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Shade Themes From €
2XLP $24.95

05/20/2014 781484058618 

DC 586 

***Shade Themes From “Kairos” is a new iteration of the dream for all the guitar freaks out there, 
bringing together a couple of singular players together, just to see what happens. In this case, the players were old friends and collaborators OREN AMABARCHI and STEPHEN O’MALLEY, playing in a space engineered and co-populated by RANDALL DUNN. The Shade album began in 2009, when Belgian filmmaker ALEXIS DESTOOP asked Ambarchi and O’Malley to score his short feature, “Kairos.” Randall Dunn was their first and best choice to record and co-produce the music—and as the session progressed, all three men found themselves acting as a trio to bring the music. And in the end, this album was made by a trio of players. Decamped in an old radio station in Kortrijk, Belgium, they filled a bare, stripped live broadcast room with the needed equipment as well as other amazing old pieces made available by the gearheads of the European lowlands. With guitars, drums, analog synthesizers, vibes, crotales, Sruti box and a mellotron, deep emanations were evoked, while other spirits emerged from the old wooden sound panels in the room—the ghosts of music makers past? It will suffice to say that all who were there contributed something. The soundtrack was completed—but the vast space they’d discovered together required deeper investigation. Ambarchi, O’Malley and Dunn determined to go further with the music, reconvening back at Randall’s ALEPH Studio in Seattle (now R.I.P.), where further recording and mixing was done. (STREET DATE - 5/20/2014)

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