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Buddha, Jabba And Momma by Chomp


Buddha, Jabba And Momma
Exit Stencil

***The members of CHOMP spend the majority of their days playing in CLOUD NOTINGS (JOE BOYER and JASON GERYCZ) and TOTAL BABES (CHRIS BROWN), but in no way does that imply that Chomp is merely a side project for this prolific group of musicians.?! The idea for Chomp originated from some of solo Joe Boyer’s (guitar / vocals) recordings that were laying dormant and in need of a proper release.?! So in between tours the group holed up in their studio in Medina, Ohio, and produced the 11 songs for their debut LP, Buddha Jabba Momma.?! At times Chomp evokes the unrelenting pop-attack of Jay Reatard.?! At others, the lo-fi energy of No Pocky for Kitty-era Superchunk—with Boyer’s voice even approximating Mac McCaughan—and another legendary Cleveland band, The Mice.?! Unifying the songs on Buddha Jabba Momma is the band’s sense of melody and impeccably layered vocal harmonies that contain almost “do-wop” sensibilities.?!

LP $14.00


ESR 035 

Dear America by Company


Dear America
Exit Stencil

***The sophomore album from Charleston, South Carolina’s COMPANY.?! The band, led by JAMES HANNON, whose oeuvre invokes shades of Jim James, James Mercer and Nick Drake, first caught the spotlight with an EP on Fat Possum and quickly followed with their Holy City album on Exit Stencil.?! Dear America was recorded with meticulous care and extra polish at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, NC with JON ASHLEY (The War On Drugs), and places extra emphasis on the band’s bright electric guitars and Hannon’s haunting vocal style..?!

LP $15.50


ESR 035 

***The latest from Cleveland, Ohio's BEN GMETRO and his band THE DREADFUL YAWNS, and the second of two records the band will be releasing on Exit Stencil Recordings.?! "Once in a while, a country record comes along with the rare ability to attract non-country fans...?! Background instruments get more and more upfront as the album progresses, with ‘We Go Up’ driven almost exclusively by a high wall of sound practically in front of the picking guitars and soft vocals.?! Beautiful."—The Owl and The Bear.?!

LP $14.00


ESR 029 

Cartoon Violence by Herzog


Cartoon Violence
Exit Stencil

***HERZOG returns with Cartoon Violence, their first full-length since 2009’s, Search, which earned the band positive reviews from the likes of NME, Pitchfork, and NPR’s All Songs Considered.?! Cartoon Violence finds the band expounding and improving upon the aesthetic and themes that deservedly earned them comparisons to iconic bands in the pantheon of ‘90s “slacker-rock.” However, where Search was primarily the work of front man NICK TOLAR, Cartoon Violence is the product of a full band and their inclusion and influence has markedly enlivened the band’s musical palette.?! With the addition of lyricist TONY VORELL, Herzog’s subject matter has grown darker—failed relationships, soldiers returning from war, and the contradictory aspects of human relationships—but these sometimes heady topics are treated with a strong sense of irreverence and cynicism that keeps things spirited.?!

LP $14.00


ESR 033 

***The latest from Ohio faves THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY.?! “For those unfamiliar, TMIBH are a welcome addition to the legendary musical lineage of their home state of Ohio (Pagans, Devo, Rocket From The Tombs), filling a void left in the sound and subject matter sorely missed in contemporary culture.?! Sonically traversing territories blazed by Bad Brains, The Monorchid or Pere Ubu.?! While lyrically challenging social and political norms with the wit and insight of such greats as Black Flag and Public Enemy.”—Cold Sweat.?!

7" $2.25


ESR 011