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Forest Of Blitzkrieg


Forest Of Blitzkrieg

Blak Skul
7" $10.00



***No glacier ever made it as far south as Memphis and the temperature is far from Nordic, but Memphis has plenty of death and dungeons, and the crackheads are grim if not frostbitten. WinTERCOFFIN recorded “Forest of Blitzkrieg” at The Armory, as close to a squalid medieval torture pit as you could find in North America (and known to host metal and punk shows, late-night screenings of The History Channel’s Nazi Super Weapons, home recordings, SWAT raids, and a tall male ghost dressed in black with a white face). It also happens to be the base of operations of thrash band EVIL ARMY and located around the corner from the former residence of JIMMY BLITZKRIEG, who was later known as JAY REATARD. While Evil Army was primarily an outlet for Bay Area-influenced thrash aggression, ROB EVIL and Blitzkrieg spawned Wintercoffin out of a love for ’90s black metal, choosing a classic Darkthrone-meets-Burzum-at-the-Battle-of-Ardennes sound. The mid-to-late-’90s blackened thrash of Dødheimsgard and Aura Noir also deserves mentioning. This is their sole finished recording.