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Manic Depressives / 0:30 Second Flash

0:30 Second Flash / Manic Depressives

Manic Depressives / 0:30 Second Flash

LP $14.75


RERUN 010 

***Both bands were the brain child of LARRY HOLMES who ran the legendary Vinyl Solution record label and the Final Solution fanzine in New Orleans. Beginning in 1979, Vinyl Solution released singles by early punk bands Red Rockers, Shell Shock, Toxin III and other locals, along with the scene defining No Questions, No Answers compilation LP. The vinyl releases are U.S Punk classics, and his Final Solution fanzine was by far, the best documentation of the early New Orleans punk scene. Making sure to cover all angles, Larry put the MANIC DEPRESSIVES together. He choose pals like local loonie MANDEVILLE MIKE and members of the MODELS to fill the line up. The band didn't last too long, but they managed to leave behind a 7" EP and a two compilation cuts of tough, yet melodic speed punk. When the Manic Depressives ended, Larry formed the similar sounding 0:30 SECOND FLASH with another group of friends. They recorded a four song EP and played live a few times, but they were over even faster than the Manic Depressives. The EP was not released as planned, and Larry, like many others got bored with punk when it turned hardcore. We've collected the complete recordings of both bands on a 45rpm 12". Side one has the Manic Depressives 7” EP and compilation tracks from 1980-1981, while side two is the unreleased 0:30 Second Flash 7" EP from 1981. Pressed in a an edition of 500 copies on black vinyl, housed in a color jacket with previously unpublished photos and liner notes.

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