Kelly, Scott And The Road Home The Forgiven Ghost In Me


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Label # NR 083UPC 658457108321
Street DateAugust 14th, 2012
Label # UPC 658457108321
Street DateAugust 14th, 2012

Scott Kelly and his new partners The Road Home (Noah Landis and Greg Dale) continue to explore The Great Mystery with The Forgiven Ghost in Me. With another collection of sparse, introspective songs, Kelly delves even further into a personal, private space that he occupies fully and solely. Recorded by Landis, The Forgiven Ghost in Me is the natural progression from his first solo album, Spirit Bound Flesh, and 2008ʼs The Wake.  With his unmistakable deep growl, his fearless lyrical honesty, and rich, spare guitar work, Kelly lays everything on the line. Only a true artist would be so willingly and completely exposed; so intensely focused on truth, redemption, and healing; so in tune with the song he has always heard inside. His path has been a narrow, dark and difficult one. But with his most recent work, Kelly shows that his strength and vision has endured it all. —Nate Hall, Spring 2012


  1. #1 A Spirit Redeemed To The Sun
  2. #2 The Forgiven Ghost In Me
  3. #3 In The Waking Hours
  4. #4 Within It Blood
  5. #5 We Let The Hell Come
  6. #6 The Sun Is Dreaming In The Soul
  7. #7 The Field That Surrounds Me
  8. #8 We Burn Through The Night
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