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Radical Tadpoles

***NOW AVAILABLE!!! “X! Records continues it's perfect batting average with the Radical Tadpoles EP. Still feeling the Piranhas/Human Eye vibe, but a little more space rock than jaZzZzZzZzzz oriented. ‘Chinky Glass Eye’ and ‘Animage Break’ have some downright pretty synth sounds working against it (for it) that'll speak to the Dr.Who or Wendy Carlos nerd in all of you. Like some shortwave radio transmission interfering with yer stereo. Downright operatic in a garbage can prog-punk sort of way. ‘Nap Time’ starts off with some grossly out of tune guitar squelch and fluttery keys that gives way to some epic grand scale madness akin to say, Those pesky Human Eye singles. Well, damn....just buy this thing. Pronto. Oh yeah...that's not a locked groove at the end either. A top five single of the year, guarantee.”—Terminal Boredom