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Hundred Dollar Band

Waves And Particles

Emperor Jones
CD $12.00

09/19/2006 697410277322 

EJ 73 

The Hundred Dollar Band is the new collective led by Alastair Galbraith, a New Zealand legend who has released scores of loner psychedelia over the years. Joining Galbraith on vocals, violin and guitar are his wife Maxine Funke on cello, guitar and transceivers, and Mike Dooley (The Enemy, Toy Love) on drums, spoons and fireworks. Waves and Particles contains live recordings and home recordings, captured on a four-track, half-inch tape machine in all its hazy glory.   The album abruptly takes off with swirling drones and falling drums, a sea of metal strings weaving in and out of the mix. The second song is an updated version of Plagal Grind's 1989 "Midnight Blue," that swings out the core of the original melody to a shuffling and expanded workout. The record settles down toward the end, where a group ritual and meditation in "Chronicle Fireworks" creates a Jack Nitzsche score to a Manson murder scene. The drummer is killed off, husband and wife kick on a buzzing rhythm machine and feast on the gore with the closing "Engine Song," reducing the gristle and bone to a distorted glaze. 

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