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100% Storms Ensemble

Symphonic Dance For The 1939 World's Fair

Emperor Jones
LP $9.50


EJ 54 

A rare vinyl-only offering from Emperor Jones courtesy of the 100% STORMS ENSEMBLE, the bedroom symphony project of one ERIC MORRISON (HOME, LEELS). Symphonic Dance for the 1939 World's Fair is a new post-facto musical piece meant to capture the dizzy elation of America fishtailing on a wet highway just before careening headlong into WWII. Various strings, french horn, clarinet, and flute combine with more basic rock elements to sweep you into its pomp and circumstance. The B-side features an eighteen-minute epic rock collage in the vein of HOME. Numbered edition of 300 packaged in black glow-in-the-dark sleeves. STREET DATE - 10/07/03.

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