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Muddled Whine
7" $7.25


ER 36 

***NOW AVAILABLE!!! TANGIBLE EXCITEMENT! started life as a transpacific Pop project between SCOTT STEVENS (singer with THE EARTHMEN, SUMMER CATS), STEWART ANDERSON (BOYRACER), MARK MONNONE (THE LUCKSMITHS, MONNONE ALONE), and LOUIS RICHTER (MID-STATE ORANGE, LUCKSMITHS). Their debut release was devoured by international pop pickers, (the split 12-inch EP with Irelands Ginnels on Arizona’s Emotional Response label). This EP, continues the celebration of international pop underground unity—a co-release between Freakscene of London, and Emotional Response on Arizona. Continuing the high bar set by the debut release, this new EP release packs four high caliber pop hits into 7-inches, and includes a dizzying cover of “Puzzle Pieces,” originally written and recorded by K Records influential '90s riot girl band Tiger Trap. Limited to 300 copies.