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Anti Cosmic Tyranny


Anti Cosmic Tyranny

Profound Lore
CD $12.00

08/20/2013 616892127345 

PFL 119 

Canada’s AMSG was born in 2007 after mastermind / black metal terrorist / crime lord Angelfukk Witchhammer put his previous cult band Ouroboros to rest and served a prison sentence for what the police deemed “Black Metal Terrorism.” His sinister and dangerous sonic rituals conjure the ancient black metal spirit of legendary bands such as Mortuary Drape, early Samael, early Rotting Christ and Necromantia. Demonstrating a twisted and deranged style that incorporates mid-paced, progressive black metal and dark, deathly melancholy, AMSG released their debut EP, The Principle of Evil Becomes the Ideal of the Promethean, in 2010. 
Debut full-length Anti Cosmic Tyranny is a testament of the real essence of black metal—the sonic interpretation of a Satanic ritual replete with layered whispers, chants and other subliminal sounds that honor the endless dark Aeon and the chaotic black light. Composed during Witchhammer’s most recent prison stint, the album will make black metal dangerous again. Not for the faint of heart or the weak of mind.