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Dirty Reggae
LP $18.50

TBD 810017640263 

PPR 236-1 

***This is the album that started it all. Cock Sparrer has Shock Troops. Rancid has Let’s Go. The Aggrolites have Dirty Reggae; and off the back of this album emerged a scene embracing that term itself, that would grow to be bigger than the band could ever be. Dirty Reggae is now in-and-of-itself a category of Reggae that has taken the world by storm ever since its release. Nobody could’ve guessed at the time, preparing an assembly of musicians to support classic reggae artist Derrick Morgan, that the project would lead to a band that has truly changed the face of Reggae. As with other classic albums, from the moment the needle touches down, the music takes the listener to a special place; in this case, one that has and continues to inspire others to build upon what this integral band has started.

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