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Face Love Anew
12" $12.00



***HONEY SOUNDSYSTEM’s HNYTRX (San Francisco) and Cocktail d’Amore (Berlin) have joined together in pleasant harmony to present a limited 12” vinyl release: “Face Love Anew,” produced by STEREOGAMUS featuring SHAUN J. WRIGHT on vocals. stereogamous the DJ/production duo from Sydney, Australia have gathered recent world attention for their string of hit remixes including LCD Soundsystem, Light Asylum, and George Michael. For their debut single, "Face Love Anew," stereogamous recruited the vocal talents of Shaun J. Wright known for his contributions to Hercules and Love Affair and the "Forevermore" single on MR.INTL Records. Together they gave birth to a melancholic dance anthem that displays the weight of Wright’s deep, penetrating vocals. stereogamous’ production effortlessly slithers around Shaun's vocals before delivering an epic breakdown, seamlessly gliding the listener into a massive, radiating head-rush. "Face Love Anew"'s climactic peak activates all the pleasurable regions—beware of its effects on the dancefloor and in the bedroom. Also included are remixes from Honey Soundsystem's JASON KENDIG and DISCODROMO of CockTail d’Amore.