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The Full Moon Sessions (Expanded Edition)

Bad Omen Records
LP $19.75

12/21/2018 803343205572 


CD $12.00

12/21/2018 803343205589 


The Vancouver-based power trio Spell have wasted little time proving themselves the new masters of the metaphysical. Their first record for Bad Omen For None And All sent shockwaves across the metal underground with its mystical and malevolent brand of metallic witchcraft, in which seventies-styled atmosphere and eighties-damaged drama undertook a dark marriage with satisfyingly timeless results. Yet this was the second chapter in this band’s life proper, and the first—the band’s debut and their rawest, hungriest statement of intent—has gone unreleased in its intended form. Until now, that is.  Comprising ten wild and electrifying ditties informed equally by savage finesse and gung-ho intensity, Full Moon Sessions—which was originally released as a six song mini-album in 2014—chronicles an era where these three devotees of the transformative power of heavy amplification (comprising Cam Mesmer on vocals / bass guitar, guitarist Graham McVie, and drummer Lester Spectre) had recently evolved from their earlier incarnation as the thrasher Stryker, henceforth allowing their dreams and passion to run rampant in abundance, which summarily resulted in a document with irresistible anthemic bravura to match its jagged attack. “These songs are born from our youthful struggle to survive, to make ends meet, and to find our place in the world,” reveals Mesmer, “We created this album on almost no budget while working full-time minimum wage jobs and scraping by. It was a labour of love and inspired by hardship—countless late night rehearsals after evening work shifts, followed by early morning shifts on a few hours of sleep. We poured everything we had into these songs, and we’re very proud to see this album finally released in it’s full form, all these years later.”

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