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Blue Clouds
LP $17.75

11/06/2012 781484052715 

DC 527 

***Fans of the classic 1972 acid folk LP All On The First Day by TONY CARO & JOHN rejoice! Yes, if you have one of the hundred or so copies of the original UK private press (with the hand-spray-painted cover, then you are probably a millionaire), or you purchased the ultra-limited Shadoks label reissue with EP in 2001, or the Gaarden records reissue of said reissue, there is still more! Drag City Records, Gaarden Records, and Galactic Zoo Disk have united forces to bring you Blue Clouds, a collection of the band’s outtakes, rarities and live recordings spanning 1972–1977. There are full band head-rockers here as well as quiet, stripped down home recordings—plus a little drum machine sprinkled among the folky whimsy. Even casual fans of ‘60s psychedelic folkiness will enjoy this odds and sods compilation, as it stands up as a “great lost album” and certainly serious fans of English pastoral folk like Incredible String Band, Bert Jansch, Left-Handed Marriage, The Holyground collective, Dr. Strangely Strange, Forest, etc. will need to grip this fast. Most of these recordings are in fact the expanded TCJ group, then featuring SIMON BURRETT on lead guitar, JONNY OWEN on harmonica and ROD JONES on keyboards. (STREET DATE - 11/06/2012)

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