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Grim-o Comix Sequence
LP $13.50


CDR 056 

***The Grim-O Comix Sequence was a cycle of songs recorded over the course of the summer/fall after TOMMY JAY and MIKE REP graduated from high school. It is intended to be some sort of never meant to be released folk rock opera, touching on all the concerns of the day—frustration of minimum wage work, unrequited love, insignificance, and hopelessness —which incredibly remained wholly unreleased and under tight lock and key for all of these years. Listening to these recordings, you can hear them experimenting with recording and songwriting techniques that would end up being staples of their respective musical identities. For example, on the rockers like “Box Boy,” you can hear Mike Rep hammering out the fuzzy mess of a guitar that would later become the “Mama Was a Scitzo/War of the Worlds” sound. On folkier numbers like “Illusions” you can hear Tommy Jay working out the sparkly guitar and vocal delay that would later be a major part of “Toms Tall Tales of Trauma.” Like everything everybody does in high school, this recording isn't without its cringe-worthy moments, but it's great to hear the beginnings of two burgeoning songwriter/ producers with talents beyond their years. It's no wonder a year or so later they would break out of the basement and famously let loose as Mike Rep & The Quotas on their seminal "Rocket to Nowhere" single. Edition of 500 copies.

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