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2XLP $32.75


SSO 02 

CD $17.00


SSO 02 CD 

TRANSONA FIVE, named after a song on the Mars Audiac Quintet album by Stereolab, were a Dallas, Texas-based band that began playing together in 1994. Part of the lively Denton-area space-rock scene—with bands like Comet, Mazinga Phaser, The Theater Fire, Lift to Experience and Light Bright Highway—Transona Five approached space rock with an emphasis on ‘space’, creating slow, pretty pop songs from cosmic-laden melodies, with occasional kosmiche-inspired outbursts. In addition to Stereolab, influences included Low, The Feelies, Yo La Tengo, Luna, Galaxie 500, The Velvet Underground, Mercury Rev and Spiritualized. Transona Five’s releases predated mp3s and current digital music trends, and because both of their previous labels (Sandwich and Drawing Room Records) have both shuttered, their music has not been available for nearly 20 years. Reissued on Sonic Surgery Records (an imprint of Super Secret Records) and featuring recordings from the period of 1996 to 1999 (iacluding previously unreleased tracks).

This first pressing consists of 300 double albums and 300 CDs.

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