise rock released on labels like AmRep and Noiseville, and genre defying bands like Chrome and Melvins, but Unlistenable stands out as a stellar document of a weird band at their weirdest, and it’s a damn shame it took this long to finally hear it on wax. 
“…considering how fresh and good and utterly ‘now’ this album sounds, it really shows how much ahead of their time SF's late great Steel Pole Bath Tub was. Hard to believe that it was made mostly in MIKE MORASKY’s living room when you hear the thick gooey distorted guitar flangeing in and out, the effected, growling vocals, the squealing guitar solos, the trashcan percussion, the macabre surf-y tone alternating with Melvins-y sludge."—Aquarius Records