Leech Tusks


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Label # SILK 040UPC 655035024011
Street DateFebruary 19th, 2013
Label # UPC 655035024011
Street DateFebruary 19th, 2013

Microscene main man and Kranky konfidante Brian Foote bounced from Chicago to Portland to Los Angeles, first getting into gear and then getting into gear to become Leech, his deconstructed dance ’devour. Known for “just getting it,” Foote was the maker of dreams come true when he played producer for Zola Jesus, LA Vampires and Grouper, but as Leech he takes his levels-devil, diagonal dub, mood-mixin’ wonk wizardry to someplace strange and sideways.  Leech plays a conceptual concert on “Tusks,” sucking sounds from hear and theirs. His is the genre of Chrono Dance, taunting with temporary tempos while foregoing four-on-the-floor for time-traveling beats. This style-sampler approaches acid, teases techno and jumbles jazz; it’s the blip and bloopers reel of Big Dance Ideas, and you will dance—just not comfortably.


  1. #1 Tusks
  2. #2 Ninao
  3. #3 Sense Enjoyer
  4. #4 Winehouse
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