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LP $26.85


ATWAR 099 

***“Absolutely blistering debut recording from one of the most-talked about doom bands of the past year. UZALA represent to me what doom metal has always been and always will be about: absolute, bone-crushing heavy metal thunder supplemented by soaring melody and above all, a knack for writing a good song! This duality of light and shade, darkness and light, beauty and the beast is what makes this band so special and what always drew me to bands like Saint Vitus, Cathedral, Burning Witch. Take the stoner groove and siren vocals on "The Reaping" and compare to the quasi-Frost riffing and gargoylian cough from Chad Remains on "Fracture." The crushing sound is attained by a BLAKE GREEN (Wolvserpent) production and mastering by long-time At War cohort ANDY LIPPOLDT of Persistence In Mourning. Amazing artwork by DARCY NUTT and layout and design by STEPHEN O’MALLEY. Edition of 333 copies pressed on 180-gram vinyl in heavy Stoughton "tip-on" sleeves with fully-printed inners.”