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Dustin’ Off The Sphynx by Aids Wolf

Aids Wolf

Dustin’ Off The Sphynx
Skin Graft

***Formed in Montreal, 2003, AIDS WOLF are the preeminent Formalist / Unknown Wave quartet.?! They have released two full-length records as well as numerous collaborations, splits and seven inches.?! Their new EP, titled Dustin’ Off The Sphynx is available as a 7-inch vinyl EP and as a full-length compact disc.?! Both formats include seven additional bonus tracks from the now out-of-print Pas Rapport tour-only tape.?! These tracks are included on the CD and come as a free download with the silkscreen sleeved, colored vinyl 7-inch EP.?! (STREET DATE - 9/08/2009).?!

CD $14.00

09/08/2009 647216609629 

GR 96 CD 

7" $10.00

09/08/2009 647216609674 

GR 96 

A Journey Through Romans Empire by Athletic Automaton

Athletic Automaton

A Journey Through Romans Empire
Skin Graft

***On their second full-length album A Journey Through Roman's Empire ATHLETIC AUTOMATON devolve without diminishing.?! Songs and instrumentation alike have been reduced to key components, stripped bare of pretense until only the core remains; evaporating the distance between listener and band.?! This is minimalism set on heavy and trance gone sour.?! While deceptively simple and repetitive, the music is never rigid, never complacent or familiar.?! Alternately a swirl of precision, and a countercurrent of resistance, Athletic Automaton are unafraid to find virtue in the accidental, while remaining purposeful and determined. .?!

CD $14.00


GR 88 CD 

***AVAILABLE AGAIN!!! The debut release from this combustible new force comprised of former ARAB ON RADAR members CRAIG KURRECK and ERIC PAUL, ex-SIX FINGER SATELLITE member RICHARD IVAN PELLETIER, and mystery man PAUL VIERIA.?! Five explosive tracks in the vein of the members' previous assaults—ie: deadly.?! Pressed on specially designed shuriken (aka Chinese Star) shaped CDs (will not play in front-feed players, but can still kill any adversary)..?!

CD $13.75

06/18/2007 647216606925 

GR 69 CD 

Destroy All Music Revisited by Flying Luttenbachers

Flying Luttenbachers

Destroy All Music Revisited
Skin Graft

***BACK IN STOCK!!! Skin Graft Records proudly presents DxAxMx Revisited, a fully remastered, extended edition of THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS’ landmark 1995 album, Destroy All Music.?! This special edition includes notorious drummer/multi-instrumentalist WEASEL WALTER and renowned jazz saxophonist KEN VANDERMARK, the innovative punk-jazz ensemble that first garnered the band widespread acclaim.?! Here the band is captured at the height of the internal struggles that would soon dissolve the quintet lineup.?! The end result is an unforgettable experience, a document of the most extreme energy level the lineup ever mustered on record.?! In addition to the ten tracks featured on the original release, this comprehensive edition includes seven never-before-heard vintage recordings, all painstakingly remastered by bandleader Weasel Walter.?!

CD $13.75

04/16/2007 647216608523 

GR 85 CD 

***Join Skin Graft for the coming out dance party of the year as GAY BEAST ride the Second Wave straight onto the streets! Formed in 2005 and renowned as Minnesota's premier agit-prog queer band, Gay Beast cuts a careening groove between the prickly corners of tunefulness and musical density, danceability and controlled chaos.?! On Second Wave, their sophomore effort and first release on Skin Graft Records, the trio lets fly with utopic visions of second-wave feminism, exposing a mood-swinging musical reach heretofore unheard.?! The nuclear family explodes into a psychedelic mushroom cloud of writhing, urgent vocals set against the precise, premeditated clatter of guitar, drums and keys.?! Add a dash of electronic psych, and a spoonful of sax—and your goose is cooked.?! Extensively adorned with hand silk-screened sleeves and insert..?!

CD $14.00

05/26/2009 647216609322 

GR 93 CD 

Angherr Shisspa by Koenjihyakkei


Angherr Shisspa
Skin Graft

***The fourth album and US debut from this Japanese band led by vocalist, composer, and drummer TATSUYA YOSHIDA (RUINS).?! KOENJIHYAKKEI (aka HUNDRED SIGHTS OF KOENJI) is Area and ELP at their most excessive; Deus Ex Machina with tempo changes multiplied by 100; and Magma at their orff-ian choral, fusion jazz, overcharged gospel peak.?! Eight stunning tracks of dense prog magic that explode with glittery keyboard lines, speedy bass/drum workouts, emotive reed respites, and operatic female vocals.?! Complex, epic, catchy, and apocalyptic..?!

CD $13.75

07/31/2007 647216607823 

GR 78 CD 

Hundred Sights Of Koenji by Koenjihyakkei


Hundred Sights Of Koenji
Skin Graft

***The anticipated new album from Japan’s KOENJIHYAKKEI—YOSHIDA TATSUYA (RUINS), SAKAMOTO KENGO, KANAZAW MIYAKO, YAMAMOTO KYOTO and KOMORI KEIKO.?! "KOENJIHYAKKEI is a unique concept for Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins), and it may go down as his greatest achievement: the most perfect fusion of straight prog, the avant-garde and hardcore punk.?! Amen."—Pitchfork.?!

CD $13.75

04/01/2008 647216609025 

GR 90 CD 

Nivraym - Special Edition by Koenjihyakkei


Nivraym - Special Edition
Skin Graft

***Nivraym is the third studio album by Japan's KOENJIHYAKKEI.?! Led by YOSHIDA TATSUYA of the progressive-hardcore drum and bass duo RUINS, Koenjihyakkei's Nivraym is the band’s purest, most uncompromising expression of Zeuhl music to date, blending progressive rock, symphonic rock, fusion and neoclassicism with the energy of hardcore punk, the volume of metal and the attitude of rock in opposition.?! Previously available only in Japan, Nivraym has been extensively rebuilt for this 2009 worldwide release.?! The band has gone back to the original master recordings and the current lineup has added new flourishes, additional overdubs, re-recorded drum tracks and the entire album has been remixed and remastered at Japan's Magaibutsu Studios..?!

CD $14.00

04/20/2009 647216609520 

GR 95 CD 

***REISSUED!!! Relive No Wave's summer of love! LAKE OF DRACULA layer vicious, angular guitar and obtuse, howling vocals over propulsive, throbbing dance beats in an unprecedented melange of excitement and alienation! Assembled from the lineups of THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS, COUCH, SCISSOR GIRLS and U.S.?! MAPLE, L.O.C.?! raise the wooden stakes for all them so-called "Super Groups.” It's Clobberin' Time! As an extra special bonus, this new edition of Lake Of Dracula’s studio album has been augmented with the four legendary tracks from the infamous SINRAFT Bootleg 7-inch single—recorded live at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago! (STREET DATE - 7/29/2008).?!

CD $13.75

07/29/2008 036172603923 

GR 39 CD 

***Providence-based no wave influenced punk, combined with Reggaeton sounds.?! Like Teenage Jesus and the Jerks mixed with Calle 13, or Daddy Yankee.?! Post-Punk with a Dem Bow beat, and a revolutionary flavor.?! The soundtrack to Simon Bolivar’s march through The Americas.?! includes former members of LA MACHINE and ARAB ON RADAR.?! Guerillaton is the highly anticipated follow up to MADE IN MEXICO's debut LP Zodiac Zoo.?! Available on compact disc and as a limited edition die-cut gatefold vinyl LP..?!

LP $14.00

11/24/2008 647216609216 

GR 92 

CD $14.00

11/24/2008 647216609223 

GR 92 CD 

Epic Fits (regular Edition Cd) by Pre


Epic Fits (regular Edition Cd)
Skin Graft

***The latest from London-based noise-wave quintet PRE.?! Weighing in at fourteen songs and just over 20 minutes tall, Epic Fits was recorded in a chilly pizza storage unit with W.?! WESTMINSTER BROWN at the r controls.?! Epic Fits is cold sweat caught on two-inch tape.?! Those initial moonbeams shining through the barred basement windows have been caught—meticulously sliced and diced—and reflected back in a brilliant, buoyant strobelight.?! With twin guitars, dual basses, drums, vocals, and “moon shriek,” PRE make the noise jump..?!

CD $14.00

09/10/2007 647216608929 

GR 89 CD 

Hope Freaks by Pre


Hope Freaks
Skin Graft

***Hope Freaks is the second album from London's new-school, no wave naughties PRE.?! Recorded in Chicago with STEVE ALBINI at Electrical Audio and mastered by WEASEL WALTER in San Francisco, Hope Freaks is a power-vault up from the acclaimed newborn gnarl of their debut Epic Fits.?! Like it's predecessor, Hope Freaks weighs in at a lean twenty minutes.?! Every punch is packed, and with a master at the faders, you will feel the devil in all its detail.?! Each unhinged swing never fails to connect.?! And now, bare-knuckled, PRE spring forward for round two—unprotected, unwavering—and with infectious left hooks guaranteed to leave listeners staggering..?!

LP $14.00

08/17/2009 647216609414 

GR 94 

CD $14.00

08/17/2009 647216609421 

GR 94 CD 

Epic Fits (limited Edition Metal Box) by Pre


Epic Fits (limited Edition Metal Box)
Skin Graft

***The latest from London-based noise-wave quintet PRE.?! Weighing in at fourteen songs and just over 20 minutes tall, Epic Fits was recorded in a chilly pizza storage unit with W.?! WESTMINSTER BROWN at the controls.?! Epic Fits is cold sweat caught on two-inch tape.?! Those initial moonbeams shining through the barred basement windows have been caught—meticulously sliced and diced—and reflected back in a brilliant, buoyant strobelight.?! With twin guitars, dual basses, drums, vocals, and “moon shriek,” PRE make the noise jump.?! Limited edition version packaged in metal boxes..?!

CD $15.50

09/10/2007 64721660022 


Refusal Fossil by Ruins


Refusal Fossil
Skin Graft

***BACK IN PRINT!!! Japan's RUINS have extensive experience and a tireless commitment.?! A furious barrage of explosive and intricately composed drum(s) and bass (guitar)—Ruins cover all stops between hardcore's hysteric intensity, free jazz's confounding inscription and the drama of progressive rock.?! No slack.?! No slop.?! Absolute masters of quick change, stop-start tempos and time-signatures, Ruins craft an unprecedented amalgam of originality, all sung in a peculiar language of their own invention.?! Refusal Fossil contains new recordings of previously unreleased tracks, plus bonus live performances.?! Twenty cuts in all—an hour-long blast of zigzag calisthenics..?!

CD $13.75

05/21/2007 647216608721 

GR 87 CD 

***BACK IN PRINT!!! A remixed and remastered domestic reissue of the eleventh album from Japan's devastating bass-and-drums duo RUINS.?! Vrresto continues the group’s freeform avalanche tumble through the genres, exploding in a burst of prog-rock, punk rock, hardcore and free jazz glory.?! Includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks..?!

CD $13.75

05/25/2009 647216607625 

GR 76 CD 

Sides 11 - 14 by V/a


Sides 11 - 14
Skin Graft

***Sides 11-14 is the latest in Skin Graft’s irregularly published series of tribute record and comic book sets published in conjunction with Gasoline Boost Records.?! This deluxe double 7-inch single and comic book set includes AC/DC covers by YOWIE, COLOSSAMITE, PRE, and MULE, along with a densely illustrated 20-page wraparound comic book sleeve written and drawn by Skin Graft founder MARK FISCHER..?!

2X7" $14.00

11/24/2008 647216602873 

GR 28 - 7 

Cigarette Sequence by Shit And Shine

Shit And Shine

Cigarette Sequence

***Sewer hiss lullabies from beyond (read ENGLAND) for heavy kitchen appliances and foolish acid children.?! Recorded at Todd Ranch by CAKE.?! Pressed in a numbered edition of 300 copies.?!  .?!

7" $6.00


07SHIT Ciga 

***Between completing their Anticon debut with critically acclaimed rapper/poet, SOLE, and embarking on the world tours that have followed, instrumental three-piece SKYRIDER found time to spend an inspired weekend at the Tape OP touted Wavelab Studio (Calexico, Neko Case) in Tucson, Arizona.?! Immersed in two-inch tape and a playground of instruments, SkyRider’s self-titled release represents a brief respite from the electro-glitch sample driven focus of previous productions.?! All manner of strings, organs, brass and percussive instruments are dizzyingly infused in the warmth of tape to create the landscape envisioned by SkyRider; at once desolate and overpopulated, barren and fruitful, forlorn and bright.?! Features guest production from JEL and TELEPHONE JIM JESUS, and guest vocals from SOLE..?!

CD $13.00

12/01/2008 655035070124 

SKY 01 CD 


MAG $4.90

03/17/2008 79377957746 

SKY 28 

***Issue number 28 comes on strong with features on MELVINS, THE FAINT, ISLANDS, WOLF PARADE, BLACK ANGELS, ONEIDA, MAN MAN, CRYSTAL CASTLES, MODEY LEMON, JAY REATARD, KING KHAN, and tons more.?! Reviews and other assorted jazz included..?!

MAG $4.90

07/28/2008 797377957746 

SKY 28 

Issue # 29 - Winter 2009 by Skyscraper


Issue # 29 - Winter 2009


MAG $4.90

12/08/2008 797377957746 

SKY 29 

***Skyscraper’s spring issue warms the hearts with features on BONNIE PRINCE BILLY, THERMALS, WAVVES, BLACK MOTH SUPER RAINBOW, COMET GAIN, MI AMI, OCEAN, THE RESIDENTS, TITUS ANDRONICUS, CAUSE CO-MOTION, and a ton of others..?!

MAG $4.90

03/30/2009 797377957746 

SKY 30 

***DJ Premier's still got it, and the two young emcees from New York, SKYZOO and TORAE make it count with an impressive debut collaborative effort.?! Includes the title cut, along with the track “Click,” and alternate versions of each.?! Essential stuff..?!

12" $6.30

06/11/2007 659123445511 

SKY 50010 

How Do You Sell Soul To A Souless People Who Sold Their Soul? by Public Enemy

Public Enemy

How Do You Sell Soul To A Souless People Who Sold Their Soul?
Slam Jamz

***The latest from legendary hip hop crew PUBLIC ENEMY.?! Public Enemy's been pioneers in combining verbal acumen with technological advances, performance artistry and theatricality, thematic integrity and artistic control.?! In an era where mega-national corporations dominate the marketplace and many rappers prefer being popular to being relevant, Public Enemy remain vibrant and topical.?! They've also forged and maintained a creative legacy that has a timeless quality, yet gives listeners intricate and compelling slices of life from the various eras in which these songs were conceived.?! They are not entertainers or performers but scribes and commentators providing insight and information through rhymes and music that has uplifted and still inspires legions of fans..?!

CD $14.50

08/07/2007 634457190320 

SJR 1015 CD 

Sleeping Bag Sessions by Russell, Arthur

Russell, Arthur

Sleeping Bag Sessions
Sleeping Bag

***BACK IN STOCK!!! Whether it’s hip hop, it’s face pointed reverentially to the old school, or house stealing disco riffs by the truck load, people are increasingly intrigued by back-in-the-day.?! And common to both the aforementioned scenes and much more is one person, ARTHUR RUSSELLl, a man some regard as the best songwriter of the 20th century.?! In 1981 Arthur set up Sleeping Bag Records with WILL SOCOLAV.?! The first release was the album “24-24 Music” as DINOSAUR L.?! If you’re wondering about the name it would appear Arthur would often use the names of extinct or near-extinct animals.?! On one production credit he’s “Killer Whale, whilst the logo for Sleeping Bag is a Koala bear! The line up was pretty much the same as the Loose Joints sessions, (which boasted the INGRAM BROS.?! rhythm section) and a similar stream-of-conscience approach was taken with the recording itself.?!

CD $14.00

03/17/2009 829357331915 

TEG 3319 CD 

2XLP $18.95

03/17/2009 829357331922 

TEG 3319 

***IDOL FODDER’s Bäbytalk mini-album is the sixth (and possibly best) installment of the Pregnancy Series (previous releases from Xiu Xiu, Grouper, The Blow, etc.).?! Idol Fodder is the latest project of the quietly iconic ALIG FODDER—founder of perhaps the most important unsung band of the post-punk era, FAMILY FODDER (remember Unrest’s classic cover of FF's "Debbie Harry?").?! While Family Fodder featured a vast revolving cast of collaborators (a collective that at times featured two-thirds of THIS HEAT, among others), Idol Fodder's Bäbytalk is a considerably more intimate affair-built upon looping strings and droning ambiance, and a central concern for beautifully enveloping melody.?! Fans of Robert Wyatt and Final Fantasy alike should take note.?! Strictly limited to 700 retail copies..?!

CDEP $12.00

01/14/2008 649241851790 

SMS 008 

***In spite of its populist facade, popular music still largely manages to maintain a number of strangely puritanical conventions.?! One exceptionally glaring case in point is the assumed mutual exclusivity of humor and "serious" music—the assumption that all "important" music is solemn, earnest, and marked with abject sincerity.?! Particularly in the realm of the singer/songwriter, sap and heart-sleeved sincerity are tantamount to authenticity, and humor is viewed at best as a suspicious novelty.?! Which is just one reason why PWRFL POWER’s KAZUTAKA NOMURA doesn't especially care for pop conventions.?! Pwrfl Power is an unconventional marriage of melodically rich, Fahey-styled acoustic virtuosity and conversational, knowingly naive lyrical abandon.?! With the most basic of building blocks, Nomura forges a uniquely avant-informed brand of outsider folk music—one that relies as much on impish mischief as it does on considered craft and technique..?!

CD $10.50

02/25/2008 844185000758 

SMS 009 CD 

***AVAILABLE AGAIN!!! Through a particularly masterful slight of hand, the beloved rabble-rousers in XIU XIU have somehow convinced most of the world that theirs is a vision chiefly of bombast—overdriven drum patches, caterwaul, and open-wristed scare tactics.?! The truth of the matter, of course, is that bombast is really only half of the story.?! And what makes Xiu Xiu so special isn't JAMIE STEWART’s sonic sadism so much as his subtlety—an obsessive attention to every detail buried in his band's overwhelming squall.?! For the fifth artist commissioned for Slender Means Society and States Rights Records' tandem Pregnancy Series, Stewart enlisted masterful manipulators of ethereal noise GROUPER (Portland's LIZ HARRIS) in a collaboration exploring both artists' subtle sides.?! The resulting EP is an ambient exploration into the power of silence and restraint.?! Sharing a childhood trauma at the hands of a certain popular horror film from the 1970s, Xiu v.?!

CD $12.00


SMS 007 CD 

Halfway Between The World And Death by Huhta, Jean-louis

Huhta, Jean-louis

Halfway Between The World And Death

A dark deep probe into the electric Abyss with a light in it's centre.?! Friends of Monolake  and non-cliché technotics take notice.?!    Member from early 80's post-punk band Cortex and grindcore combo Anti Cimex makes his solo LP debut.?!    Jean-Louis Huhta is already an established name on the Swedish underground music scene.?! "Halfway  Between the World And Death", however, is his first solo album.?! It's a fascinating and suggestive album, filled with surprising elements.?! Ambient soundscapes are mixed with Düsseldorf-inspired rhythms and guitar loops to form a neopsychedelic musical brew.?! Song titles such as "Helvete" ("hell" in Swedish) and "Objects Are Sinister" imply that we are dealing with a dark album.?! And it's shades are indeed dark but not only so.?! A light is also present and some of the songs have a warm, almost soothing feeling.?!

CD $16.00

08/28/2007 7320470080054 

SLM 05 CD 

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Maria Eriksson is most known for her work in Swedish pop-constellations The Concretes and Heikki.?! Her solo full-length debut is significantly more multifaceted.?! While Santa Maria is crammed with brilliant pop songs, Eriksson also mixes intricate singer/songwriter-tunes with deeply progressive pieces, intelligent and distinctive dance anthems with stunningly beautiful tracks.  The musicians involved in Santa Maria are some of the most creative and sharp Sweden has to offer.?! Johan Berthling, of the internationally acclaimed electronica act Tape, produced the album, in addition to playing bass, zither, guitar and keyboards.?! Berthling has also worked with artists like Nicolai Dunger, Tenniscoats and Bill Wells.?!

CD $16.00

03/27/2007 7320470077214 

SLM 04 CD 

Darkness In Our House by Idiot Kid

Idiot Kid

Darkness In Our House

Idiot Kid is Linus Lutti (guitar and lead vocals) and Ann-Sofie Lundin (piano, organ and backing vocals).?! Together they create ornamented and mysterious pop music, dark and tender at the same time.?! This is their debut album, "Darkness In Our House".?! It is a most appealing and relevant contribution emerging from the wide pop scene in Sweden, in loveliness on par with the holy bodies made by Loney Dear, Wildbirds & Peacedrums and José González.?!   Idiot Kid blend sounds of folk, rock and blues but most of all their music is their very own.?! In the universe of Idiot Kid, the quiet and glistening are as vivid as the tempered and regretful.?! Linus voice is raspy and self-exposing, vulnerable.?! His guitar playing manages to stitch together the elements of finger picking, dreamy melodies and tearing chords with an aggressive and awaiting double bass, echoing pianos with a lonely trumpet, a harmonium or a mandolin.?!

CD $16.00

01/15/2008 7320470081488 


Does She Want by Black Lips

Black Lips

Does She Want

***BACK IN STOCK!!! The first of two new singles from Atlanta’s BLACK LIPS, and the second in the new Slovenly 45 series.?! Includes two early cuts from 2000—“Does She Want” and “Stoned.”.?!

7" $8.50

07/18/2005 5055869501811 


***“BACK IN STOCK!!! BILLY CHILDISH and company were in Spain to record in el Doctor Explosivo Jorge Explosion's studio, and I went to Madrid to see them play.?! At the gig, I asked Jorge how he was doin', and he said, through an ear-to-ear smile, ‘Great! I've got Billy Childish in my studio!’ Duh! A few minutes later he came to me with a beer and said, ‘so would you like to release what we're recording?’ DUH!! As usual, Childish does no wrong.?! These tracks are a little different from what you might expect—accompanying the usual raw garage-guitar sound of Childish are some melodies that remind of noise-pop bands like Henry’s Dress.”—Pete, Slovenly Records.?!

7" $4.90


702 63 

***Three heavy ‘60s punkers from these Madreile?os! One new original on the A-side (“Wild Man”) and two revved-up covers on the flip—“Bloodhound” and “Little Girl”—all played with a big, full sound that will knock your dancing self to the floor..?!

7" $4.90


702 56 

***Two beautiful Spanish idiots, former transplants to the frigid swamp known as the Netherlands, and now back in their tortilla-munching motherland.?! Side A was recorded in Amsterdam and brings me straight back to a 1998 Motards..?!

7" $4.90


702 65 

Andrew Anderson by Proto Idiot

Proto Idiot

Andrew Anderson

***BACK IN STOCK!!! PROTO IDIOT (aka ANDREW from THE HIPSHAKES) delivers his debut solo LP Andrew Anderson.?! Amidst the Jack Oblivianesque funked-out dirt-blues groove and bedroom punk spazz-outs we have tracks here with dreamy back up vocals and "Village Green" worthy melodies making for a brilliant onslaught of pop beauty, combined with all the expletive chaos you've grown accustomed to with the Hipshakes prolific discography.?! What we have here is a goddamn perfect twelve-song LP of "fuck you you bloody cunt," but don't take it the wrong way...?! it's played in the nicest possible manner.?! Limited to 500 copies..?!

LP $15.50

11/18/2008 4024572364618 


***Imperial Valley California that consists of a couple of white dudes and a couple brown dudes.?! With the stench of the Salton Sea and minds as polluted as the New River, SLAB CITY “will drink all your Caguamas and destroy your Pachanga." That's how these torta rockers describe themselves.?! One can compare them to the Germs, the Spits, and Ass Cobra-era Turbonegro.?! Tall Can is their debut vinyl release, and it's a killer.?! Features everyone's favorite film makin' tour manager, ERNIE, who has been seen recently behind the keys for The Spits..?!

7" $4.90


702 60 

***LUKE TOP was born in Tel Aviv, Israel to an Iraqi refugee and a Russian-born aviator.?! Music making was adopted at an early age, serving as the buffer between a distant home turf and a newly adopted land of milk and honey: Southern California.?! Balancing the collision of identity, religion, and western culture was (and is) a process that has found an artistic culmination on Luke Top’s first full-length musical album, Friends.?! Mostly self-recorded in a backyard bungalow, it stays true to Luke’s formative roots in California while expanding its imagery beyond the simple evocation of one particular time and place.?! Up to this point, Luke could be seen and heard in a number of musical configurations throughout the world.?! Most notably, longtime touring and recording collaborations with friends like Cass McCombs, The Papercuts, Foreign Born, and also as co-founder of the L.A.?! based Afro-Hebrew dance band Fool’s Gold.?! (STREET DATE - 6/23/2009).?!

CD $9.25

06/23/2009 877319003516 

SD 001 CD 

***BABY WALRUS is jingle bells, guitars, vegetables, books, trumpets, trombones, flutes, shakers, bongos, hats, banjos, cabinets, drills, screwdrivers, mallets, cymbals, singing, clapping, stomping stomping, cats, dogs, noise.?! Baby Walrus is sprawling and discordant and messy and confusing.?! Baby W Walrus is also brilliant.?! Features ART IN MANILA/FLOWERS FOREVER collaborator CHRIS SENSENEY and SPACEAGE POLYMERS members JOHN P.?! VORIS and DYLAN STRIMBLE.?! The diverse debut album growls and rambles like Captain Beefheart, then croons with dark smoothness like a Nick Cave, lounges like a Tom Waits and charges like Jerry Lee Lewis.?! As intentionally murky and amateurish as it is sophisticated, Baby Walrus is a sound so totally original it is something you only expect from the bleak indie Midwest. .?!

LP $13.50

02/05/2008 892813002001 

SPY 003 

CD $13.50

02/05/2008 892813002018 

SPY 003 CD 

Warmth / Medroxy Progesterone Acetate by Medroxy Progesterone Acetate / Warmth

Medroxy Progesterone Acetate / Warmth

Warmth / Medroxy Progesterone Acetate
Small Doses

***Both sides evolve slowly, mangle with sinewy maws of noise, and grip with hands of haunting ambience..?!

***Recorded live at Molde International Jazz Festival in 2006.?! The meeting between the godfather of free jazz and the innovators of the modern free jazz scene in Scandinavia, MATS GUSTAFSSON & PAAL NILSSEN-LOVE, resulted in this mastodon of an album.?! This is the European free jazz underground at its best.?! A devastating, blasting, raw, ferocious sonic assault on all senses.?! And beautiful, painfully beautiful.?! (STREET DATE - 11/13/2007).?!

CD $17.00

11/13/2007 600116843821 

STSJ 138 CD 

***Recorded live at Sting Jazzklubb in Norway during the Maijazz Festival in 2006.?! The godfather of European free-jazz, Peter Brotzmann, is joined by respected Scandinavian percussionist Paal Nilssen-Love to form a musical partnership of rare & beautiful balance..?!

CD $17.00

02/17/2009 7035538886324 

STSJ 143 CD 

***Smalltown Superjazzz is proud to present the brand new studio album from the FREE FALL trio consisting of HAVARD WIIK, KEN VANDERMARK & INGEBRIGT HAKER FLATEN.?! With clarinets, piano & bass Free Fall creates magical moods and brings the heritage of Jimmy Giuffres` legendary ‘60s trio with Paul Bley & Steve Swallow into the new millennium.?! The Point In A Line is the perfect meeting between the innovative jazz scenes in Oslo & Chicago.?! It’s melancholic, dark, moody but also melodic.?! The album was recorded in Chicago by JASON WARD & the post production was done by Ward, Vandermark and BOB WESTON (SHELLAC).?! (STREET DATE - 11/13/2007).?!

CD $17.00

11/13/2007 600116844224 

STSJ 142 CD 

***MATS GUSTAFSSON (THING, GUSH, DISKAHOLICS ANONYMOUS TRIO) a long time fan of YOSHIMI`s work (BOREDOMS, OOIOO), teamed up with her for a duo show at Malmo Konserthus in Sweden in April 2005.?! The show was recorded & here is the result.?! A mighty piece of music.?! A monumental Zen-like psychedelic drone piece for saxes and voice.?! The sound on the CD was created by slide saxophone (Mats being of the few in the world today to play this instrument), tenor sax, baritone sax, alto fluteophone and electronics, all by Mats with Yoshimi lending her voice and electronics.?! Cover art by KIM HIORTHOY.?! STREET DATE - 4/10/07.?!

CD $17.00

04/10/2007 600116841421 

STSJ 114 CD 

***The duo is back with a mini album, four tracks and 20 minutes of music recorded live when Smalltown celebrated its 10 year anniversary in Oslo in February 2004.?! As with their debut album MATS GUSTAFSSON and PAAL NILSSEN-LOVE’s punk rock roots are highly visible and the musical expression is an explosion of energy created by breath and muscles.?! Splatter is raw power that brings to mind the the wild & beautiful days of Albert Ayler and Peter Brotzmann`s Machine Gun session.?! (STREET DATE - 11/13/2007).?!

CD $13.75

11/13/2007 600116841520 

STSJ 115 CD 

***JAZKAMER is always dealing with different kinds of noise and noise-music.?! This album has fifty-eight tracks and is 17 minutes long! This time the Jazkamers have gone as far with rock & punk as humanly possible.?! Smalltown guesses this is their homage to Japan's noisecore and their love for early Boredoms, Melt Banana, Hanatarash & Zeni Geva.?! You should just listen for yourself.?! (STREET DATE - 6/03/2008).?!

CD $17.00

06/03/2007 7090011320962 

STSJ 135 CD 

***Norwegian noise master LASSE MARHAUG returns with a new album paying tribute to his metal roots.?! This time Marhaug takes a look at Kiss’ Alive, delivering a selection of live recordings done all over the world between 1998 and 2006.?! Includes a track Marhaug made for the Alarm Awards (Sweden’s Grammys), in which he aimed to make the audience’s ears bleed..?!

CD $17.00

06/12/2007 6001168431204 

STSJ 131 CD 

***Recorded in Olso's Grandsport Studio, an analog studio that perfectly captures the atmosphere & warmth of these improvisations.?! Free jazz legend Joe McPhee spent one day with drummer Paal Nilssen-Love in studio improvising direct to tape.?! The music is spontaneous, raw & groovy, but at the same time mellow, melodic & beautiful..?!

CD $17.00

02/17/2009 600116844828 

STSJ 148 CD 

***One half of ORIGINAL SILENCE, OFFONOFF is comprised of TERRIE EX (THE EX), MASSIMO PUPILLO (ZU) & PAAL NILSSEN-LOVE.?! Similar to the sounds of Black Flag, DNA, Pere Ubu, Last Exit, James Blood Ulmer, early Sonic Youth, and The Ex.?! Noisy, intense, hard with rapid shifts & contrasts, heavy grooves.?! All free improvised!.?!

CD $17.00

03/11/2008 600116844729 

STSJ 147 CD 

***Massimo Pupillo, Terrie Ex & Paal Nilssen-Love recorded this gem live in concert at Kongsberg International Jazzfestival in July 2007.?! With the two tracks, the group attacks all senses with an exploding riot of free rock.?! If possible to describe, the music is in the midst of Black Flag, DNA, Pere Ubu, Last Exit, James Blood Ulmer, early Sonic Youth and of course Terrie’s very own legendary band The Ex.?! All free improvised.?! Total freedom, total rock! (STREET DATE - 6/09/2009).?!

CD $17.00

06/09/2009 600116846426 

STSJ 164 CD 

***BACK IN STOCK!!! A monster is born, a clash of the the titans! The new band of THURSTON MOORE (SONIC YOUTH), TERRIE EX (THE EX), JIM O'ROURKE, MATS GUSTAFSSON (THE THING), PALL NILSSEN-LOVE (THE THING), & MASSIMO PUPILLO (ZU).?! Recorded live on the ORIGINAL SILENCE Italian tour, September 2005 in Teatro Arisoto, Reggio Emilia, Italy, to be more specific.?! This is the first in a series of recordings from OS.?! Musically one can hear the obvious influences from early Sonic Youth & The Ex mixed with the Scandinavia free-jazz.?! But you can hear their many influences from Black Flag, to drone rock, to Albert Ayler, to Boredoms, to noise, punk, Dead C, Merzbow & 60s minimalism.?! This is 100% improvised rock.?! A monumental, raw and harsh beautiful out-rock masterpiece.?! Artwork by KIM HIORTHOY.?!

CD $17.00

04/24/2007 600116842428 

STSJ 124 CD 

Second Original Silence by Original Silence

Original Silence

Second Original Silence
Smalltown Superjazz

***The return of THURSTON MOORE (SONIC YOUTH), TERRIE EX (THE EX), JIM O'ROURKE, MATS GUSTAFSSON (THING), PALL NILSSEN-LOVE (THING), abd MASSIMO PUPILLO (ZU).?! Recorded at a September 28, 2006 performance at Rome, Italy's Brancaleone.?! Artwork by Kim Hiorthoy.?! Vinyl limited to 1,000 copies.?! (STREET DATE - 5/05/2009).?!

2XLP $22.95


STSJ 114 

***Brewery Tap is the duo of free jazz saxophonist EVAN PARKER and Norwegian bassist INGEBRIT HAKER FLATEN.?! The recordings on this disc were recorded live at Oslo Jazzfestival the 13th of August 2007 at the Belleville venue.?! (STREET DATE - 2/24/2009).?!

CD $17.00

02/24/2009 600116846020 

STSJ 160 CD 

***After four intensive days of recording with STEVE ALBINI, THE THING created Bag It!, a new mastodon of ecstasy music.?! The Thing is well known for their free jazz versions of rock classics from artists such as PJ Harvey, White Stripes, The Sonics, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Lightning Bolt.?! This time the band is only doing two rock interpretations, one by Japan's 54 NUDE HONEYS and one by THE EX/MUZSIKAS.?! The rest of the tracks on the album are written by MATS GUSTAFSSON, AKE HODELL, THE THING, DUKE ELLINGTON and ALBERT AYLER.?! The CD version also contains an extra bonus CD with a 30 minutes long improv suite (also recorded by Albini) titled Beef Brisket - for Ruby's.?! (STREET DATE - 6/16/2009).?!

2XCD $17.00

06/16/2009 600116845528 

STSJ 155 CD 

***THE THING team up with their longtime friend KEN VANDERMARK to create some of their finest work.?! Recorded live at Chicago's Hide Out in April 2007, this album leans more towards the classical free jazz sound of the 1960s—more American than European.?! With Vandermark on sax, The Thing gets more mellow, melodic and funky..?!

CD $17.00

03/11/2008 600116840523 

STSJ 105 CD 

***The meeting between THE THING, CATO SALSA EXPERIENCE, and JOE McPHEE started at the Kongsberg Jazz festival in Norway in 2004, when The Thing was offered the chance to invite their favorite rock band Cato Salsa Experience, for a special collaboration.?! The show was a success and this also led to the critically acclaimed EP Sounds Like A Sandwich.?! It was immediately decided that the two bands and the legend should go into studio to record a full length album.?! On the album the bands do their own versions of tracks like “Who The Fuck” by PJ Harvey, “Baby Talk” by James Blood Ulmer among others.?! The CD is the perfect pairing of the dirty ‘60s influenced free-jazz that of The Thing and the raw and minimalistic garage rock of Cato Salsa Experience.?! Most tracks on this album was recorded in one take only with no overdubs.?! STREET DATE - 4/24/07.?!

CD $17.00

04/24/2007 600116840424 

STSJ 104 CD 

***THE THING & CATO SALSA EXPERIENCE recorded this EP during the same session that resulted in their self titled album.?! These tracks didn’t fit the album and it was immediately decided to make this into an EP to be released afterwards.?! The EP contains three tracks and 30 minutes of music.?! It starts of with a cover version by Groove Armada`s “I See You Baby” with JOE McPHEE on vocals which is worth the price alone! The EP also features a new version of McPhee`s seminal Black Panther anthem “Nation Time” from 1970, as well as Donald Ayler`s beautiful epic “Our Prayer.” (STREET DATE - 11/13/2007).?!

CD $13.75

11/13/2007 600116843029 

STSJ 130 CD 

Blasting Concept by V/a


Blasting Concept
Smalltown Superjazz

***Features Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Ken Vandermark, Lasse Marhaug, Thurston Moore, Mats Gustafsson, Paal Nilssen-Love, Joe McPhee, John Hegre, Håvard Wiik, Jim O`Rourke, Peter Brötzmann, Massimo Pupillo, Cato Salsa Experience, Terrie Ex & Yoshimi.?! The album title is borrowed from SSTs groundbreaking compilation with the same name.?! Smalltown Superjazz wanted to have a label with its roots in the ‘60s free jazz but with the DIY attitude of the ‘80s punk/hardcore label.?! Like a meeting between Black Flag & Albert Ayler.?! Maybe.?! Anyway.?! Decide for yourself.?! (STREET DATE - 6/09/2009).?!

CD $17.00


STSJ 164 CD 

Second Original Silence by V/a


Second Original Silence
Smalltown Superjazz

***The return of THURSTON MOORE (SONIC YOUTH), TERRIE EX (THE EX), JIM O'ROURKE, MATS GUSTAFSSON (THING), PALL NILSSEN-LOVE (THING), & MASSIMO PUPILLO (ZU).?! Recorded at a September 28, 2006 performance at Rome, Italy's Brancaleone.?! Artwork by KIM HIORTHOY.?! (STREET DATE - 8/26/2008).?!

CD $17.00

08/26/2008 600116844422 

STSJ 144 CD 

***ARP is the most recent project of Alexis Georgopoulos, formerly of Tussle & The Alps.?! As an emblem of Alexis’ commitment to "natural electronic music” (bridging the natural and electronic worlds), nearly all of In Light was recorded live.?! Very few loops were used - in fact, only one.?! This gesture was meant to bring back some of the rough (re: natural) edges that have been lost in so much "Electronic Music” today.?! In Light is a luminous album of warm, pulsing music.?! Like dreams or rich, saturated moments that make one lose sense of time, they are grainy snapshots, like old films of one's own experiences, elevated moments.?! Call it Pop Minimalism.?! Call it Cosmic Pop.?! Call it Cosmic Minimalism.?! Call it what you will..?!

CD $17.00

11/06/2007 600116843326 

STS 133 CD 

Dislocated - Remixes 2007-2008 by Diskjokke


Dislocated - Remixes 2007-2008
Smalltown Supersound

***In-between traveling to support the successful Staying In album and making new music DISKJOKKE also made himself a name as a great remixer.?! On this album you'll find a compilation of remixes from 2007 and 2008 of well known artists such as BLOC PARTY, FOALS, LYKKE LI and METRONOMY, dance/electronic acts such as LINDSTROM, OST, and KJEKS & SPEKTRUM, as well as the lesser known Norwegian acts HARRYS GYM and NATIONAL BANK.?! NO EXPORT..?!

CD $17.00

08/04/2009 600116846822 

STS 168 CD 

***Staying In, DISKJOKKE’s debut release, is a tripped out mastodon of an album.?! This is the sound of Norwegian disco taken to its farthest, futuristic limits.?! It's epic, groovy, cinematic, poppy and most of all melodic.?! But at the same time, it is melancholic, and as the title suggests, staying inside the dark winter and autumn nights to make music certainly reflects the mood of the album.?! For years DiskJokke has been closely connected to Norway’s premiere club night, Sunkissed, where he is resident DJ with G-HA, Olanskii & VinnyVillbass.?! "Bright, playful, spacey, and colorful, music for the nighttime that retains the warmth of an afternoon on the beach"—Pitchfork.?!

CD $17.00

03/11/2008 600116844521 

STS 145 CD 

***BACK IN STOCK!!! Follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut album, Pooka, by JAGA JAZZIST leader LARS HORNTVETH.?! Kaleidoscopic consists of one 37-minute long composition and was recorded with 41 members of the LATVIAN NATIONAL ORCHESTRA (34 string players, 3 percussionists, clarinet, flute, bass trombone & one harp), with Horntveth himself playing piano, horns & clarinets.?! Lars' dogma in creating this album was to write the music chronologically into an open, endless score, similar to a diary.?! Intending for the music to flow from idea to idea, Lars wanted the score to grow and develop along with his state of mind.?! The album is a journey in sound, its form fitting somewhere between Steve Reich's Music For 18 Musicians & KLF's Chill Out.?! It is a musical experience from start to finish, an auditory trip into very different rooms & moods, with great contrast & surprises from one musical genre to the next..?!

CD $17.00

02/17/2009 600116839725 

STS 097 CD 

Contemporary Fix Ep by Lindstrom


Contemporary Fix Ep
Smalltown Supersound

***After the critically acclaimed album A Feedelity Affair that compiled all of LINDSTROM`s seminal 12-inches, Smalltown Supersound follows up with this EP.?! The EP features the original version of The Contemporay Fix as well as a alternative version by Lindstrom himself called Serious Syntoms version.?! Also features a fantastic remix from EYE of THE BOREDOMS who delivers a raving tribal-disco mix that none other than Eye could produce, and a remix by the innovator of the Norwegian disco scene, BJORN TORSKE.?! With this 10-minute long mix Bjørn Torske proves why he is one of the most talented disco/house producers in Norway ever.?! The innovator & the star of the Norwegian disco/house scene, together, for the first time.?! And it is just beautiful! (STREET DATE - 10/30/2007).?!

CD $13.75

10/30/2007 600116843920 

STS 139 CD 

(special Edition + Bonus Disc) Where You Go I Go Too by Lindstrom


(special Edition + Bonus Disc) Where You Go I Go Too
Smalltown Supersound

***NOW WITH BONUS DISC! Special edition bonus disc includes the Prins Thomas edits found on the LP version.?! Well known for his epic & ultra melodic disco, it might come as a surprise that this album only contains three long tracks, with the opening track being almost 29 minutes long! But when you listen to this album, you hear that it is still very much Lindstrøm...?! just more Lindstrøm-- bigger, longer, more epic & more melodic.?! Lindstrøm says, “I realized that working within 30 minutes instead of five minutes frames forced me to think very differently to what I was used to...?! when working on longer tracks, there’s so much more time to develop different themes & to let them evolve”.?!

2XCD $17.00

02/17/2009 600116845375 

STS 153X 

Where You Go I Go Too by Lindstrom


Where You Go I Go Too
Smalltown Supersound

***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! Well known for his epic and ultra melodic disco, it might come as a surprise that this album only contains three long tracks, with the opening track being almost 29 minutes.?! But when you listen to this album, you hear that it is still very much LINDSTROM—just more Lindstrøm— bigger, longer, more epic and more melodic.?! Lindstrøm says, “I realized that working within 30 minutes instead of five minutes frames forced me to think very differently to what I was used to...?! when working on longer tracks, there’s so much more time to develop different themes & to let them evolve.” (STREET DATE - 10/14/2008).?!

2XLP $22.95

10/14/2008 600116845313 

STS 153 

You Are Being Manipulated by Mental Overdrive

Mental Overdrive

You Are Being Manipulated
Smalltown Supersound

***Norwegian producer/DJ/live act PER MARTINSEN is back in the studio hot seat with a new album under his MENTAL OVERDRIVE alias.?! Already a long time part of the Norwegian dance sound his new opus “You Are Being Manipulated” sees him develop even more with a melody driven electro/acid/disco/house sound all of his own.?! Featuring his anthemic cover version of Iron Maiden’s “Run to the Hills.” Per Martinsen is back to show ‘em how its done.?! (STREET DATE - 10/07/2008).?!

CD $17.00

10/07/2008 600116845221 

STS 152 CD 

We Gave It All Away, Now We Are Taking It Back by Mungolian Jetset

Mungolian Jetset

We Gave It All Away, Now We Are Taking It Back
Smalltown Supersound

***THE MUNGOLIAN COLLECTIVE mixes all of their work, remixes, covers, collaborations and originals into not just one, but in true prog rock manner, two albums (each counting in at 59:15,) as they are intended to be heard.?! The flavors cover everything from house and disco inspired cheekiness via shameless dabblings with soft rock/Norwegian west coast, balearic, dub and ambient, psychedelia and techno, all melted into one giant wormhole of sound.?! (STREET DATE 8/18/2009).?!

2XCD $26.85

08/18/2009 600116845825 

STS 158 CD 

***First full-length album was recorded in one take at Peace Music in Japan in the fall 2007.?! Compared to Neji/Tori, Destination Tokyo sounds more clean, and more minimal and repetitive than the EP collection, leading to a truly intense, brain-melting, hi-fi experience.?! The repetitive nature of the album will make people dance! A mix of the groovy krautrock of Neu! and New York 1980s no wave/disco created by bands such as Sonic Youth, DNA, and ESG, infused with elements of the instrumental Black Flag of The Process Of Weeding Out and the avant/post-punk of This Heat.?! No Export.?! (STREET DATE - 8/11/2009).?!

CD $17.00

08/11/2009 600116845726 

STS 157 CD 

***While working on their new album, SERENA-MANEESH and Smalltown Supersound wanted to give you a glimpses of the early days.?! Tweaked and all beautifully pushed to the red.?! Most of the material on this double album was released as two EPs prior to the self titled debut; Zuruck and Fixxations, both on Honeymilk, covering the time 1999-2003.?! This is the first time the material has been released outside of Norway.?! In addition to the original EP material this double album also contains new re-wrappings/mixes, videos and much more, over 80 minutes of Serena-Maneesh.?! (STREET DATE - 9/23/2008).?!

2XCD $26.85

09/23/2008 600116844620 

STS 146 CD 

***Produced by FOUR TET with artwork by EYE.?! The relationship between Four Tet & SHOTM began in August 2003 when KIERAN HEBDEN, read the cover story of The Wire, which touted SHOTM as leaders of the "New Weird America." That story sent Hebden on a search for Sunburned records and he's been a fan ever since.?! In 2004, Hebden asked Sunburned to tour with them.?! A couple of years later in March 2006, Hebden asked the band if they would like him to record them with the idea that he would take the recordings and construct his vision of a Sunburned record.?! That vision is Fire Escape..?!

CD $17.00

10/02/2007 600116843425 

STS 134 CD 

2XLP $23.45


STS 134 

***BJORN TORSKE’s first album in six years! In many ways Feil Knapp (Norwegian for wrong button) represents a sound that sits somewhere in between his Trøbbel, 1999’s seminal Nedi Myra on Ferox and his underground cult hit Søppelmann on Svek.?! With influences ranging from Count Ossie and The Residents via 22 Skidoo to Idut Boys, Torske has created his very own and characteristic signature sound, a unique blend of warm and melancholic house, quirky avant-disco, leftfield electronica and dark, heavy psychedelic dub.?! In other words; this album has everything that we have learned to love Bjorn for.?! Weirdly melodic and wonderfully groovy..?!

CD $17.00

07/10/2007 600116841728 

STS 117 CD 

2XLP $19.75


STS 117 

***BJORN TORSKE delivers another killer 12-inch.?! This one shows us more of the soundworld that Torske is in these days.?! With references to 23 Skidoo, This Heat, Residents, Idut Boy & Count Ossie and his unique blend of quirky, avant-garde, dubbed out, psychedelic sounds Torske creates a whole new genre; the free-disco.?! This 12-inch contains three tracks “Kokt Kveite” and “Soloppgang Over Yukigaya” (written by Torske together with Cato Canari and Ole Andre Farstad) as well as the bonus “Yukigaya Bonus.” 25 minutes of new music! STREET DATE - 4/10/07.?!

12" $10.29

04/10/2007 600116842916 

STS 12912 

Half Baked Alaska by Toy


Half Baked Alaska
Smalltown Supersound

***SIR DUPERMAN (JORGEN TRAEEN) and ALISDAIR STIRLING follow up their self-titled debut, with this new mini-album.?! TOY showcases the new track, "Welcome to Cedars Lodge," as well as a wonderful remix of the same track by SEAN O’HAGEN (HIGH LLAMAS).?! The album also contains four live tracks performed in Norway in 2006 using eleven different organs with guests BJORN TORSKE & JOHN HEGRE (JAZKAMER).?! "Like Royksopp's 'Poor Leno'—cold, lonely pop, bedroom danceparty shit"—Pitchfork.?!

CD $13.75

03/11/2008 600116840226 

STS 102 CD 

***BACK IN STOCK!!! Cream Cuts finds TUSSLE expanding upon it’s own unique mix of drums, bass & electronics, at times echoing the elasticity and straight forward live approach of their debut, Kling Klang, but with more color and complexity, while also integrating the psychedelic pulsating pound heard on Telescope Mind.?! Moving above and beyond their first two releases, Tussle map out worlds upon worlds on Cream Cuts, riding songs from creation to destruction to rebirth.?! TOM MONAHAN’s (Vetiver, Joanna Newsom, Silver Jews, Devendra Banhart) unconventional production techniques and talent for capturing intimate performances integrate with Tussle’s krauty exploration of rhythm leading to the bands most epic, experimental yet holistic release to date.?! (STREET DATE - 8/26/2008).?!

CD $17.00

08/26/2008 600116845429 

STS 154 CD 

***A TUSSLE remix EP with remixes by HOT CHIP, OPTIMO, DENNIS YOUNG (LIQUID LIQUID) and KANGO & TORKILL! The opening track is lifted from the album Telescope Mind.?! The EP also contains a fantastic 10-minute long kraut/groove remix of the track "Flicker33.3" by their friends in Hot Chip.?! The Tusslers also gets remix treatment by Glasgow`s JD TWITCH from Optimo who has mixed different parts of the Telescope Mind album into one 7-minute mix titled "JD Twitch`s Optimo Fuckhead mix." Dennis Young of legendary NYC band Liquid Liquid has done a remix of the track “Elephants,” and Norwegian underground house/disco star Kango is joined by his new musical partner Torkill with a edit/remix of “The Warning.” “Makes the last Rapture album sound like some rank American jam band."—(9/10 VICE MAGAZINE).?! (STREET DATE - 10/30/2007).?!

CD $13.75

10/30/2007 600116844125 

STS 141 CD 

Portable Supersound by V/a


Portable Supersound
Smalltown Supersound

***A label compilation showcasing the current and future sounds of Smalltown Supersound.?! Features new signing ARP from San Francisco and the new Norwegian disco master DISKJOKKE.?! Other tracks come in from LINDSTROM, KIM HIORTHOY, BJORN TORSKE, 120 DAYS, MENTAL OVERDRIVE, LARS HORNTVETH (Four Tet remix) andTOY.?! The compilation also premieres the much talked about collaboration between FOUR TET & SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN, as well as a track from a Smalltown Supersound 12-inch by the label`s big hero, YAMATAKA EYE (of the mighty BOREDOMS) aka THE LIFT BOYS..?!

CD $11.00

09/25/2007 600116842220 

STS 122 CD 

***For the first time, Smalltown Supersound has released a mix album.?! Named after Oslo’s most popular club concept, Sunkissed is mixed by resident DJs G-HA and OLANSKII, and features a wide range of Norwegian electronic/disco from the 1980s to the present.?! Sixteen tracks in all from SERENA-MANEESH, FELIX LABAND, BJORN TORSKE, DISKJOKKE, BLACKBELT ANDERSEN, WEKAN, MUDD, MAGNUS INTERNATIONAL, CRUE-I GRAND ORCHESTRA, LINDSTROM, 120 DAYS, EROT, TELEX, MENTAL OVERDRIVE, and LSB.?! STREET DATE - 5/8/2007.?!

CD $17.00

05/08/2007 600116843623 

STS 136 CD 

***MARTIN CREED is one of the United Kingdom’s most celebrated and controversial artists.?! Often using existing materials or situations, Creed’s work may seem abstract and conceptual in nature but it simply represents a tangible form of communication.?! Not content to work in the visual realm, Creed also makes music.?! His music, like much of his art, is simple and unadorned.?! Think Pink Flag-era Wire though less dour and shot full of whimsy.?! This is Creed’s first foray into the world of vinyl, and he offers three little gestures that can only be described as art rock.?! Recorded by DAVID CUNNINGHAM (FLYING LIZARDS).?! (STREET DATE - 4/01/2008).?!

7" $7.00


SMART 025 

***AVAILABLE AGAIN!!! Since the beginning THE CRIPPLES were influenced by such diverse artists as Devo, Pussy Galore, The Boredoms, Chrome, and The Modern Lovers.?! Their songs (four of which are presented here) had contradicting flavors, but the vast majority were songs with real ‘hooks’—one reviewer would later describe the band as having “...pop songs with inappropriate electronic noise.”.?!

7" $3.50


SMART 003 

Blue Album by Pagans


Blue Album
Smog Veil

***BACK IN STOCK!!! Recorded on the last proper tour and featuring an incendiary lineup, these nine tracks of blistering punk rock as it came to be known in Cleveland, Ohio have never been previously released and should keep the purists as well as the newcomers pleased.?! “What started out as a Rolling Stones cover band became a punk powerhouse.?! THE PAGANS released four 45's between 1977 and 1979—songs such as “Dead-End America” and “What's This Shit Called Love”—that still influence punks and fetch $300 a copy..?!

CD $12.25

04/08/2008 711574634224 

SV 70 CD 

Why I Remix Women by Pere Ubu

Pere Ubu

Why I Remix Women
Smog Veil

***A collection of remixes of material taken from PERE UBU’s recent Why I Hate Women album.?! Includes remixes from KEITH MOLINE, MICHELE TEMPLE and DIDS (the band’s soundman), as well as an alternative album mix by Ubu mainman DAVID THOMAS.?! Originally available by mailorder and merch booth only..?!

CD $13.75

05/08/2007 711574609024 

SV 69 CD 

***BACK IN STOCK!!! A fifteen-song, all unreleased, power pop classic from Akron, Ohio circa 1979.?! Enhanced with bonus 2-camera vintage video (Quicktime format).?! While Northeastern Ohio gets its share of punk rock accolades, the area is often overlooked for its power pop prowess.?! Lucky Pierre, Wild Giraffes, and TEACHERS PET make up the original fearsome threesome, each incorporating what the area is known for: a healthy cynicism, a smart ass attitude, and the chops to keep the punters interested.?! Teachers Pet incorporates those elements the best, Whether it was an ode to a few stomped souls in Cincinnati, or some teenage treats down at the hot dog stand, this is the band that stuck to the ideals. .?!

CD $12.25

04/08/2008 711574634323 

SV 71 CD 

***A third sprawling improv free jazz and punk workout from JOE BAIZA, GEORGE HURLEY, MIKE WATT and DAN MCGUIRE, along with special guests DAVID THOMAS and RAYMOND PETTIBON.?! “The record may not appeal to the flannel throngs of Minutemen memorialists, but for anyone slightly excited by Pere Ubu, John Coltrane and Albert Ayler, and Saccharine Trust’s periphery, this will be welcomed.”—Left Of The Dial.?!

CD $12.25

05/26/2009 711574656820 

SV 68 CD 

***The newest offering from all-star combo UNKNOWN INSTRUCTORS—JOE BAIZA (SACCHARINE TRUST), GEORGE HURLEY (MINUTEMEN), MIKE WATT (Minutemen, STOOGES), and vocalist DAN McGUIRE.?! Ten tracks rocked with mind-melting guitar psychotronics, and lockstep rhythms.?! Features guest vocals from DAVID THOMAS (PERE UBU) and RAYMOND PETTIBON (who also did the cover art).?! STREET DATE - 3/20/2007.?!

CD $11.00

03/20/2007 711574561728 

SV 66 CD 

City Of Dope by Yukmouth


City Of Dope

***YUKMOUTH is a member of the platinum-selling rap duo LUNIZ (along with NUMSKULL).?! Yuk went on to record solo albums for J-Prince’s Rap-A-Lot label, releasing three full-lengths, each selling at least 65,000 with little or no airplay.?! Now after cutting ties with his long time label, Yuk delivers his first album on his own Smoke-A-Lot imprint..?!

CD $14.00

03/03/2008 187245080100 

SAL$ 0801 CD 

L’vov Goes To Emandee With My Unicef Box by Lewis, Jack & The Cutoffs

Lewis, Jack & The Cutoffs

L’vov Goes To Emandee With My Unicef Box
Smoking Gun

***Eleven tracks of power pop indie-rock from JACK LEWIS, the brother and bandmate of Jeffrey Lewis.?! “L'Vov Goes To Emandee With My UNICEF Box,” Jack’s first official album to be released is a step away from his self-release CDRs.?! His band is tight, loud, and the songs sound closest to “Posters” or “Art Land” from City & Eastern Songs.?! Jack has also played on albums by: Kimya Dawson, Herman Dune, Lisa Li-Lund and is in a musical experiment called GUITAR SITUATIONS.?! His lyrics are unexpected and sometimes odd.?! The CD is packed with a selection of Jack’s best songs and recordings that do them justice, and comes with a booklet of lyrics and art.?! It is a truly great album. .?!

CD $14.50

04/16/2007 5060056230696 


***BACK IN STOCK!!! A brand new release split between two California underground faves.?! Los Angeles electronic indie group LANGUIS continues to forge their sound from a mix of ‘80s indie pop, ‘90s British psych, and minimalist electronic music.?! Bay Area hip hop duo MEANEST MAN CONTEST—QUARTERBAR (JIM YOSHII PILE-UP) and ERIKSOLO—are known for beats constructed from vintage jazz and rock samples and half-sung/half-rapped lyrics.?! Their Merit release received an 8.2 rating from Pitchfork..?!

CD $12.00

03/26/2007 694220290428 

SM 003 CD 

Time Is Just The Same by Campbell, Isobel

Campbell, Isobel

Time Is Just The Same

***Now back in print for the first time in a year or so, this is the last pressing of this mini-album.?! ISOBELL CAMPBELLl followed up her Amorino album with this six-track mini-album featuring five unreleased tracks and “Time Is Just The Same,” her duet with ex-VASELINES (and Kurt Cobain favorite) EUGENE KELLY.?! The album also saw the first release of her collaboration with ex-SCREAMING TREES mainman and ex-QOTSA vocalist MARK LANEGAN.?! Also included are cover versions of Sonny Bono’s “Bang Bang” made famous by Nancy Sinatra and Ennio Morricone’s “Argomenti.” The CD also features her first solo video for “Time Is Just The Same” made by Belle & Sebastian collaborator KARN DAVID..?!

CD $13.50

03/16/2009 5060030922722 


Burial Hex by Burial Hex

Burial Hex

Burial Hex

***Dark and focused, utterly joyless mixture of field recordings, synths, and tortured vocals.?! BURIAL HEX is the death industrial-informed project of CLAY RUBY of SKULLS OF HEAVEN/ZODIAC MOUNTAIN / HINTERGEDANKEN / TOTEM fame.?! With only one other prior release to date, this is the vinyl debut of the project.?! Edition of 306..?!

LP $12.00


SNSE 065 

***DEMONS is the synth duo of NATE YOUNG (WOLF EYES) and STEVEN KENNEY (ISIS, WEREWOLVES).?! VERTONEN has been the solo project of BLAKE EDWARDS since 1991.?! Vertonen performs frequently throughout the United States and toured Japan in 2006.?! Vertonen has received three city of Chicago CAAP grants in recognition of his work.?! Vertonen’s side was recorded in January, 2007.?! The Demons’ side was recorded live in March, 2007 at Enemy in Chicago.?! This release will be of interest to folks who enjoy Wolf Eyes, Hive Mind, Merzbow, Carlos Giffoni, 1970s sci-fi recordings, and synthesizer music.?! Edition of 501 copies..?!

LP $12.75


SNSE 067 

Sublimation by Diaphragm



***The debut CD from DIAPHRAGM is an amalgamation of dark droning machinery, choppy shuddering, and static-laden buzz and whir augmented by a rusted mountain of ancient oscillators.?! These are exacting compositions inspired by the grayed-out hulks of broken concrete and broken razor wire that litter the landscape of the artist's surroundings.?! The sounds on Sublimation may appeal to listeners of Speculum Fight, Iovae, and Tom Grimley.?! Diaphragm is the project of New York native NICHOLAS PACE.?! He is part of a core group of diverse young artists that include Halflings, Cathode Terror Secretion, Ahlzagailzehguh, Pharmakon, and others, that are providing for some serious and difficult listening in early 21st century NYC..?!

CD $12.25


SNSE 073 CD 

Raising The New Wing / Braided Industry by Hum Of The Druid

Hum Of The Druid

Raising The New Wing / Braided Industry

***BACK IN STOCK!!! ERIC STONEFELT returns with another meticulously crafted album of crunching, crumbling, crackling modern industrial music.?! The sounds of metal and machinery and vocal vomit.?! HOTD constructs audio works of intricacy with such careful attention paid to timbre and texture, each repeat listen revealing a heretofore unnoticed detail or ten.?! For fans of Daniel Menche, Small Cruel Party, The New Blockaders, Einleitungzeit, Linija Mass.?! Black vinyl pressing with pro-printed covers on cardstock, pasted-on matte white LP jackets with cardstock inserts and 11x17” glossy posters..?!

LP $17.25


SNSE 072 

***Extremely cold and minimalistic terror drones accompanied by ghastly, inimitable vocalizations.?! NEUNTÖTER DER PLAGE is the long-running project of RYAN OPPERMAN, aka REDROT / XOMBE / POST MORTEM JUNKIE, and operator of the Skeletone label.?! After many CDR and cassette releases on labels such as Truculent Recordings and Slaughter Productions, among others, this is the vinyl debut of the project.?! Edition of 306.?!  .?!

LP $12.00


SNSE 063 

***PARANOID TIME is the harsh noise project of SNSE chief PAT YANKEE, who as PT has previous releases on Animal Disguise, PacRec, Militant Walls, Harsh Head Rituals, Tapeworm Tapes, and Gaping Hole.?! TALIBAN is the free noise duo of MILES HANEY and JOEL RAKOWSKI.?! These dudes have releases on American Tapes, Gods Of Tundra, Fag Tapes, and Tapeworm Tapes, the latter making total sense, as it’s run by Haney.?! Edition of 300.?!  .?!

10" $12.00


SNSE 066 

Shark Knifing by Rita, The

Rita, The

Shark Knifing

***Lurching, ripping, and tearing.?! Relentless and sharp.?! Thrashing about in the blood water, coming back for the torso.?! There are sharks and then there are knives.?! How about sharks getting their throats slit by humans with knives?! Think about that.?! These two sides present a concise and brutal attack by the master SAM MCKINLAY, compelled by the short format to pack each track with nothing but highlights typically spread out over longer form THE RITA recordings.?! Hits hard, hits fast.?! Includes twelve-page booklet adorned with not-nice artwork culled from McKinlay's personal collection and drawings inked by the man himself, a sticker, and a double-sided postcard..?!

7" $6.30


SNSE 075 

***Having gone from hometown heroes to national fan favorites and critical darlings, BLOOD ON THE WALL has earned its reputation as top of the rock heap.?! Putting out raucously fun records.?! Liferz is a portrait of a band at the top of their game—somehow they have managed to get even more "Awesomer.".?!

CD $13.75

01/22/2008 656605756028 

TSR 060 CD 

Fool For Everyone by Bones, Mike

Bones, Mike

Fool For Everyone
Social Registry

***A Fool For Everyone is MIKE BONES' second album and was recorded by MITCH RACKIN at Seaside Lounge and mixed by NICHOLAS VERNHES at Rare Book Room.?! The record features a number of musicians including Matt Sweeney (Bonnie Prince Billy, Chavez, Zwan), Parker Kindred (Antony & The Johnsons), Ken Griffin (Favourite Sons), Brad Truax (Jah Division), members of Sian Alice Group (Rupert Clervaux, Ben Crook, Sasha Vine and Eben Bull) and Douglas Armour.?! It provides another ample demonstration of Mike Bones' compositional range and depth as a songwriter, and stellar talents as a lyricist.?! With A Fool For Everyone he continues his journey to the top of the songwriter/guitar god heap..?!

CD $13.75

02/03/2009 656605757223 

TSR 072 CD 

***Rawar is the first glimpse of exactly what the band have been up to over this prolific year.?! Clocking in at just over twenty minutes and sprawled across three tracks, the release plays like a GANG GANG DANCE sampler of sorts; a taster for what is to come.?! Rawwar opens with "Nicoman," a live favorite from the last few years which has been refined in the studio.?! Bombastic and dance-oriented it blends the band’s affection for musical styles, propelling the listener through the four minutes of audible tribal chaos, while at the same time demonstrating GGD's talent for pop melody.?! "Oxygen Demo Riddim" finds the band improvising and building musical ideas into a dreamy hypnotic instrumental interlude.?! The final, almost cinematic, track is a studio composition entitled "The Earthquake That Frees Prisoners," which unfolds over ten minutes.?!

CD $10.50

09/11/2007 656605753027 

TSR 030 CD 

***In advance of GANG GANG DANCE's upcoming studio full-length comes the band's first ever DVD release.?! This film was made by Gang Gang Dance member, and visual artist, BRIAN DEGRAW.?! Retina Riddim is by no means a tour film, documentary, live video, or anything as remotely stringent.?! Included on the DVD is a fan film, GGDbyOP, shot and edited on the road by OLIVER PAYNE, a friend of the band's.?! As an added bonus Retina Riddim also contains an audio CD cut together by Degraw specifically for this release, and a fold-out poster designed by Mr.?! DeGraw.?! Retina Riddim is both a document of Gang Gang Dance's progress over the past few years, and a look forward to the direction they are moving in. .?!

DVD+CD $14.75

05/22/2007 656605753324 

TSR 033 

***BACK IN STOCK!!! GANG GANG DANCE continue to push the musical envelope with Saint Dymphna, the first proper studio recorded follow up to the band’s 2005 critically acclaimed breakthrough album God's Money.?! Tempering the finer elements of pop, dance, ambient and experimental music; Saint Dymphna is both the bands most challenging and forward thinking release to date..?!

CD $13.75

10/21/2008 656605755021 

TSR 050 CD 

***From the opening quickfire throb of “Green Flag” you'll instantly recognize that familiar GROWING template, but the formula is undoubtedly at its most refined on All The Way, sounding like a more layered and complete record than just about anything the group's done previously.?! 'Green Flag's tremolo flickers merge with unnerving bullfrog-like croaks and wheezy oscillations to fashion a peculiar melodic quality, and further to that, deeper into the album and beyond the expected shimmering soundscape effulgence, 'Rave Pie Only' sounds like a techno record infected by some strange mutant virus, having an effect not unlike Black Dice at their most effective and alien.?! Elsewhere 'Lens Around' toys with Kompakt's Pop Ambient sound to great effect, before 'Reconstruction' caps off the album with '60s organ-fuelled psych and monstrous, insectile sound effects.?! Ace..?!

CD $13.75

09/09/2008 656605756523 

TSR 065 CD 

***Lateral finds the band reflecting on their past two (may we add highly underrated) albums while gazing to the future with newfound rhythmic motifs and otherworldly heights to their sound sculptures.?! The textures are warm and inviting, tempting the listener to focus on stunning minimalist changes within GROWING'S dense aural fog. .?!

LP $12.25

02/19/2008 656605756417 

TSR 064 

***With "Parallel Suns" SAMARA LUBELSKI has flown to a higher orbit with her merger of the fuels of folk, psychedelia and pop.?! They combine into a potent mixture that gives her compositions a vibrancy that shimmers in the reflection of their power.?! The music streams down and ends up in your ear through dappled arrangements that are warm and bright while still having them shaded with darkness from both the lyrics and sound..?!

CD $13.75

10/09/2007 656605755625 

TSR 056 CD 

***The debut release from JENA MALONE AND HER BLOODSTAINS.?! You might know Jena from her other career acting in film and TV (who could forget her as the little girl on Santa's lap on Roseanne), but she has now embarked on a different artistic endeavor.?! Her personal songs are delicate, but also have the elan of someone exploring a musical world with only a rough map.?! Part of the enchantment is where they end up. .?!

7" $6.30

05/22/2007 656605753874 

TSR 038 

Social Club No. 3 by Messages


Social Club No. 3
Social Registry

***The third in the Social Club 7-inch series captures a moment and represents a place of sorts.?! If you walk down Canal Street on any given night, odds are you will hear the sound of MESSAGES coming from a fifth floor walkup.?! If you stopped, you would hear it go on for hours and it would be the sound of TRES WARREN (of PSYCHIC ILLS) and TAKETO SHIMADA mashing sine waves, bass loops, guitars, samplers and turntables into a storm in between bouts of playing techno and psychedelic improv records..?!

7" $6.30

07/24/2007 656605754871 

TSR 048 

***The METABOLISMUS collective has been making music since the mid-1980s, self- releasing most of their early material on cassette and vinyl LPs.?! The band comes from the town of Stuttgart, Germany and creates music that is rooted in the rich tradition of German experimental bands such as Can, Amon Duul, Popul Voh and Kraftwerk with touchstones in rock, folk and electronic music.?! With this release they are joined by SAMARA LUBELSKI and provide two beautiful tracks of arboreal shimmer with glimpses of soft 60s psychedelic sheen. .?!

7" $6.30

01/22/2008 656605755274 

TSR 052 

Troubled, Shaken, Etc. by Sian Alice Group

Sian Alice Group

Troubled, Shaken, Etc.
Social Registry

***SIAN ALICE GROUP—a collective of UK musicians are back with their sophomore album, Troubled, Shaken Etc.?! The band hones in on a genre-busting combination of organic improvisation, process-driven experimentation and the focused strength earned from a year of extensive traveling and touring the world together.?! You get your minimalist trances, electronic experimentation, techno thump, jazz motifs and Eastern music tropes in a joyous and complete listening experience.?! It's a snapshot (or, more closely, a yearbook) from an eventful 2008 that is more raw, emotional and loud than anything they've released thus far..?!

CD $13.75

08/04/2009 656605757421 

TSR 074 CD 

Orange Trumpet by Deadnotes


Orange Trumpet
Soft Abuse

***Armed with an arsenal of trumpet, guitar, drums and Casio, the trio make a glorious, semi-spontaneous sort of eccentric pop music that’s drawn comparisons (rightly or wrongly) to the likes of Ennio Morricone, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, The Magic Band, Moondog and even The Minutemen.?! The thirty tracks that comprise Orange Trumpet, the trio's defining statement, are amongst their earliest creations.?! Orange Trumpet plays like a minimalist, mariachi-esque version of Grow-Up’s The Best Thing; it’s brimming with ideas and presented with loose abandon.?! A jaunty melancholy, with echoes of Tori Kudo and Tenniscoats, is present throughout, regardless if the boys are shuffling thru haunted dirges, garage-y workouts, or other points in between.?! Vinyl only release, limited to 400 copies.?! (STREET DATE - 9/15/2009).?!

LP $14.50


SAB 34 

Blood Of The Sunworm by Giant Skyflower Band

Giant Skyflower Band

Blood Of The Sunworm
Soft Abuse

***During a sabbatical from regular duties in THE SKYGREEN LEOPARDS, GLENN DONADLSON (never one to rest) dreamt of GIANT SKYFLOWER BAND, an exotic, flowery and crumbling new recording project with nods to fruity new age, psych, prog, folk, and pop songwriting.?! Donaldson quickly invited multi-instrumentalist SHAYDE SARTIN “smoke marijuana & make up strange pop songs, ” and thus the band was born.?! With Gong's seminal "Magick Brother" as a starting point and a sitar close at hand, the duo created a dark, peregrine pop transmission from their shoddy analog recording studio in San Francisco.?! The duo’s debut offering examines in detail the idiom of Bummer Psych; the strain of damaged Anglo-pop music pioneered by Syd Barrett that arguably reached its apex with The Television Personalities’ Painted Word LP in the mid-’80s, but found new life in Japan via the genius of Tori Kudo and like-minded acts such as Nagisa Ni Te and Tenniscoats.?!

CD $13.50

03/05/2007 656605848228 

SAB 019 CD 

***Formerly known as Canada's The Battles.?! GIANTESS veer wildly from accelerated rave-ups to introspective ballads that tug at the heart (often with tongue planted firmly in cheek).?! They deliver music with the poetic grandeur of Bryan Ferry or Graeme Downs at their absolute peak, and with the muscle and pathos of The Soft Boys.?! A British influence looms large in Stephen Wood's brilliant songwriting, comparisons to Ray Davies and John Lennon are commonplace.?! Likewise, the band’s erstwhile approach thrusts the genre forward with liberal swaths of heart, wit, warmth, melody & raw power..?!

CD $12.00

10/01/2007 656605815824 


Noctilucent Valleys by Ov


Noctilucent Valleys
Soft Abuse

***There exists a sense of optimism in OVs humming analog drones, a floating light within a pack of ominous clouds.?! Nocilucent Valleys takes Ov's expansive palette, blurs and disguises instrumental thresholds and presents sheer sound augmented by mysterious and mesmerizing gentle clamor.?! Initial impressions slowly morph into demonstrative bliss, synthesizing the organic and the unknown.?! The new project from prolific, longtime collaborators CHRISTINE BOEPPLE (SKYGREEN LEOPARDS contributor) and Jewelled Antler’s LOREN CHASSE.?! Ov pushes the duo’s established scopic palette further into the void.?! Touching upon traditional minimalism and psychedelic free form folk music, NV plays like the soundtrack to an otherworldly fairy tale, with foggy oscillations guiding the extrinsic myth..?!

CD $12.00

05/08/2007 656605848518 


Alison Staton by Pants Yell

Pants Yell

Alison Staton
Soft Abuse

***The title pays homage to the lovely young Welsh girl who fronted YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS and WEEKEND.?! The songs pay homage to failed relationships and the uncertainty of youth via a batch of intelligently informed compositions; ones that should appease fans of Jens Lekman, Orange Juice and the early Belle & Sebastian records.?! Female vocals float through the back drops as trumpets and saxophones spurt lost Stax lines, a glockenspiel chimes, guitars feedback, drums flail and a young man sings sweetly about all the things young men should sing sweetly about.?! Alison Statton confirms ANDREW CHURCHMAN’s position as topnotch modern songwriter.?! His words and themes flirt as much with the films of Truffaut as they do with Jonathan Richman’s earnestness and the Go-Betweens’ golden days of mellifluous pop truisms..?!

CD $13.75

12/04/2007 656605819822 

SAB 025 CD 

***PUMICE’s rollicking brand of loner DIY—precariously devoid of gratuitous pose—is a colorful, desolate soundworld unto itself.?! Pebbles offers the unlikely marriage of astute refinement and wild abandon, with songs uplifting and sincere, yet dark with oddball substance to spare.?! Self-recorded, committed to 8-track tape and mastered by PETE SWANSON (YELLOW SWANS), resulting in the biggest-sounding record in the Pumice canon.?! The small silver guitar remains at the fore, only now the signature Pumice sound is presented in startling clarity, augmented by NEVILLE’s booming drums, piano flourishes and tape manipulations.?! STREET DATE - 7/10/2007.?!

LP $15.00


SAB 022 

CD $13.75

07/10/2007 656605807225 

SAB 022 CD 

***As the title self-effacingly implies, Quo proffers a triumphant, primo slice of past PUMICE-isms: uncertain progressions, anomalous structure, inimitable guitar buzz, sublime melancholy and distorted vocals (crooned, spoken and moaned).?! Quo once more finds Pumice cruising the convergence of pop, folk and noise strains with bona fide inner mystique.?! Sputtering sub-underground skiffle aims for outer zones, diamond cuts of nervous guitar with pesky hooks that sting and tickle tread rough hewn punk turf, pop tangents charm with echoes of the Kilgours or Chris Knox, and woozy synth blurts and drones thread the patchwork patterns with Hulk-like grace.?! (STREET DATE - 6/24/2008).?!

CD $13.75

06/24/2008 656605858128 

SAB 029 CD 

***DONVAN QUINN’s steadily growing reputation as a first rate darkly romantic penman (thanks to contributions to THE SKYGREEN LEOPARDS and solo as VERDURE) has culminated with his latest endeavor.?! Rather than aping or ducking genres, Quinn has crafted a bright spectrum of songs best described as 'American.' Xian folk, languid indie pop, VU cool, loner country and West Coast psych are touchstones, with Quinn's singular lyrical abilities and taste for sun-baked song steadily at the fore.?! Ever the flower bed romantic, Quinn has—at the risk of over-simplification—written a classic "break-up record;" albeit filtered through surrealistic tenderness and riddled with red herrings and feelings of betrothal.?! Though not exactly lost in a sea of scarves, Quinn is indebted to the vulnerability, humor and bitterness present in the works of Ronnie Lane, Skip Spence, Nikki Sudden and Basement Tapes-era Dylan.?! (STREET DATE - 9/23/2008).?!

CD $13.75

09/23/2008 656605865621 

SAB 028 CD 

***After several years of writing & recording, DONOVAN QUINN (SKYGREEN LEOPARDS) recently completed work on his proper debut, working as Donovan Quinn & THE 13TH MONTH.?! Before we get too far into the LP's hows & whys, we've got this single to serve as a taste of what will soon be.?! “Sister Alchemy” appears on the forthcoming LP.?! The Rabbits Tracks, wherein DQ channels Kris Kristofferson & Nikki Sudden with equal prejudice, is exclusive to this release.?! (STREET DATE - 6/24/2008).?!

7" $6.00


SAB 027 

***STEVEN R.?! SMITH has had a hand in creating some of the most compelling and singular instrumental psychedelic music of the past ten years.?! As ULAAN KHOL, Smith digs in deep with a palette of drums/guitar/organ to craft a monolithic and expansive free form, feedback-heavy atmospheric din that bonds the disparate realms of Fushitsusha and High Rise with Popul Vuh and Flying Saucer Attack.?! Smith has planned a maximalist three-part suite, Ceremony.?! In the first installment of the trilogy, I, the tone is overwhelming bleak as the pieces (all untitled) caterwaul, moan and crumble.?! (STREET DATE - 3/04/2008).?!

CD $13.75

03/04/2008 656605495620 

SAB 026 CD 

***All heavy with warmth & mystery, ULAAN returns with another round of vertical incantations aimed at the heavens.?! As Ulaan Khol, STEVEN R.?! SMITH (HALA STRANA, THUJA, MIRZA) creates dense tapestries that revel in the eternal and infinite.?! The bursts of tones and grip on formal structures can compare to the best of Hototogisu or Handful of Dust, though filtered through an ample dose of Ash Ra Tempel.?! Supreme while discreet, these songs carry a sense of unnerving calm and optimistic gloom, often within a single composition.?! Swaths of heavy feedback cascade against sinister organ workouts and varied percussion that’s at times pounding and at others distant.?! (STREET DATE - 12/02/2008).?!

CD $13.75

12/02/2008 656605878126 

SAB 32 CD 

Sol Selectas # 4 by Sabo


Sol Selectas # 4
Sol Selectas

***The fourth release from DJ SABO on his own Sol Selectas imprint.?! You get four Latin midtempo hip hop stormers that should crossover well for both underground and commercial dancefloors across the globe.?! All tracks feature the stellar percussion work of NAPPY G (Organic Grooves, Turntables On The Hudson), and Side B features a remix of DJ PABLO SANCHEZ.?! Limited pressing of 750 copies..?!

12" $7.00


SOL EP 04 

Desert Eagle Vol. 1 by Sole


Desert Eagle Vol. 1
Sole Records

***ANTICON mastermind SOLE returns with a new release on his own Sole imprint.?! Eleven songs featuring guest keyboards and vocals from YASAMIN HOLLAND, who also provided the cover art..?!

CD $12.00



***Soleilmoon Recordings is proud to announce the simultaneous release of Italian quartet 3/4HadBeenEliminated’s new CD and LP, titled Theology and The Religious Experience, respectively.?! The group straddles the line between live improvisation and studio experimentation, blending and shaping raw sounds into living pieces, then gently dissecting the delicately structured songs into disruptive sonic excursions more evocative of moving shadows and swirling leaves than recognizable tunes.?! Acoustic instruments and vocals form a familiar reference point, but studio treatments take the music into psychedelic and cinematic realms.?! The Religious Experience is a riotously colored vinyl LP, presented in a deluxe handmade sugarcane fiber cover, with a delicately perfumed inner sleeve and silkscreened insert, and is limited to 225 copies.?! The companion CD Theology contains the source recordings used for the LP, and is limited to 450 copies.?!

CD $22.25


SOL 148 CD 

Mother Of Moons Bathing by Aranos


Mother Of Moons Bathing

***Aranos (pronounced Aranyosh) is a prolific composer and storied multi-instrument performer from the Czech part of Bohemia, by way of Ireland, where he lives near his friend and frequent collaborator Steve Stapleton of Nurse With Wound.?! “Mother of Moons Bathing” is his first release for Soleilmoon, but his lengthy discography includes releases issued by Beta-lactam Ring Records, Brainwashed, Crouton, Klanggalerie, Noise Museum and United Daries as well as his own label Pieros.?! The album covers a lot of ground, and refuses to be categorized, unless “Aranos” can be its own category.?! “The total length of “Mother of Moons Bathing” is 71 minutes 41 seconds, and it’s sheer bliss from start to finish.?! The costly and stunning materials have work together to produce a pleasingly harmonious package that will appeal to music fans and serious collectors alike.?! “Mother of Moons Bathing” is limited to 400 copies. .?!

CD $17.25


SOL 145 CD 

Trans Plutonian Transmissions by Arecibo


Trans Plutonian Transmissions

***Sources for cosmological activity utilized include: pulsars, quasars, thermal radiation, synchroton radiation, electron particle interaction, radio galaxies, remains of supernova explosions and background radiation.?! Using audio recordings of quasars, pulsars and other deep space sources, B.?! LUSTMORD weaves a deeply haunting and atmospheric album.?! ARECIBO’s Trans Plutonian Transmissions was first released by German label Atmosphere in 1994.?! It has been out of print for nearly a decade, and, whenever a rare copy appears for sale, changes hands for ridiculous prices.?! This new 2009 edition has been remastered from the ground up, and is presented in completely redesigned packaging..?!

CD $12.25

08/24/2009 753907785227 

SOL 152 CD 

***BACK IN PRINT!!! Eclectic musician STEVEN WILSON (PORCUPINE TREE, BASS COMMUNION, BLACKFIELD) and internationally renowned experimental artist VIDNA OBMANA have joined together to bring you CONTINUUM.?! Volume 1 encapsulates both artist's love for desolate, minimal music, and features three twenty-minute pieces of richly melancholic textural music.?! For fans of ambient music, and the start of a project that will unleash Continuum's “willful vision of music that transcends the barriers of genre and style.”.?!

CD $15.50

09/02/2008 753907783629 

SOL 136 CD 

***CONTINUUM represents a multi-layered synonym for the collective ambition and vision of DIRK SERRIES (VIDNA OBMANA, FEAR FALLS BURNING) and STEVE WILSON (PORCUPINE TREE, BASS COMMUNION, BLACKFIELD), motivated by their immense passion for a wide-range of musical styles.?! Volume 2 is the second release in a series of limited edition albums being issued by Soleilmoon.?! Each CD is presented in a beautiful oversized digipack with breathtaking design and artwork by LASSE HOILE.?! The new album again has three long pieces, but breaks from its predecessor by enriching its electronic soundscapes with a variety of electric guitars.?! The album defies easy categorization as it willfully and relentlessly crosses boundaries and genres, breaking every rule it meets and tearing down fences–and expectations–along the way.?! Is it ambient?! Is it metal?! It is neither, and yet, it is both.?! But it’s so much more.?!

CD $15.50

08/20/2007 753907785920 

SOL 159 CD 

Crash Injury Trauma by Isolrubin Bk

Isolrubin Bk

Crash Injury Trauma

***Crash Injury Trauma is a shocking and disturbing album, unflinching and relentless in its fascination with violent car accidents.?! Tires skid and horns blare, followed by the sickening sounds of crashing metal and shattering glass, screams, sirens and heart-pounding bass.?! It’s a cruel, sadistic and horrifying tour de force in the ambient and power electronics genre.?! B.?! LUSTMORD released Crash Injury Trauma in 1993, as a side project, under the pseudonym ISOLRUBIN BK.?! Following Heresy and The Monstrous Soul, and preceding The Place Where The Black Stars Hang, the album was recorded during what is now considered a pivotal period in the British artist’s career.?! Out of print for nearly a decade, this new 2009 edition has been remastered from the ground up, and is presented in completely redesigned packaging..?!

CD $12.25

08/24/2009 753907785128 

SOL 151 CD 

***MERZBOW’s take on the The Tasmanian Blue Gum tree, Eucalyptus globulus, and—following global transplantation—its ecosystem takeover around the world.?! With their deep roots they lower water tables, depriving native species of the moisture necessary to survive the annual dry season, while the anti-bacterial properties of the “blue gum” secretions they drop on the soil further suppress the germination and growth of other plants.?! An ancient and intricate web of life has been disrupted, and native plants, insects and animals are being driven to extinction.?! Humans, who have long been a part of the local ecosystem, are adaptable and will survive, but the biodiversity of an entire region is under threat from a single exotic species.?! It is truly a eucalyptus apocalypse.?! It is a Eucalypse.?! This release comes in a hand-crafted round wooden box with screen-printed swiveling lid.?! The box contains one CD and four full-color cards.?!

CD $25.75


SOL 154 CD 

***NOW AVAILABLE!!! Perpetuum Mobile is the result of a uniquely schizophrenic “open source” compositional process: the UK's finest collage composers (collage-posers?) ERGO PHIZMIZ and PEOPLE LIKE US (aka VICKI BENNET) uploaded files to a shared server, downloaded and processed each other's work, and flung the resulting fragments back at each other.?! The result is an interpenetrating audio-collage so intricate that neither party can recall who did what to whom.?! So far, so avant-garde; but what makes this record different is that Ergo and Vicki then wrote and sang their own vocals on top of their Frankenstein creation.?! Here you will find slyly absurdist lyrics replete with monkeys, carousels, trousers, apple trees, tinkling bells, dogs, sausages, whiskey, and cannibalism.?!

CD $15.50


SOL 156 CD 

Melancholic Songs Of The Desert by Rapoon


Melancholic Songs Of The Desert

***“These songs were composed during the last days of the Bush/Blair era and reflect the feeling of isolation and disconnection from any part of the political process and any sense of identification with the prevailing air of hostility and intolerance generated by this pair of religious xenophobes.?! The unjustified war in Iraq and the subsequent lies and propaganda engendered a feeling of revulsion and powerlessness.?! Once again it was ‘unpatriotic’ to criticize or protest against the government’s actions, and there was a rise in nationalism and extremist views.?! These songs are a retreat into the one place that no government has yet found a way into, the free and open spaces of the mind.?! They are spontaneous and mediative reflections looking for an inner peace in a world made ugly by hatred and war.?! They symbolize a kind of ‘walkabout’ and a reconnection with a lost sense of belonging spiritually, intellectually and physically with the world we inhabit.?!

CD $15.50


SOL 166 CD 

Music, Martinis And Misanthropy by Rice, Boyd

Rice, Boyd

Music, Martinis And Misanthropy

***The last 530 copies of this spectacular limited edition picture disc.?! The original pressing was 2,000 copies.?! Now pressed with a new insert, barcode, and super thick presentation-quality plastic sleeves.?! The album features the same tracks as the out-of-print CD, but with a shorter bonus track. .?!

PICLP $11.25

12/22/2008 753907231212 

lprice mupi 

Suns Of Arqa Re-mixs Muslimgauze by Suns Of Arqa

Suns Of Arqa

Suns Of Arqa Re-mixs Muslimgauze

*** When Satoshi Morita introduced Muslimgauze to Suns of Arqa he had a good hunch the two musicians would form a connection.?! Bryn Jones (Muslimgauze) and Michael Wadada (Suns of Arqa) were already deeply immersed in the kinds of rhythmic music made far from England’s rainy shores.?! Jones’ fascination with the cause of Palestine found an outlet through his prolific musical output, and Wadada’s interest in Jamaican reggae and Eastern mysticism was likewise reflected in his own recordings.?! But they moved in different circles and had never crossed paths, despite living relatively close to one another.?! Bryn Jones in particular was well known for his reclusiveness and lack of curiosity about other music (and musicians), so it’s no surprise that it took a Japanese label owner to bring them together.?! Morita knew both men individually, liked their music enough to release it on his label Gift, and intuitively saw the potential in a collaboration between the two.?!

CD $17.25


SOL 158 CD 

Northwest Passage - The Birth Of Portland’s Diy Culture by V/a


Northwest Passage - The Birth Of Portland’s Diy Culture

***During the late 1970s and early 1980s the Pacific Northwest witnessed a surge of idiosyncratic creativity that, for a time, banished the slack-jawed banality of mainstream music and art to the shabby bargain basement of the cultural wasteland.?! Countless young men and women turned their backs on the hollow blather generated in corporate boardrooms, producing their own music and art with a rebellious, energetic glee.?! Northwest Passage - The Birth of Portland’s D.I.Y.?! Culture is an independent film that examines the exciting alternative music movement in Portland, Oregon from 1978 to 1983.?! Directed and produced by video pioneer MIKE LASTRA, the film is a narrative told by musicians and artists via interviews, performances on video, photographs and vintage news clips.?! Bands that appear in Northwest Passage - The Birth of Portland’s D.I.Y.?!

DVD $18.85

04/23/2007 837101268066 

ID 001 

***JOHANNA WENT is a pioneering performance artist who began performing as part of a street theater troupe that traveled America and Europe in the 1970’s.?! Following her years on the road she settled in LA in the late 70’s and began transforming her street theater performances into what would become her signature style.?! Using found props and hand-sewn costumes she developed a wild stage act that included live musical backing from legendary performers such as Z’EV and KK BARRET of THE SCREAMERS.?! Combining a wild, chaotic performing style packed with visual excitement, gallons of blood, streams of multicolored liquids, giant bloody tampons, enormous sewn fabric sculptures, wacky scary costumes and enough Styrofoam and found film stock to fill a room, Johanna packed the clubs in LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix and New York.?!

DVD+CD $17.25

05/21/2007 753907900699 

SDVD 006 

***Soleilmoon Recordings is proud to announce the simultaneous release of Italian quartet 3/4HadBeenEliminated’s new CD and LP, titled Theology and The Religious Experience, respectively.?! The group straddles the line between live improvisation and studio experimentation, blending and shaping raw sounds into living pieces, then gently dissecting the delicately structured songs into disruptive sonic excursions more evocative of moving shadows and swirling leaves than recognizable tunes.?! Acoustic instruments and vocals form a familiar reference point, but studio treatments take the music into psychedelic and cinematic realms.?! The Religious Experience is a riotously colored vinyl LP, presented in a deluxe handmade sugarcane fiber cover, with a delicately perfumed inner sleeve and silkscreened insert, and is limited to 225 copies.?! The companion CD Theology contains the source recordings used for the LP, and is limited to 450 copies.?!

LP $21.95


SOL 147 

Blowin’ Smoke by Brigman, George

Brigman, George

Blowin’ Smoke

***BACK IN STOCK AT A REDUCED PRICE!!! A 30th Anniversary re-release of Baltimore guitar slayer GEORGE BRIGMAN & THE SPLIT’s 1977 “Blowin’ Smoke” 7-inch.?! Features the title track along with the B-side ripper “Drifting.” This is the original 1977 pressing packaged in new, limited sleeves numbered and signed by Brigman himself..?!

7" $5.50


SR 4817 

Evidence Pertaining To The Creator by Hafler Trio

Hafler Trio

Evidence Pertaining To The Creator

***Originally part of a triple-7-inch subscription-only package Wolf Sheep Cabbage, now adrift on its lonesome.?! Pressed on clear vinyl with a booklet printed on heavy opaque paper and a letterpress wrapper printed by Starshaped Press in Chicago, IL.?! Each part is released separately and limited to an edition of 333 copies..?!

***MATTHEW WALDRON’s avant-brewski meets MYKEL BOYD’s drones and sputters, like a cicada in Lake Michigan.?! White vinyl, silver on black silk screened sleeve.?! Limited to 200 copies.?!

Hypothetical Tardigrade Resurrection #1 by Irr. App. (ext.) / Wyrm

Irr. App. (ext.) / Wyrm

Hypothetical Tardigrade Resurrection #1

***Wonderful weird noise and dark ambiance from NURSE WITH WOUND collaborator M.?! WALDRON and ALLAN ZANE’s WYRM.?! White vinyl..?!

***A collaborative / conceptual project by the masterminds behind THE HATERS and WYRM respectively satisfies appetites for "aesthetics" of "noise," as well as the dark ambiance sensibility.?! Sound manipulations involving explosions, breaking glass, and the destruction of various items by power tools spread over three tracks..?!

***Trance-like noise with beats by Chicago-based multi-media artist CAMILLA HA (ex-MY NAMEIS RAR RAR), whose early experience as a butoh dancer influences much of her soundscapes (sometimes minimal, at other times disconcertingly abrasive).?! She uses her voice much the same way a butoh dancer would use her body—distorting it grotesquely, sometimes beautifully.?! Limited to 300 numbered copies in silk screened sleeves..?!

***The OPALIO brothers (MY CAT IS AN ALIEN) with RAMONA PONZINI bring the mellow on the PAINTING PETALS ON PLANET GHOST side with ambient noise and bells.?! MYKEL BOYD’s sweet ride consists of processed field recordings.?! White vinyl in opaque wrap-over sleeve.?! Limited to 200 copies..?!

A Cage Went In Search Of A Bird: Music Inspired By Franz Kafka by V/a


A Cage Went In Search Of A Bird: Music Inspired By Franz Kafka

***Compiled by MYKEL BOYD (ANGELHOOD), this 17-band, international compilation of darkwave, neo-classical and experimental sounds features Attrition, La Funcion De Repulsa, Angelhood, Maras Torment, Loren Jan Wilson II & Ryoji Furui, Neither/Neither World, Halo Skycrash, Julian Tulip's Licorice, Benjamin Stauffer, Chagas, Shinjuku Thief, Chthonic Force, Garden of Dreams, Remora, Oblivia, E.A.?! Zann and The New York Room.?! Art and graphics by surrealist Christian Faur..?!

Something About Airplanes by Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie

Something About Airplanes
Sonic Boom

***STILL AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! Still considered by many fans to be DCFC's best album, but criminally unheard by many newer converts other than in the form of the handful of songs that remain staples of the band's live set ("Amputations," "Pictures in an Exhibition," "Fake Frowns"), Something About Airplanes is not just a document of a particular time in the band's history or of a bygone era of indie rock, it's an enduring work featuring some of the band's finest songs ("Champagne from a Paper Cup," "Your Bruise").?! Limited edition, so don’t sleep..?!

LP $14.25

06/22/2009 020286295518 

SBR 002 

Confusion Of Tongues by Maga Bo

Maga Bo

Confusion Of Tongues

***“A crunk cosmopolitan, Rio de Janeiro's MAGA BO bumps more hot street-side beats than anybody we we've ever met.?! He's played everywhere from Zanzibar to Sri Lanka to Capetown, trading ideas and sonics with musicians along the way.?! (it made licensing this mixtape EASY!) For example, Maga Bo was working with top baile funk MC Mr.?! Catra years before most folks had even heard of the music—and the tune drops on his debut mixtape CD, Confusion Of Tongues.?! You'll also hear exclusive Maga Bo productions voiced by Senegalese hip hop godfathers PEE FROISS, new school Moroccan rap heroes BIGG and K-LIBRE, and more.?! When the freelance sound engineer works outside of his Brazil home-base, Maga Bo stays for weeks at a time: voicing dubplates, recording musicians, doing things like skills exchange and workshops (i.e.?!

CD $14.50

04/17/2007 823566051725 


12" $4.44

05/28/2007 823566051725 

SOOT 12 

***THE FREEDOM EXPRESS’ solitary release, “Get Down,” on the obscure, Austin, Texas based label W.T.P.?! made its way into Egon’s DJ sets after a swap with DJ Shadow nearly ten years ago.?! Since then, he has played this crossover Soul/Funk masterpiece to delighted crowds the world over.?! After hearing that the band sprung from Deep Funk legends THE FABULOUS MARK III (whose psychedelic opus “Psycho” saw official reissue on the Texas Funk compilation on Now-Again/Jazzman), he began tracking down the band in earnest.?! Two years later, Soul-Cal is proud to present both “Get Down” and The Freedom Express’ self-titled flip side on a 12-inch single, remastered from the original analog tapes. .?!

12" $8.05

08/26/2008 829357511218 

SCR 112 

***Based in St.?! Matthews, South Carolina, MIXED FEELINGS’ band leader and keyboard player GLENN WALLING never expected that “Sha-La-La” would become an international sensation three decades after its original release.?! Drafting it on the fly in under 20 minutes in 1976, he intended it for the flip side of the group’s self-proclaimed masterpiece, a country-inflected soul ballad entitled “Love Will Find A Way,” but the Nashville-based distributor inadvertently switched up the sides on the promotional copies and “Sha-La-La” found its way to the top.?! Soul-Cal Records, in coordination with Keb Darge and Kenny Dope at Kay-Dee Records, is pleased to breathe fresh air into the music of the Mixed Feelings, bringing it to the masses as a single sided 12-inch release.?! Yeah, it’s good enough to be released it without a B-side.?! With original copies of the record exchanging hands for $4,000 or more, it’s a steal..?!

12" $8.05

08/26/2008 829357511317 

SCR 113 

Funkhouse Express by V/a


Funkhouse Express
Soul Patrol

***Since 1993, Soul Patrol Records have established themselves as an indisputable reference when it comes to “Funky-Soul” music.?! Almost a trademark within the genre, it made its name providing compilations of obscure tracks originally released on 7-inch records.?! Funky Hot Pants which features ten rare tracks from the ‘60s & ‘70s.?! Funkhouse Express features ten tracks from THE INTERPRETATIONS, SMOKEY BROOKS, PROLIFICS, PACERS, GEORGIA SOUL TWISTERS, RICHARD ROME, CHANTELS, NEW WORLD, THOMAS EAST, and SWEET MIXTURE..?!

LP $18.25

09/02/2008 3700426903783 

SPAT 10124 

One For The Road by Coach Fingers

Coach Fingers

One For The Road
Sound @ One

***Six-song EP.?! Members of NO-NECK.?! Sounds like beards in the breeze.?! Hand stamped kraft board covers.?! Limited edition of 200.?! “COACH FINGERS are an overtly downhome side-project featuring three members of wonderful New York free-noise collective the No-Neck Blues Band, who famously aren’t a blues band at all, unlike this side-project, who are rather.?! Confused?! Alright, basically Coach Fingers is to NNCK what Howlin’ Rain is to Comets on Fire.?! I think.?! Or simply imagine The Dukes of Hazard.”—Foxy Digitalis.?!

CD $9.25


S@1 89 CD 

Wasted And High by Averkiou


Wasted And High
Sound Study

***Two brand new shoe-gazey, stoner-pop anthems from Gainesville's AVERKIOU.?! Comes with a download card that includes the two songs on the 7-inch and a bonus acoustic track! "They’re like the atmospherics of Slowdive filtered through the enthusiasm of your younger cousin’s first pop-punk band, and as a result the whole thing has a happy smoothness that makes it perfect ecstasy accompaniment for people who like music instead of techno."—Vice Magazine.?! Pressed on clear or baby blue vinyl..?!

7" $5.40


SSR 003 

Look What God Did To Us by City Of Ships

City Of Ships

Look What God Did To Us
Sound Study

***CITY OF SHIPS ten-song monumental debut full length.?! Intense and atmospheric, melodic and heavy.?! Available on colored vinyl.?! Comes with a download card! On clear with maroon haze or white vinyl..?!

LP $17.25


SSR 005 

Live At The Atlantic Vol. 2 by Off With Their Heads

Off With Their Heads

Live At The Atlantic Vol. 2
Sound Study

***OFF WITH THEIR HEADS doing what they do best! Two live tracks recorded at the Atlantic in downtown Gainesville, FL.?! Artwork by Horsebites.?! Limited, hand-numbered vinyl, white or green!.?!

7" $5.40


SSR 004 

***This is the bomb THE NO-NECK BLUES BAND dropped at the All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival in December of 2006.?! Entirely new sequence and improved mastering and fidelity from the original CDR release..?!

LP $17.25



***D.?! CHARLES SPEER returns with a new album of personalized Americana.?! As one casual listener once noted to the band after a performance, "You guys play both types of music…country and psych." And it's true that the sounds contained on After Hours do act on the mind as much as they tug at the heartstrings.?! Replete with tales of mental breakdown, infidelity, drunken advice, wartime hucksters, heartbreak, and redemption, the first album by D.?! Charles with his backing band will surely immediately stand out amongst the shards of gothic Americana that litter our fair sonic landscape.?!   .?!

CD $12.25


S@1 102 

Come O Spirit Vol. 1 - An Anthology Of Hymns And Spiritual Songs by Bifrost Arts

Bifrost Arts

Come O Spirit Vol. 1 - An Anthology Of Hymns And Spiritual Songs
Sounds Familyre

***"For more than 30 years, pop music has suffered from a God complex-attaching a scarlet letter to artists who include the religious experience in their songs.?! But a new generation of musicians from across the spiritual spectrum is emerging, discarding the trappings of the Christian-culture industry to reintroduce the transcendence, beauty and historical gravity of Western scared music to the places where it belongs: dinner parties, road trips and back porches.?! Come O Spirit brings together artists like DAVE BAZAN, DAMIEN JURADO, ROSIE THOMAS, DENNISON WITMER, THE WELCOME WAGON (featuring SUFJAN STEVENS) and LEIGH NASH to revive 400 years of long-forgotten melodies and liturgical music.?! The brainchild of producers ISAAC WARDELL and MASON NEELY, Come O Spirit interprets hymnody through lush, cinematic arrangements and a drop of Southern gothic mystique”.?!

CD $13.75

09/08/2009 656605570129 

GCR 001 CD 

***"It's only fitting that for SOUL-JUNK's auspicious 1960 release, the stylistically dizzying San Diego-based band has returned to the comfy confines of Sounds Familyre.?! Although repeatedly, massively, fervently rocking out more often than any Soul-Junk record in years, 1960's crystalline/inventively fuzzified electric guitars and pounding drums tell only part of the sound-story.?! Having enlisted over a dozen S-J members through the years, vocalist-guitarist Galaxy is joined by eight others here for a suitably large-scale Soul-Junk ensemble.?! Includes vocal contributions from DANIELSON FAMILE ringleader DANIEL SMITH, his wife ELIN SMITH and father LENNY SMITH in singing out/harmonizing along.”.?!

CD $13.75

08/04/2009 656605552224 

SF 22 CD 

***”Sounds Familyre Records is quite the comfy home for unique musicians.?! The label was founded by Daniel Smith of Danielson/Danielson Famile fame, and Sufjan Stevens has released music on the imprint.?! David Eugene Edwards, the musical force at the center of Wovenhand (and formerly 16 Horsepower), shares a lot of traits with Smith and Stevens.?! His music mines deeply emotional territory that sometimes delves into religious matters, and sounds lush and gorgeous.?! Ten Stones is made up of, yes, ten songs of such singular-minded musicality.”.?!

LP $13.75

09/09/2008 656605552019 

SF 20 

CD $13.85

09/09/2008 656605552026 

SF 20 CD 

***Cosmic Patriot is a timeless pop balancing act between a stormy middle-earth apocalypse and something effortless, intimate, and unhurried.?! The writing, the band, the recording—there's complexity, darkness, and intensity, but it's all so snug and woven and of-a-piece.?! It's amazing how disarming a song that starts off with the battle cry, "Prepare for war, total war…" ends up being.?! Just as the listener finishes taking in the meaning of that chilling lyric, the song glides into a rousing homefires sing-along.?! Therein is the push-me-pull-me quality that exists throughout.?! Take "Everyday In My Heart," which could easily be Johnny Cash covering the Cascades "Listen To The Rhythm Of The Falling Rain." The clouds form and part, the raindrops and sunshine are interchangeable, and you couldn't get the tune out of your head if you wanted..."—Glen Galloway, 2009.?!

CD $13.75

04/21/2009 656605550220 

SF 21 CD 

Panama! 2 by V/a


Panama! 2

***On The Isthmus, 1967-77.?! The second volume in the Panama! series, showcasing the unique tropical music created in Panama during the fertile decades of the 1960s and 1970s.?! After soaking up the varied influences of Panama's diverse population, the dancefloors and bars spat out a heady mix that took in the raw vallenato of neighboring Colombia, the soul and funk of America, the calypso of Trinidad and the son and rumba of Cuba, all combined and re-styled in a uniquely Panamanian fashion, making Panama a central spoke in the wheel of Caribbean music.?! Panama!2 includes a full-color, 24-page booklet with nuggets of vital information, untold stories behind the music, vintage photos and some very special cover art..?!

CD $17.25

06/15/2009 893775001507 

SNDW 013 CD 

2XLP $23.10

06/15/2009 893775001514 

SNDW 013 

Live At Jerusalem by Om


Live At Jerusalem
Southern Lord

***AVAILABLE AGAIN - LAST COPIES - NEW LOWER PRICE!!! In December of 2007 the mighty duo that is OM made a pilgrimage to Israel to play for its people.?! Their pinnacle performance unfolded at 4 Aristobolus Street in Jerusalem the site of Uganda Records.?! The band played for over 4 hours on this evening! The tracks: "Flight of the Eagle" and "Bhimas' Theme" were captured and the transmission of these recordings were flown back to the United States where the vinyl lacquers were made by BOB WESTON.?! Southern Lord in cooperation with OM present you the listener with this 180-gram black vinyl transcendental offering: OM-"Live at Jerusalem".?! Limited to 3,000 machine numbered copies..?!

***A limited edition (2,000 copies) five-track mini-album which features two previously unreleased SPACEMEN 3 tracks, a radically different mix of the classic Spacemen 3 cover of the Red Krayola's “Transparent Radiation” and appearing for the first time on CD, the ultra rare remix of “I Love You” (originally only 50 promo white label vinyl copies were ever pressed).?! Rounding off this mini-album is a studio version of “Ecstasy Symphony.” UK import..?!

CD $13.25

11/10/2008 5023693102825 


***BLAKE HARGRAVES & LIAM THURSTON’s dirty rock overdrives everything from under a sickening haze—guitar, drums, turntable, homemade feedback devices and homemade drum triggering systems.?! Volcanic Tongue admire "this Canada-based riot squad" for their "riffs that sound like 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' tied to streamrollers and dragged on their face through industrial warehouse [combined] with the deforming use of clotted effects [and] endless vistas of crunch." All covers are handmade (screen-prints, stencils, hand carved stamps).?! Australian import..?!

LP $26.85


SM 013 

***The HI-GOD PEOPLE side was recorded around the same time as their recent split 12-inch with fellow NZers The Dead C; it has live snippets from their show at The Palace supporting Sonic Youth and recordings from a radio 3CR session.?! Their live shows vary from cosmic rock jams to evolution performance art epics.?! Pop stars doing the tango with some psychedelic monk.?! Named after a satellite of the USSR, Melbourne Australia's ZOND broadcast dark ecstasy from a place far below outer space, like a Rorschach blot or a Freudian analysis gone wrong.?! Their live shows vary from a screaming psychedelic car crash to ambient metal.?! With current and past members of ON, FONG, LIBRARY PUNKS, MUM SMOKES, NED & THE MEDS, and THE STABS.?! All covers are handmade (screen prints, stencils, hand carved stamps).?! Australian import..?!

LP $26.85


SM 011 

***One of Ghostly International's compilation standout tracks "Wait A Minute" by OSBORNE is back by popular demand.?! The extended mix has an irresistible Rhodes-based hook and ubiquitous talkbox which noodles into ARTO MWAMBE’s remix, which squishes the track's exuberance into an understated slice of handclap-house.?! On "Fire," Osborne spins scratchy lite-funk guitars and violins into an elegantly-arranged disco number.?! "The Count" closes things out with fat 'n dirty techno tones that are decidedly of-the-moment..?!

12" $13.50

04/20/2009 804297996813 

SPC 068 

12" $11.00

11/03/2008 804297995311 

SS 053 

Death Is Nothing To Fear 2 by V/a


Death Is Nothing To Fear 2
Spectral Sound

***Following the rave reception of Death Is Nothing To Fear 1, Michigan’s Spectral Sound returns with a second edition.?! Our journey starts with the area’s own JAMES T.?! COTTON with “2 Keys,” a sweltering acidic monster that sets the sexy and severe tone perfectly.?! Next, we travel to Stockholm to meet the infamous MIKAEL STAVOSTRAND.?! “Can You See Thru My Eyes” has illuminated the DJ sets of Ryan Elliott with its dark, propulsive aura, making it a must-sign for the label.?! On the dark side of the plate, we cross paths with JONAS KOPP from Buenos Aires, whose fresh talent caught the ear of Matthew Dear via! Heard here is Jonas remixing his duo PLAN TEC’s “Espias Psiquicos,” one of the fiercest things ever pressed to wax.?! Finally, from Barcelona by way of Ohio, GEOFF WHITE offers the short and sweet “Apartmental,” a blistering techno cut with precise, hypnotic energy.?! STREET DATE 7/17/2007.?!

12" $7.75

07/17/2007 804297994314 

SPL 43 

Iguanadonaland by Fat Day

Fat Day

Spirit Of Orr

***The long awaited, and only slightly discussed sixth album from FAT DAY called Iguanadonaland.?! A work worthy of being their capstone, an amassing of all Fat Day concepts and ideas.?! Ideas that needed to be woven into the fabric of the music, an effort that took time to balance.?! to prepare correctly for the ages.?! And since Fat Day understands that the magic is in the follow-through, these ideas are fully realized, and fully in effect..?!

LP $14.00


SO 71 

Navasota River Devil Squirrel by White, Ralph

White, Ralph

Navasota River Devil Squirrel
Spirit Of Orr

***RALPH WHITE of Austin Texas has been a part of the more forward moving country-blues activities of this planet for quite some time.?! From his work and endless touring with BAD LIVERS to his duets with Amy Annelle in the outfit PRECIOUS BLOOD, White has shown that he is of the intuitive and insightful ilk that can 'pick n' shred' beyond the earthly.?! As you may suspect few documents have appeared that demonstrate his powers and poetries as a soloist, where he is only peered with the most revered.?! Armed with fiddle, fretless banjo, kalimba, & button accordion, and his subtle and magnificent 'new high lonesome' croon, we are brought to a rare mirror.?! Yet another place where borders are erased and music is the only language.?! An intense & visionary outsider for sure.?! This record is a reissue of his first CDR.?! It should surprise and win over even the most cynical record-hording ogre.?!

LP $16.35


SO 73 

Throwing A Tempo Tantrum by Griefs


Throwing A Tempo Tantrum

***NOW AVAILABLE!!! The debut full-length from this Ohio-based band fronted by ERIC STEIN (ex-GREENHORNES, ex-HOLLY GOLIGHTLY).?! Thirteen tracks of hot-rocking garage action.?! “If the Kinks were born in Kentucky, raised by the Everly Bros.?! and grew up on a steady diet of Cinci’s King records you’d have the Griefs!”.?!

CD $11.25

07/30/2007 880336004527 

SR 006 CD 

***Editors SARA JAFFE (ERASE ERRATA) and MIA CLARKE (ELECTRELANE) deliver a 156-page book of art, photography and writing reflecting life on the road, plus a DVD of live footage, from over 50 contributors including DEVENDRA BANHART, CARLA BOZULICH, JEM COHEN, THE EX, EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY, LE TIGRE, MATMOS, TARA JANE O’NEIL, SONIC YOUTH, YEAH YEAH YEAHS, and MECCA NORMAL..?!

BK+DVD $17.50

06/22/2009 9781891241505 

SRB 002 

Dirt Road To Psychedelia - Austin, Texas During The 1960s by Conn, Scott

Conn, Scott

Dirt Road To Psychedelia - Austin, Texas During The 1960s
Src Productions

***BACK IN STOCK!!! “JANIS JOPLIN the folk singer?! (SCOTT) CONN gives you photos and vocals to prove it as he traces the musical arc of the 1960s in Austin, Texas.?! Forget the oft-repeated Armadillo World Headquarters legend; this is what came before.?! The decade begins with the country/folk movement and builds to the psychedelic sounds of the 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS, CONQUEROO, and SHIVA’S HEADBAND.?! The drug-infused scene's new headquarters was the Vulcan Gas Company, a freak fest just blocks from the Capitol on Congress, where old-school blues musicians like Muddy Waters mixed with a younger generation in full revolt.?! The film takes an interesting twist by including interviews with an Austin policeman from the era bent on eradicating drugs from the scene.?! Conn's film is a love letter to a time period that seems quaint and innocent in retrospect.?!

DVD $20.50

05/11/2009 094922976888 


Come Like A Cloud by Anemones


Come Like A Cloud
St. Ives

***Grounded and propelled by the boom and tick of a lazy yet indefatigable old-school drum machine, albeit augmented by occasional percussive crash, rattle and stick of a genuinely human kind, ANEMONES are all deep throb, jangled buzz, ambient drone, shiftless mumbling and, perhaps most importantly, rolling waves of reverberation so pronounced and significant as to be structurally necessary.?! Collected and combined, these elements make a warm, oceanic, somewhat totalizing music that operates inwardly, directed towards the uniquely fertile, semi-liquid quasi-agriculture of the mind..?!

LP $13.75

08/07/2007 6566058122212 


School Me Vol. 1 - 1968-1975 by V/a


School Me Vol. 1 - 1968-1975
Stage Band Research

***BACK IN STOCK!!! School Me!—the first release on the newly formed Stage Band Research label—compiles the best funk, jazz, psychedelia (and a healthy combination of the three!) that America’s high school stage band and university lab bands and jazz ensembles have to offer.?! This is not an easy task —for every one hundred stage or lab band records you find (when you’re lucky to find them, as they were micro-pressed and never properly distributed outside of the region where the school in question sat), perhaps you’ll find five interesting ones.?! Out of every hundred interesting tracks you hear, maybe five will contain a little magic.?! Out of every hundred magical tracks, maybe twenty deserve reissue.?! The diggers at SBRL focused on the era between 1968 and 1975 for this compilation.?! But this is only the beginning.?! Let’s hope it doesn’t take another decade to find enough to make it to volume two..?!

LP $18.95

03/17/2009 933654000112 

STA 001 

***It's suitable that a band that seemed to draw so heavily from Australian music should play some of their last ever shows in the cities that X, Lubricated Goat and The Scienists crawled out of.?! For this tour, CLOCKCLEANER recorded a sleazy love tune to bald headed women in “Skinheaded Lady,” and paid tribute to the greatest Australian punk band ever, X, with a raw cover of “Hate City” to boot.?! Australian import..?!

7" $7.25


SC 08 

***Australian swamp punk doesn't get more dirty than this.?! THE STABS have been kicking around Melbourne for years, with a litany of stories of their terse, violent stage presence gaining them a reputation as the true inheritor of the legacy bands like Scientists and Lubricated Goat introduced to the Australian punk sound.?! Australian import..?!

7" $7.25


SC 15 

***Portland's premier Sci-Fi-Billy quintet.?! This 7-inch is on the bands own Stankhouse Records.?! Two tracks fueled with thumpin’ bass, poundin' drums, howlin' vocals and spaced-out theremin licks to boot.?! Recorded spring of 2008 by ALEX YUSIMOV at The Pool Recording Studio in Portland, Oregon.?! Endorsed by the Mississippi Records stamp of approval.?! Hand screened 3D cover (yes the record comes with glasses).?! Limited to 300 copies..?!

7" $5.40


SHR 01 

***Portland's premier Sci-Fi-Billy quintet returns.?! This 10-inch is on the bands own Stankhouse Records features seven tracks fueled with thumpin’ bass, poundin' drums, howlin' vocals and spaced-out theremin licks to boot..?!

10" $7.25


SHR 03 

***WU-TANG CLAN’s GHOSTFACE KILLAH returns with a collection of rarities and non-album cuts that span his entire career.?! Full of raw beats and flowing rhymes, the CD features guest rappers including The Wu-Tang Clan, some of his boys from Theodore Unit including Shawn Wigs and Trife Da God, and a top shelf Rap names Jadakiss, Lil Wayne, Prodigy, Beanie Siegel, Styles P and last but certainly not least, Fat Joe.?! This comp will be enjoyed by anyone that likes good Hip Hop music.?! Ghostface Killah The Wallabee Champ an album not to be missed!.?!

CD $15.75

03/25/2008 122283601023 

FCM 6010 CD 

From The Ground Up by Shady Bard

Shady Bard

From The Ground Up
Static Caravan

***The debut album from Birmingham's SHADY BARD, a mini indie-orchestra of pianos, guitars, Casiotones, violin, cello, French horn and samples.?! Their music is at once passionate, eloquent, tender, bombastic and fragile, evocative of Coldplay, Mercury Rev, Sigur Ros and Sparklehorse.?! Singer LAWRENCE BECKO, whose cracked tones contribute to the album's bruised tone, writes using a special gift known as synaesthesia, which is the pairing of two or more senses.?! When Lawrence sees words, they appear as colors.?! The album joins a loose group of ecologically themed albums that includes Grandaddy's The Sophtware Slump, Pulp's We Love Life and British Sea Power's Open Season..?!

CD $14.50

05/28/2007 5024545453423 

VAN 134 CD 

Absolutely Freak Out ( Zap Your Mind ) by Acid Mothers Temple

Acid Mothers Temple

Absolutely Freak Out ( Zap Your Mind )
Static Caravan / Resonant

***BACK IN STOCK!!! Once again hairy hordes of psychedelicized Japanese dudes and their flower-bedecked, naked chyx roam the record racks and plop two discs of wreckless abandon into your midst.?! Lots of guitars, synths, and noise.?! Double-CD running two-hours (many bonus tracks not featured on the original LP version), packaged in a gatefold wallet-style sleeve with the prerequisite naked women on the cover..?!

2XCD $18.60



Misdirection by Pets


Static Impulse

***BACK IN STOCK!!! A brand new full-length offering from Oakland, California’s super-rocking PETS—ex-FM KNIVES, SHORT EYES and RIGHT ON members.?! The band continues to mine the punk/big beat gold fields and have struck it rich again.?! Better than ever..?!

LP $11.00


SI 01 

***Legendary lyricist GRAND DADDY I.U.?! returns to the game with his first ever independent masterpiece.?! Recognized by many as one of the truest street rap superstars alive—this project is set to showcase some of the most rugged, powerful, heat-rock lyrics and production displayed by an artist of any caliber in years.?! A prophetic emcee, way before his time—I.U.?! has more than enough classic material to his credit; not to mention being one of Hip Hop’s first and most successful ghost writers for other artists.?! Stick To The Script promises to have people talking about this underground legend once again.?! With production credits by the likes of MARCO POLO, LARGE PRO, DJ DOOM, CHUCKIE MADNESS, and I.U.?! himself.?! With guest appearances by 2 PAC (never heard before lyrics), PUDGEE THE PHAT BASTARD, and others..?!

CD $14.00

11/12/2007 672343020023 

SF 0200 CD 

Art Of The Slap - On The Best Show Vol. 4 by Scharpling & Wurster

Scharpling & Wurster

Art Of The Slap - On The Best Show Vol. 4

***BACK IN STOCK!!! The fourth wonderful volume in WFMU deejay TOM SCHARPLING (an executive producer and writer of the TV show Monk) and SUPERCHUNK drummer JON WURSTER’s “best of” series showcasing radio pranks/sketches the two have been performing over the past few years.?! A three-CD set featuring some the duo’s funniest and oddest characters yet.?! Includes appearances by PHILLY BOY ROY, ANDY FROM LAKE NEWBRIDGE, TORNADO TODD, COREY HARRIS and his MOTHER 13, and more.?! Previous assaults included the Rock, Rot & Rule, New Hope For The Ape-Eared, and Chain Fights, Beer Busts and Service With A Grin CDs..?!

3XCD $15.50

04/02/2007 671338800527 

SL 005 CD 

***"Two new recordings have surfaced this year from ANAKRID, the experimental outlet of CHRIS BICKEL (the raconteur behind IN/HUMANITY, one of the greatest groups of hardcore agitators of the ‘90s, and its follow-up, GUYANA PUNCH LINE).?! Here he applies the smashist manifesto against atavistic darkness of the pre-laptop variety, evoking an affected take on Nurse w/ Wound and their contemporaries in the mailorder aether in more than a few ways.?! This comparison is particularly apt on Father, recorded with what sounds like a home full of disused instruments, second-hand sound sculpture, and the ideas found on countless cassette-only xpr releases of the ‘80s, returning to roost on the mostly empty temple of No Fun style extremity.?! It’s balanced, rhythmically primal, fairly engaging head music that leverages the occasional reheating of landmark ideas with a refreshing purity of craft wholly missing from the current noise landscape.”—Dusted Magazine.?!

LP $17.25



***Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina...with a shimmering heap of home made percussion and a tall cool glass of squelchy tonal blur on the rocks.?! As promised, the South has risen again and seceded from the corporeal into the astral under the banner of ANAKRID.?! This SC-based trio forges with a metaphysical trigonometry, looking deep into the bowels of the ancient, long-form, experimental God-head, and yet turning in a full sixteen compositions, dumping the old skool “one drone per side” rule.?! The expansive anatomy of Rapture of the Deep becomes a feverishly writhing, shifting, irresistible and sexy NILF (Noise I’d Like To Fuck).?! And who doesn’t like to get it on when the moon is cascading in and throwing shapes that look like free jazz, while the air is hot with the stench of NWW and the cicadas are buzzing like old SPK?! Limited edition pressing of 350 numbered copies..?!

LP $17.25



20 To Life - The Life And Times Of John Sinclair by Sinclair, John

Sinclair, John

20 To Life - The Life And Times Of John Sinclair

***John Sinclair first emerged out of his small-town Michigan background to forge a legendary course through the 1960’s as a cultural activist, manager of the MC5, and Chairman of the White Panther Party.?! An early victim of the War on Drugs who faced twenty years to life in prison for giving two joints to an undercover policewoman, Sinclair served twenty-nine months of a ten year sentence before his legal victory on appeal changed the law for good.?! The long campaign waged by Sinclair culminated in a massive John Sinclair Freedom Rally headlined by John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Stevie Wonder, Bob Seger, Phil Ochs, Allen Ginsberg and Bobby Seale that resulted in Sinclair's release from prison on December 13, 1971--just three days after the event.?! Contains musical performances from the aforementioned.?! All sanctioned by John Sinclair. .?!

DVD $18.85

10/30/2007 022891461395 

MVDV 4613 

***BACK IN STOCK!!! The latest from Atlanta’s SNOWDEN.?! The band drowns their brand of melodies in a sea of reverb heavy distortion and hypnotic layers.?! Twelve tracks that integrate the ethereal guitar resonance and dynamic percussion of bands like Ride, New Order, and early Cure, with the volatility of contemporaries The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.?! CD released by Jade Tree..?!

2XLP $17.25

01/29/2007 616822042120 

STICK 025 V 

Girls On Film by Von Iva

Von Iva

Girls On Film

***JILLIAN IVA, BEX and KELLY HARRIS, better known as the San Francisco-based trio VON IVA, has had many musical tags thrust upon them.?! Electro pop punk.?! Soul rock dance.?! Synth rawk.?! Fashion-forward dance punk queens.?! Alt-pop.?! Gay icons.?! Dirty disco.?! The new purveyors of soul.?! A bombastic live band.?!

12" $11.25

08/17/2009 689076851664 

STICK 039 V 

***ARABIAN PRINCE’S story is undeniable.?! His life reflects the ambition and innovation of the early West Coast hip hop scene, from his days amongst the likes of electro-rap legends EGYPTIAN LOVER and the WORLD CLASS WRECKIN CRU to his work with N.W.A.?! His biography closely parallels the progression of Southern Californian hip hop.?! From Arabian’s transition as an electro DJ into one of he West Coast’s first hip hop stars—in the shift from electro-rap to the gangsta-rap music that transformed the world.?! This anthology, a collection of his groundbreaking electro-rap work recorded between 1984 and 1989, not only compels the listener through sound, but through prose.?! Through Arabian Prince’s music and life story, Stones Throw Records is proud to present a glimpse into an overlooked chapter in hip hop’s history..?!

2XLP $18.10

09/01/2008 659457219215 

STH 2192 

***REISSUED!!! The straight-up shit-talking, bozack-grabbing, old-school-rapping shit that started the whole Stones Throw empire from funky-motherfucker deejay PEANUT BUTTER WOLF, and the late, great, rhyme-styling emcee head-buster CHARIZMA (whose life was tragically ended by a gunshot in 1993).?! Three tracks plus mixes that sent the underground into the stratosphere when they were released in 1992..?!

12" $7.25


STH 2001 

Burgundy City by Dam Funk

Dam Funk

Burgundy City
Stones Throw

***With highlight appearances on the 2K8 compilation and Baron Zen's At the Mall Remixes, as well as numerous touring gigs with his new label, Stones Throw's DAM FUNK finally releases his debut 12-inch, with stunning artwork and forward-thinking, synth-driven beats..?!

12" $6.30

06/02/2008 659457219314 

STH 2193 

Let’s Take Off by Dam Funk

Dam Funk

Let’s Take Off
Stones Throw

***The Lets Take Off 12-inch takes its listeners on a musically galactic ride, seeing the world through the eyes of its mastermind, DAM FUNK, the boogie funk aficionado.?! Putting his array of vintage synthesizers and drum machines to good use, Dam (pronounced ‘DAME’ as in DAMON) has created an EP which blends funk and ‘80s musical standards, a combination perfect to attract a wider range audience.?! In the city of Los Angeles, Dam has been honorably deemed a modern funk maestro, redefining funk, as we know it today.?! This can be attributed to his presence at his weekly Funkmosphere in the Culver City neighborhood, helping him to hold ground in the Los Angeles music scene..?!

12" $7.25

05/11/2009 659457221318 

STH 2213 

Rhythm Trax Vol. 4 by Dam Funk

Dam Funk

Rhythm Trax Vol. 4
Stones Throw

***Known as Los Angeles' "Ambassador of Boogie Funk," DAM FUNK represents the citizens of the Funkmosphere.?! Headquartered in the Culver City section of LA, Dam (pronounced 'Dame,' as in Damon) spent the last few years cultivating a musical renaissance rooted in the early-'80s styles known as Boogie, Modern Soul and Electro-Funk.?! While generally known for spinning vintage vinyl, Dam’s original production demonstrates his own unique brand of music, which he’s termed “Modern Funk.” Dam Funk’s Rhythm Trax Vol.?! 4 is the fourth installment of Stones Throw’s DJ friendly Rhythm Trax series and the follow-up to his debut 12-inch release entitled Burgandy City..?!

LP $14.50

12/29/2008 659457220716 

STH 2207 

Curse Of The Evil Badger by Egon


Curse Of The Evil Badger
Stones Throw

***A brand new break record from Stones Throw and Now Again funk reissue chief, hip hop journalist, and producer EGON (responsible for the BEASTIE BOYS' "Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun" on their Anthology DVD).?! Digging deep into his legendary collection of rare funk 45s, Egon delivers a mind-blowing collection of unreleased drum breaks (lifted from 1960s master tapes), and brand new drum tracks by UK whiz MALCOLM CATTO).?! A perfect balance between the song structured Peanut Butter Breaks and scratch-heavy Super Duck Breaks albums.?! DJs will want to buy doubles..?!

LP $14.50

08/31/2009 659457205713 

STH 2057 

***BACK IN PRINT!!! The third installment in Stones Throw's series of solo EPs from the individual members of YESTERDAYS NEW QUINTET designed to focus on each member's individual strengths.?! This time in you get the goods from YNQ percussionist MALIK FLAVORS.?! Seven groove-loaded tracks featuring Flavors on percussion, organ, and synth; TYRONE FOSTER on guitar; KAMALA WALKER on flute, Arp, and congas; JUNIOR TAYLOR on piano, RMI, and Moog; KAY HENDERSON on electric fuzz bass and muffled acoustic bass; and DUMA PETERSON on drums and drum loops.?! All tracks produced by YNQ leader MADLIB..?!

12" $12.00

06/22/2009 659457207212 

STH 2072 

Ode To The Ghetto 12” Ep by Guilty Simpson

Guilty Simpson

Ode To The Ghetto 12” Ep
Stones Throw

***This 12-inch, the second single off the album, features “Ode to the Ghetto” on the A-side – GUILTY SIMPSON’s depiction of the rough neighborhoods of his native Detroit and how they shaped the man he is today.?! Produced by Guilty’s Stones Throw label mate OH NO, actually appeared in its instrumental form on Oh No’s Dr.?! No’s Oxperiment LP from earlier this year.?! MADLIB produces the Beat Konducta-style orchestra-laced to “Robbery” on the B-side, which is exclusive to this 12-inch release/.?!

12" $6.30

03/10/2008 659457218911 

STH 2189 

Ode To The Ghetto Full Length by Guilty Simpson

Guilty Simpson

Ode To The Ghetto Full Length
Stones Throw

***GUILTY SIMPSON gained the attention of two pillars of the D’s underground hip hop community—D12’s DENAUN PORTER and late great producer/emcee J DILLA.?! Dilla’s subsequent death in early ‘06 left Simpson’s solo debut The Verdict at the demo stage.?! But all wasn’t lost for Guilty, as Jay Dee featured the up-and-comer on his 2003 collaboration with fellow producer Madlib, Champion Sound and Dilla’s posthumously released album The Shining.?! Now Guilty is preparing his official first LP Ode to the Ghetto.?! Featuring production from MADLIB, Denaun Porter, OH NO, BLACK MILK, and, of course, J Dilla, the album should impact the game the same way that nose bone would your brain..?!

2XLP $15.75


STH 2180 

Maybe So, Maybe No by Hawthorne, Mayer

Hawthorne, Mayer

Maybe So, Maybe No
Stones Throw

***Mutual friend NOELLE SCAGGS of the REBIRTH introduced MAYER HAWTHORNE to Stones Throw label head PEANUT BUTTER WOLF.?! Despite being skeptical Wolf decided to give Mayer a listen.?! “He showed me two songs and I didn’t understand what I was listening to,” Wolf recalls.?! “I asked him if they were old songs that he did re-edits of—I couldn’t believe they were new songs and that he played all the instruments.” The “retro” tag is added to almost any contemporary work that sounds like it was originally recorded between 1966 and 1974, and Hawthorne, among the newest contributors to the genre.?! On the title cut Hawthorne combines infectious falsetto vocals, fatback drums, and an epic horn section that would make Motown’s Berry Gordy grin with excitement.?! (Think Jackson 5, Joe Bataan, Sylvers, Lamont Dozier, as well as J-Dila) The flip side contains the equally uplifting track, “I Wish It Would Rain” for good measure.?!

12" $7.25

06/01/2009 659457221218 

STH 2212 

***BACK IN STOCK!!! A limited edition single featuring an unreleased track recorded during J DILLA’s Ruff Draft album back in February, 2003.?! B-side features the cut “Make ‘Em NV” from the Ruff Draft album.?! Includes clean, dirty, and instrumental versions of each..?!

12" $6.30


STH 2154 

Ruff Draft Instrumentals by J Dilla

J Dilla

Ruff Draft Instrumentals
Stones Throw

***The instrumental versions of the late J DILLA’s rarely heard masterpiece from 2003.?! Ten tracks strong..?!

LP $12.75


STH 2159 

Play This ( One ) by J-rocc


Play This ( One )
Stones Throw

***REISSUED!!! J-ROCC is arguably hip hop's best kept secret.?! He has produced everyone from KRS-One to Visionaries, hosts a popular radio show in Los Angeles, and leads the WORLD FAMOUS BEAT JUNKIES crew.?! "Play This (One)" is the lead-off single for a mix CD released by Stones Throw Records..?!

12" $7.25

08/31/2009 659457205416 

STH 2054 

Champion Sound (full Length) by Jaylib


Champion Sound (full Length)
Stones Throw

***REISSUED ON VINYL!!! A massively awesome collaboration between hip hop powerhouses JAY DEE (aka J DILLA of SLUM VILLAGE) and MADLIB (LOOTPACK, QUASIMOTO, YESTERDAY'S NEW QUINTET).?! Seventeen tracks of roundtrip Detroit-to-Los Angles hip hop, with each partner working half the beats and half the rhymes.?! Features guest spots from FRANK-N-DANK, TALIB KWELI, QUASIMOTO, GUILTY SIMPSON, and PERCEE P..?!

2XLP $18.10

06/29/2009 659457206215 

STH 2062 

Rhythm Traxx V. 5 by Koushik


Rhythm Traxx V. 5
Stones Throw

***Rhythm Traxx by KOUSHIK is the fifth in a series of "rhythm" LPs by Stones Throw artists.?! This release highlights Koushik, focusing strictly on instrumentals.?! As a tool for DJs, these stripped-down tracks take it one step beyond the good ol' hip hop break record, providing some minimal instrumentation and other sounds that give the track character, but are still basic enough to be blended with numerous other records of a similar tempo.?! Inspired by Jive Records' series of instrumental DJ tools from the 1980s, the Rhythm Traxx series provides discerning DJs with tasteful instrumental segues, versatile in the mix, yet holding up on their own..?!

LP $14.50

08/17/2009 659457221010 

STH 2210 

Beat Konducta 4 by Madlib


Beat Konducta 4
Stones Throw

***MADLIB’s fourth volume in his incredible Beat Konducta series.?! This one continues where Vol.?! 3 left off, still in India, and it has some of the best Madlib productions ever heard.?! The modern day John Coltrane or Miles Davis plays a sampler..?!

LP $13.25

09/10/2007 659457217617 

STH 2176 

Beat Konducta 5 by Madlib


Beat Konducta 5
Stones Throw

***MADLIB will surely make another disappearing act occure on record store shelves across the country with this, his fifth installment of the indomitable Beat Konducta Series.?! This is the first half of the "Dil Cosby Suite" with the help from the Funky President J.ROCC.?! Most are saying that 5 and 6 represents the finest work in the series.?! Essential.   .?!

LP $14.50

11/18/2008 659457220310 

STH 2203 

Beat Konducta 6 - Dil Wither’s Suite by Madlib


Beat Konducta 6 - Dil Wither’s Suite
Stones Throw

***Another stunning volume of Madlib's Beat Konducta series.?! Following suit of what the "Dil Cosby Suite" laid down, Volume 6's "Dil Withers Suite" once again features assistance from J.Rocc on the sequencing and sound effects, and it completes another masterful duo of releases from Madlib the bad kid..?!

LP $14.50


STH 2204 

Mind Fusion Vol. 4 by Madlib


Mind Fusion Vol. 4
Stones Throw

***BACK IN STOCK!!! The fourth installment in the Mind Fusion mix series from the one-and-only MADLIB.?! This time in you get a collection of remixes (NAS vs.?! JAY Z) along with cuts from the CDP archives..?!

CD $17.00


MFU 04 CD 

Mind Fusion Vol. 5 by Madlib


Mind Fusion Vol. 5
Stones Throw

***BACK IN STOCK!!! The fifth installment in MADLIB’s popular Mind Fusion mix series finds Madlib going deep into the crates to deliver a nonstop groovefest of the highest order..?!

CD $17.00


MFU 05 CD 

100 Dolla Billz by Med


100 Dolla Billz
Stones Throw

***One of Stones Throw's longest-tenured artists is set to drop another full-length release, and once again MED has teamed up with the Beat Conductor MADLIB for another two-sided slab of 12-inch vinyl that your collection needs..?!

12" $7.00

06/08/2009 659457220914 

STH 2209 

Cosmic Rap (egyptian Lover Remix) by Pants, James

Pants, James

Cosmic Rap (egyptian Lover Remix)
Stones Throw

***Yet another piece of vinyl from the prolific, versatile, and dangerous JAMES PANTS.?! This time, the popular electro album cut "Cosmic Rapp" becomes the latest single with an exclusive remix from the legendary EGYPTIAN LOVER, with four brand new non-LP cuts (of variable lengths) rounding out the latest release from the ever-eclectic Stones Throw Records..?!

12" $7.00


STH 2214 

***Stones Throw has been growing and evolving in many directions in 2008, and the response for JAMES PANTS has been undeniable.?! Following his hit LP Welcome, comes another 12-inch single with James' inimitable artwork, plus an exclusive remix of the cult classic "Ka$h" by TRIZZY & XXXCHANGE (SPANK ROCK)..?!

12" $6.30

09/22/2008 659457219512 

STH 2195 

***Rhythm Traxx by JAMES PANTS is also the first in a new series of "rhythm" LPs by Stones Throw artists.?! Each release in the series will highlight the individual talents of one producer, focusing strictly on instrumentals.?! As a tool for DJs, these stripped-down tracks take it one step beyond the good ol' hip hop break record, providing some minimal instrumentation and other sounds that give the track character, but are still basic enough to be blended with numerous other records of a similar tempo.?! Inspired by Jive Records' series of instrumental DJ tools from the 1980s, the Rhythm Traxx series provides discerning DJs with tasteful instrumental segues, versatile in the mix, yet holding up on their own.?! James Pants' Rhythm Traxx LP offers beats mostly in his trademark electro style (think Egyptian Lover or Cybotron), but occasionally dabbling in mid-tempo freestyle and closing with an almost new-age percussive meditation.?!

LP $12.75


STH 2166 

***Stones Throw's next talent-to-watch.?! The second single to drop from JAMES PANTS’ anticipated full-length, Welcome...(after the limited pressing of Kash).?! “We’re Through” throbs to that uptempo pulse reminiscent of both early ’80s boogie and early house.?! “We’re Through” vocal & instrumental versions are on Side A.?! Some other songs not on the album round out Side B for the collectors..?!

12" $7.00

04/14/2008 659457219116 

STH 2191 

***The year is 2001, the place is Texas.?! Stones Throw head honcho Peanut Butter Wolf is DJing while a sharply dressed young man approaches the DJ Booth with his Prom date in tow to formally introduce himself.?! Thus begins the story of JAMES PANTS.?! What began as a dream Prom night to see his hero DJ went to an internship at the label to eventually landing the ultimate fantasy by being signed to the roster and championed as the 'next big thing' by none other than Peanut Butter Wolf himself—on top of critics like Busy P, Urb, XLR8R, & Dazed & Confused Magazines.?! Mr.?! Pants is a purveyor par excellence of that unmistakable "fresh beat"—‘80s soul, electro boogie, early rap, new wave, and post-punk disco, all of which can be found on Welcome, where James plays drums, keys, guitar and sings.?! From a radio perspective, what format does this fall under—this new style that Pants has invented?!

2XLP $16.10

06/02/2008 659457216818 

STH 2168 

2k8 - B-ball Zombie War by Peanut Butter Wolf

Peanut Butter Wolf

2k8 - B-ball Zombie War
Stones Throw

***PEANUT BUTTER WOLF returns with a mix album featuring usic from the NBA 2K8 video game.?! You get tracks from Q-TIP, SUPREME TEAM, TALIB KWELI, GUILTY SIMPSON, MF DOOM, J-ROCC and others.?! Producers include MADLIB, JUST BLAZE, J DILLA, and many more..?!

2XLP $15.75


STH 2186 

Expressions (2012 A.u.) by Perkins, Dudley

Perkins, Dudley

Expressions (2012 A.u.)
Stones Throw

***BACK IN PRINT ON VINYL!!! The latest from Oxnard hip hop/R&B magician DUDLEY PERKINS.?! Joining producer MADLIB, Perkins takes an extended detour in the direction of Parliament’s Mothership Connection, rocking funk-drenched grooves beneath plaintive, introspective vocals.?! Thirteen tracks strong..?!

2XLP $18.10

08/31/2009 659457213619 

STH 2136 

Expressions (2012 A.u.) Instrumentals by Perkins, Dudley

Perkins, Dudley

Expressions (2012 A.u.) Instrumentals
Stones Throw

***BACK IN PRINT!!! An instrumental version of the Expressions album from Oxnard hip hop/R&B magician DUDLEY PERKINS.?! Joining producer MADLIB, Perkins takes an extended detour in the direction of Parliament’s Mothership Connection, rocking funk-drenched grooves.?! Thirteen tracks strong..?!

2XLP $18.15


STH 2140 

***BACK IN PRINT!!! The first single off the upcoming Further Adventures of Lord Quas album from helium-voiced hip hop heavyweight QUASIMOTO.?! Includes the smoked-out, stream-of-consciousness cut “Bus Ride,” backed by the head-spinners “Rappercats” and “Jazz Cats,” as well as the ode to weed “Greenery.” Produced by MADLIB..?!

12" $6.30

08/27/2007 659457210717 

STH 2107 

***REISSUED!!! Hip hop personal trainer QUASIMOTO returns to work your lower body with the muscle-tightening single from his full-length workout.?! Three heavy lifters produced by LOOTPACK mainman and Quasimoto alter-ego MADLIB.?! Weird-ass cover art.?! Packaged with the original picture sleeves for the first time in eight years..?!

12" $6.30


STH 2024 

***OMAR RODRIGUEZ-LOPEZ’s Old Money is the first album that THE MARS VOLTA guitarist/producer/writer/arranger will release with Stones Throw Records.?! The addictive melodies and passionate execution of each performance render Old Money perhaps the most accessible of his non Volta recordings, and the perfect entry point to anyone not yet familiar with what this prolific artist has to offer.?! The album fits comfortably between the guitarist’s monumental work with The Mars Volta, and his prior rock-based solo releases such as 2007’s The Apocalypse Inside Of An Orange.?! Loosely based on the concept of exploitative industrialists and, well, their old money, the album presents a ten-track collection of concise rock compositions, which range from progressive to psychedelic to downright funky..?!

LP $14.50

02/23/2009 659457220211 

STH 2202 

***Many of those familiar with the tireless musician, producer and songwriter GUILLERMO SCOTT HERREN often cite his PREFUSE 73 as favorites from his vast catalog which has inspired a new generation of producers (Flying Lotus, Dabrye, Hudson Mohawke, etc).?! Guillermo has always remained one step ahead of the pack though by diversifying his sounds outside of the ‘glitch hop’ universe.?! With a love for South-American psychedelic music and Catalan folk melodies, Herren found inspiration for La Llama in the early ‘70s independent music scene that had briefly flourished in Recife, Brazil.?! Stones Throw is proud to release this record.?! Somehow a minimal Catalan psych-folk album inspired by Brazilian counter-current musical giants falls in line with Mars Volta-leader Omar Rodiguez Lopez’s prog-rock opus Old Money and Madlib’s Beat Konducta 5&6, a tribute to J.Dilla.?!

2XLP $18.10

05/25/2009 659457221522 

STH 2215 

***BACK IN PRINT ON VINYL!!! A collection of the best material from late-'60s early-'70s jazz-funk quartet STARK REALITY, and a beat digger's wet dream.?! A 70-minute all-out jam of quirky funk action, including three previously unreleased tracks from 1969 (taken from the original AJP masters)..?!

2XLP $15.75

12/08/2008 659457205812 

STH 2058 

Chrome Children Instrumentals by V/a


Chrome Children Instrumentals
Stones Throw

***The instrumental mixes of the collaboration between Stones Throw boss PEANUT BUTTER WOLF and Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.?! Features brand new and exclusive PBJ instrumentals done for MADVILLAIN (MF DOOM and MADLIB), J DILLA, J ROCC, OH NO, PERCEE P, MED, DUDLEY PERKINS, and others..?!