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Empire Inward


Empire Inward

Modern Radio
LP $15.50


MRRL 056 

***STNNNG (pronounced “stunning”) are from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. No, they do not sound like any of those three Minneapolis bands you can think of from VH1 Classic oversaturation or Rolling Stone’s retro-active fawning. They sound more like a lumbering giant laughing madly while tangled up in some barbed electric fence. In other words, like heavy rock in the art-y/noisy Touch & Go vein. Think punk rock tenacity with metal power, classic rock riffage, vaudevillian showmanship and the hyper-literate lyrics of a man seemingly possessed by a full encyclopedia set of subtly deranged characters. STNNNG recorded their fourth full-length album titled Empire Inward Electrical Audio in Chicago with STEVE ALBINi. The Record was mastered direct to metal at Abbey Road Studios in London. On stage, the band’s a drunken speedboat careening off every ship in the harbor. Their five spastic bodies leap, puff, snort and wrench like the subjects of some mannerist sculptor’s wettest dream. Features curent and former members of DEATH AND TEXAS, CHAMBERMAIDS, PONY TRASH, AMERICAN DREAM, VETS, TOTAL FUCKING BLOOD, SEAWHORES, HEROINE SHIEKS, PRIVATE DANCER, SIGNAL TO TRUST, and POLICA.

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