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LP $19.75

11/08/2011 781484046714 


CD $13.75

11/08/2011 781484046721 

DC 467 CD 

***CHECK STOCK!!! Received a 7.7 rating from Pitchfork. 200 YEARS is none other than those straw dogs of skull counting (and flowers!), BEN CHASNY (SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE) and ELISA AMBROGIO (MAGIC MARKERS) Yep, that’s what they called them back in grade school—and that’s where the storm clouds started massing. It would be years and many cold dishes of revenge before this unique version of socialization would blossom into the music that both are rumored for today. They still don’t lie, but the debut 200 Years LP sounds like they’re figuring out a way to build around the smoking holes, instead of the rough old craniometry count down. If destruction is a type of construction, then you can say we here at DCHQ knew they had it in ‘em the whole time! Like magnets, or Voltron, apart these two have wreacked havoc with electricity and enemies, but when joined create a force of absolute cohesion and power. Quiet-like, though! 200 Years is to a listening experience like seeing is through a dirty window—you can’t see anything clear out there but the light. And that’s more than you got in the room. Sonically, it’s basically Ben and Elisa with guitars, Elisa’s voice, Ben’s guitar alone, the breath of a harmonium, the faintest strains of piano. There’s more playing in the mix than just that, but it’s like that ol’ dirty window—the sounds are more not there than they are there.