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Welcome To The Machines

Violent Turd
12" $3.50


TURD 07lp 

Winnipeg, Canada based breakcore/electronoise musician Fanny's 3rd Full 12" on as many label's.....following up his collaboration in 2003 on the 2nd Fightclub 12" w/ DJ paedophile as well as numerous releases on labels like Zod, addict, deathsucker,mirex,suburban trash and some splits with his roomate venetian snares and america's cdatakill. Welcome to the machines is a journey into the oily-est cogs & deviously detailed wheels of sick societys most rhythmic & unrelenting vibrators. The perfect soundtrack for every republican debutantes first S&M party. The first track 'Automatron' is a basic theme of boy meets girl, boy loves girl, boy finds out girl is merely a whiny self pitying robot. (in a jungle full of plasticine monster drummers naturally) fuckingmachines pays tribute to the comedic value of the nets most deranged sites (winter in Winnipeg is very long), with a definate nod to the now classic carousel of zod 1 fame (another machine). Side two is a one track side with the mood altering title of war machines/mousemachines. the former being a trip to the dentist with goldie meets the daleks on the pay per view violence channel. the later is a tripped out 1/2 side of slower grooves depicting a large metal ball rolling round your head in a case of xmas scotch buy one for your sister.

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