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no cover

The Rebel

Tarscoffsky's The Snackrifice

Emperor Jones
12" $12.00


EJ 78 

To quote the greatest self-publicist of the modern rock era, “You wouldn’t even know the sun was up unless there was a press release on it.” Well, the sentence also works with “the sun was up” replaced by “a new record has been made by The Rebel.” You really wouldn’t know. Why? I’ll tell you why, Jimmy Somerville: Because Paul Simon, Paul McCartney and iTunes have formed the holy league of musical heritage protection and they are deliberately suppressing The Rebel so that he will continue in poverty and desperation to make the quality of music necessary to keep composition alive into the next century and beyond. Do you know for instance why The Rebel’s May 2001 appearance on Top of the Pops was canceled? You thought it was because Heather McCartney’s leg fell off in the BBC canteen but it was just a cover up. They locked his garage door so that he couldn't escape and had to record the masterpieces you about to listen to on this 12 inch 45 rpm EP. Man! Fuck yeah! 

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