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LP $17.50

08/23/2019 767870659201 

DDR 122 

CD $9.50

08/23/2019 616822121825 

DDR 122 CD 

Anguish's brand new album, Mountain, sees the band expanding upon their oppressive brand of doom metal. Mountain, the follow-up of 2012's Through The Archdemon's Head, is stripped down from its predecessor, clocking in at 48 minutes (eight tracks), but injects more variation. 
"And you know, there’s a real difference when you listen to an album that has two vocalists and an album that has just one. I wanted it back to that, but mainly I got a real kick out of an album that’s two years old now. The album is called Mountain and the band is called Anguish, from Sweden. It’s very introverted, so I thought I wanted to go in that direction" - Fenriz (on Mountain as an inspiration for Darkthrone)

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