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CD $13.75

03/09/2010 656605791920 

SAB 038 CD 

***"III is as immediate as a truck with failed brakes crashing through your living room wall. The third & final installment of a trilogy entitled Ceremony, its opening moments rage & wail, with distorted guitars pulling out in front of the drums like hellhounds that have slipped their master's leesh. But this isn't a mono-dimensional freak-out. Smith paces himself, pulling back into brooding drones & pensive picking before lashing out once more. As befits a journey that's taken three discs to unfold, it ends with a grand gesture; the final melody is as epic as Roy Montgomery's mid-'90s work, and it unfurls over a landscape of blasted wah-wah licks & feedback that somehow reconcile The Stooges and Popul Vuh." -Bill Meyer, Signal to Noise.

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