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No Snare
CD $13.75

06/08/2010 789856121724 

KLP 217 CD 

***It will be said that this new collection of songs from TENDER FOREVER is a turn away from an older sound. To say that wouldn't do justice to the subtle transition of her new album, No Snare. Take away the snare and there isn't loss, just a new song. Here we see a songwriter at that most delicate moment of transformation. MELANIE VALERA’s third full length album moves away from some of the more exuberant dance oriented songs of past years into a darker and more melancholy direction. Maybe it's her current residence in the damp and dirty Pacific Northwest, maybe its a little adulthood. Whatever it is, we get a deeper, denser sound. These songs push through the forest as the evening comes, dripping wet, the lights of a little house up ahead. What No Snare retains is Valera's emotional clarity and eloquence. We are always invited to her world, feeling what she feels without exception. Valera keeps her lyrics light on their feet, moving with ease around the complexities of her compositions, her vocals rolling hard with the strength of conviction. Feel the shake from those little computer speakers, hear it grow and pulse through the woods.

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