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***The second full-length from this Swedish band (now featuring JACOB BUCZARSKI of MARE COGNITUM on vocals) further emphasizes DEL's chosen style of black metal.?! "From deep solitude, DET EVIGA LEENDET emerges again to conceive of a second record, Reverence, a work which acts more as an abject reflection of the time in which it was conceived than an embodiment of musical expression.?! Bleak and harsh, the approach further depicts total and infinite descent—one which we all experience, yet must endure alone.?! In a time where all manner of charlatans gaze deeply into our eyes, haunting us, whittling away at our vertebrae to make us unfit to live—we look to the stars with a misty gaze, attempting to prophecy about how they are connected to us and our sick time.?! While we may grow to understand it better, knowing well the darkness that permeates only informs us of what lurks in the hearts of ourselves and others—it cannot cure it.".?!

LP $28.95


MS 26 

Ohen Hori Tam, Kde Padl by Kostnateni


Ohen Hori Tam, Kde Padl

***"As a follow-up to their debut album, KOSTNATENI presents a conceptual mini-album featuring adaptions of traditional Turkish songs.?! This is also their first release to feature live drumming, which was provided by none other than JACK BLACK(BURN) of MISTA KAOS fame.?! The concept is certainly an unusual focal point by ‘black metal standards’, but the audio delivered lands squarely within that realm.?! The easiest parallel to draw is Odz Manouk of Black Twilight Circle / Rhinocervs, as the artist proudly wears that influence on their sleeve without ever coming across as a mere 'clone'.?! One-sided LP with a B-side etching..?!

LP $25.50


MS 24 

***Simultaneously bleak and cathartic, the third full-length by NEGATIVA is an exceptional exercise in mechanical, emotive black metal.?! 04 is the third full-length from Negativa, the longest running project by D.B.?! (DÉLIRANT, HÄSSLIG) of Spain, who also runs the Bile Noire label.?! With a runtime just north of 40 minutes, 04 proves itself a masterclass in bleak, oppressive black metal.?! The level of refinement on the recording only further accentuates the validity of the expressed emotions: every point-of-view that seeks to allay the malignance-of-being is naive, inferior, and ultimately noxious to the existent as a whole.?! Eradicate your fallacies or suffer for eternity.".?!

LP $28.95


MS 25 

Les Corps S'entrechoquent by Eos


Les Corps S'entrechoquent

***"A worthy new member to the Mystískaos family.?! Les Corps S'Entrechoquent excellently presents the most interesting black metal psychedelia combined with sweet melancholia.?! A cold and dissonant metamorphosis.".?!

2XLP $35.50



***The latest from SERPENT COLUMN again draws from a plethora of influences and then focuses them into a mind-wrecking new beast.?! Cover art by JANE MORRIS PACK as always..?!

LP $30.50


MS 22 

***Third full-length from SERPENT COLUMN.?! Kathodos is a (slightly) more controlled effort compared to the recent releases, and resurrects some of the elegance of the Invicta release from 2018.?! Entirely self-recorded and self-produced by the artist.?! Cover art by JANE MORRIS PACK as always)..?!

LP $26.50



***Third full-length from SKÁPHE.?! Their most refined work to date in many ways, which only serves to accentuate the peculiarities of this project.?! Music by A.P, vocals by D.G.?! and drums by J.B.?! Self-recorded by the band.?! Mixed and mastered by NECROMORBUS.?! Cover art by KARMAZID.?! Additional artwork by H.V LYNGDAL..?!

LP $27.95



MC $9.25



Rod Slaemra Akvardana by Vonlaus


Rod Slaemra Akvardana

***Second recording from this Icelandic project.?! Gritty black metal that sees the band building up on the foundation of the demo, finding their voice, and carving out their own territory.?! Roughly 20 minutes total run-time with the program pressed to both sides of the 12" vinyl.?! Mixed by the band.?! Mastered by Satanic Audio.?! Cover art by Business for Satan..?!

LP $22.95



***Vinyl issue of their inaugural release from early 2018.?! Raw and passionate, at times evoking a similar essence of certain Urfaust recordings.?! Single-sided 12" vinyl with an etching of the band logo on the B Side..?!

LP $22.95



***Originally released in early 2013 on Vlad Tapes, the debut demo from ARNAUT PAVLE has been favorably compared to the works of early DARKTHRONE and CRAFT with added punk sensibilities.?! First time vinyl pressing..?!

LP $19.95


MS 14 

**The long-awaited debut album from this one-man black punk project from Finland.?! Thirty minutes of new sounds confirm that absolutely no potency was lost.?! The cover art was once again done by H.V.?! of Wormlust / Mystískaos..?!

LP $23.45


MS 15 

Mirror In Darkness by Serpent Column

Serpent Column

Mirror In Darkness

***The second full-length from this project represents the final addition to the Mystískaos roster, and is more in line with the disorienting style that the likes of A.P, H.V.?! and crew have championed under Mystískaos moniker thus far..?!

LP $26.95


MS 16 

Undir Skyggðarhaldi by Andavald


Undir Skyggðarhaldi

***BACK IN PRINT!!!  Note new lower price.  “Taking the Icelandic black metal template and tweaking it in some fascinating and effective ways, Andavald have here constructed one of the most harrowing, interesting, personal, and vital black metal records I’ve heard in a long while.?! There are some key attributes that set this release apart from its contemporaries.?! First and most immediately noticeable is the record’s tempo.?! While the majority of bands in the Icelandic black metal scene are prone to utilizing manic speed as a cornerstone of their sound, Andavald take a decidedly more measured approach.?! As a result, the compositions on this record feel deeply melancholic, drinking sadness in a manner more reminiscent of depressive black metal than anything created by their Icelandic kin.?! At least that would be true if Andavald didn’t drench their music in enough frosty atmosphere to be of an unmistakably Nordic origin.?!

LP $26.95


MS 13 

LP $20.85


MS 11 

Kosmískur Hryllingur by Skaphe + Wormlust

Skaphe + Wormlust

Kosmískur Hryllingur

***BACK IN STOCK!!!  “Horror arrives through an oceanic voice and the static resultant of friction of an unoiled machine’s parts, here as the guitars ring in majesty and the static sends each body flying against a wall a gravity persists within 'Vaxvængir vonar'.?! What goes against the will of celestial being will surely face the cold grip of their hurlant gravitas.?! That is to say that this is a more palpably ‘black metal’ track albeit a psychedelic and erratic piece that never loosens the tension it provides.?! Here the constrictor-like qualities of Wormlust meld best with Skáphe‘s otherwise bristling dissonance for a persistent wailing descent.?! The gushes of psychedelia do give that sense of improvisation once more, especially around nine minutes into the 20+ minute piece.?! None of these pieces connect outside of the whole and to focus on any one detail will make a mush of the presence the two entities create together.?!

LP $27.85


MS 12