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Rubble Reviewed By Still Single.


A "no dummies allowed" review of Rubble's Farewell Drugs LP was posted on Still Single's tumblr today.

" Psychedelic supersesh with a lot of Texan royalty – King Coffey, Bobby Baker (ST-37), Shawn David McMillen, Ralph White, Craig Stewart, and Matt Turner (Quttinirpaaq) make for a strong team where this sort of thing is concerned, that being one with an averse repulsion for the looming presence of fake psych and bands that are about as trippy as Radiohead. King’s signature caveman drumming styles tell you from the onset that this is going to be a heavy ride, and after some excoriating blastercise at the beginning, they cruise into a cover of Mink Deville’s “It’s So Easy” in such a way that recalls the Buttholes’ sense of mutant pride to a tee. These guys are all high-ranking mental travelers and have a sense of history that informs what they do, not how they do it, because they know that there is no “how” without the “what.” It shouldn’t be so hard for more bands to charge at it the way these guys do, but there aren’t a lot of takers, merely fakers. And while Rubble finds its way around several facets of the acid rock experience, they are strong enough not to cave in under the aesthetics. No dummies allowed. Sweet record."

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