Rites Wild Ways Of Being


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Label # NNF 244 LPUPC 655035024417
Street DateNovember 27th, 2012
Label # UPC 655035024417
Street DateOctober 30th, 2012

When Adelaide enigma Rites Wild, a.k.a. Stacey Wilson, arrived in Los Angeles, her show got busted up by the cops before she even got to play (nice priorities, LAPD). Even so, she made a lasting impression, and her self-released EPs of minimalist, Echoplexed swoon-songs further stoked the fire to do a full-length.  Ways of Being collects the blackest pearls from three hyper-limited cassingles (released via her own, now-defunct Faux Friends label) as well as adding a handful of newer, previously unreleased cuts for an ideal spelunk into Rites Wild’s memory-haunted grey-crystal waters. Layering dusty church-organ drum-box rhythms with drone-dirge keyboard loops, spectral-melody shadowplay and monotonic bedroom vox, Ways of Being rides the ridge between vertical horizon raga rituals and young, marbled hypno-pop in an endlessly mesmerizing fashion, signaling a distinct new voice in the garbled membrane of global noise.


  1. #1 Ways Of Being
  2. #2 Ill Health
  3. #3 Thieves
  4. #4 Detached Living
  5. #5 Make Plans
  6. #6 Seasonal Shine
  7. #7 Work Ethic
  8. #8 Rites Wild Theme
  9. #9 Minimal Where
  10. #10 Signs
  11. #11 Deep Ocean Sands
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