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RIP 019 

***“Recently, Australia has been 'crushing' it with their influx of killer bands and killer releases. WOOLEN KITS is no exception. These two scorchers sound like long lost Beat Happening jams (baritone voice, charmingly sloppy playing, and simple pop structures) except Woollen Kits play their tracks with more gusto, grit, and fuzz. ‘Maths’ backed with ‘Out of Town’ are easily Woollen Kits' two best jams to date (you can still stream their first EP for free on their Bandcamp site). We'll be sure to keep our finger on their pulse to see what they come up with next as this has the essence of everything we're diggin' about Aussie rock 'n roll fueled by the spirit of Olympia. You gotta get behind that. Keep 'em comin' R.I.P. Society.”—Permanent