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Home Recordings 1993-1999 Vol. 2

Talcum, Joe Jack

Home Recordings 1993-1999 Vol. 2

Happy Happy Birthday To Me
LP $14.00


HHBTM 162 

MC $6.50



***For most people the idea of an intimate evening with JOE JACK TALCUM playing songs in their living room sounds terrifying given the reputation of his better-known band THE DEAD MILKMEN, but the appearance in 2011 of Home Recordings: 1984-1990 revealed a sadder, more intimate side to a songwriter better known for his sense of humor. Self-released on cassettes over the years, HHBTM is proud to give Joe Jack Talcum’s work the exposure it deserves. Vol. 1 remains one of the best-selling records in the label’s illustrious history, and now comes the second volume, an unexpected tour-de-force from one of America’s great unheralded songwriters, pulled from an archive that makes you want to hear more, to wonder what else might be in there. If Vol. 1 worked a kind of ‘Daniel Johnston-esqe’ vein, Home Recordings: 1993-1999 contains a cosmos of emotion—from funeral marches to raveups, irreverence to lament—sometimes even in the same song. A solo album in every sense of the word, it’s like eavesdropping on a soliloquy. The kind of thing that K records folks like Lois and Mirah used to do all the time—sentimental without being cloying, sincere without being twee—only Joe Jack was doing it simultaneously, and in some cases before. And though it falls on the analog/4-track side of home recording as opposed to today’s digital/infinite-track version, with all the expected warmth and hiss you’d expect, Home Recordings: 1993-1999 shows an unusual amount of experimentation/avant-garde-isms for someone essentially working in confessional acoustic singer-songwriter territory.