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Jersey Shores
LP $13.00

10/05/2010 721616041613 

VIRUS 416 

Akimbo has barreled their way through the United States and Europe over the last decade with all the fervor of a demon army bent on conquest. Carving a path of righteousness with a thunderous sound and a menacing presence, Jon Weisnewski (bass / vocals) and Nat Damm (drums) have forged a unique and devastating sonic battle axe. The pair was joined by Aaron Walters (guitar) in 2006, and he has proven to be the defining diesel in this engine of pure, flaming, voluminous rock. 
Akimbo originally released the sinister and anthemic Jersey Shores on Neurot Recordings in 2008. Inspired by accounts of brutal and savage shark attacks that haunted the New Jersey coast for twelve bloody days in 1916, the band allowed the dark subject matter to fester into the grain of their instruments and recreated their sound anew. Steering away from the beer-fueled "rock for rock's sake" approach, the album explores a more mysterious and brooding territory than other releases and represents a new chapter of the Akimbo saga. 
With six hammering, primal, evocative, haunting tracks that transport the listener through 45 minutes of timeless fear, Jersey Shores is a new weapon for Akimbo after ten years of aggressive battle through the hallowed pits of the rock 'n' roll underground. This 180-gram vinyl gatefold reissue also marks the continued collaboration between the Seattle band and Alternative Tentacles. 
"Musically, Jersey Shores functions like the greatest of horror stories, building its dread with masterful dynamic, offering false calm in its wiry, entangled melodies before building up to crushing, bottomed-out bludgeons delivered with the force of a great white's upward charge.... The long-standing Seattle band's got the chops to pull off such a visceral aural assault, but it's handled with a preternatural finesse. The spiraling melodic lines intertwine with crushing drop-tuned chugging. Weisnewski's gruff howls attack with his band's choppy froth and bleed out into a cracked croon as the band's behemoth climaxes dip back into the murky depths, waiting for the next strike. Feedback hums drape the quiet moments, creating an ominous drone that inevitably gives way into more of Akimbo's scorching metal." 
--Tiny Mix Tapes