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Exploding B/w Bells
7" $7.75


CHK 7038 / ENO 096 

When Robert Schneider, leader of The Apples in stereo and co-founder of the Elephant 6 Recording Co., moved to Atlanta to pursue his PhD in Mathematics five years ago, who could’ve predicted that he’d start a new band as well? Air-Sea Dolphin is the combo of guitarist Matt Chapman and bassist Mike Chapman (a.k.a. the Brothers Chaps from Homestar Runner), guitarist Ryan Sterritt and drummer Jamey Huggins (Of Montreal, Elfpower, Great Lakes), with Schneider singing and writing most of the songs. The band plays only very rarely in the Atlanta-Athens area, including an appearance on Adult Swim's Bloodfeast, but their geeky obsessions flourish inside ASD’s micro-universe: four-tracks, fuzz-tones, an Atari-based synthesizer, and even a series of retro arcade games to serve as music videos. Not to mention Air-Sea Dolphin makes wistful, lo-fi pop so catchy it will make your mind explode.  
All tracks were previously released on lathe-cut singles. This single is in an edition of 250. A co-release with Third Uncle Records. 
Expect a new EP in the fall!