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CD $12.25

08/07/2006 777215110632 

LVD 004 CD 

***Austere drone/sound collage/aural texture. The two pieces here (one at 50 minutes, the other at 30) fuse ideas from contemporary minimalism (Bernard G_nter, Annea Lockwood, etc.), Japanese noise artists (such as Aube) and 20th century classical (Ligetti, Pendereki, etc.) to create slowly evolving soundscapes that occasionally build to crescendos or reveal accidental harmony. YERMO made up the electronic aspects of MCMS (LVD 061) and has had previous releases on LVD as well as Birchville Cat Motel's Celebrate Psi Phenomena label. “Yermo offer up a glorious wash of cascading upper register dreaminess, like the sound of rubbed champagne glasses, crystalline and delicate, over an mesmerising thrum that subtly oscillates, creating an hypnotic almost-rhythm. The whole thing slowly builds in intensity until it's a howling storm of feedback and buzz, dotted with thick bursts of jagged NOISE, all washing over you in a wave of thick warm sound. Fans of Total, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Sunroof!, the Dead C and the like best start paying close attention to Yermo, 'cause they have yet to disappoint”—Aquarius Records