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Whiffs, The

Another Whiff

Dig! Records
LP $17.75


DIG 009 

FLAC $11.99

12/06/2019 767870660085 

DIG 009 

MP3 $9.90

12/06/2019 767870660085 

DIG 009 

Kansas City’s prodigal sons of power pop are sticking to what they know on Another Whiff, their full-length debut for Dig! Records. Since 2017’s Take A Whiff EP, the band has been busy allowing their auditory aromas to ripen with the addition of JOEY RUBBISH (of THE RUBS) for a fuller, more robust sonic bouquet. While the band can still get it up for Stiff Records—their pop-centric punk remains in full force—the album takes a more epic trip with detours into broken-heart ballads from the heartland, journeying down paths forged by pioneers like Chilton and late Westerberg, the legacy of Petty and the cosmic country harmonies of The Byrds.  Recording sessions over the past year, on and off, in their makeshift basement practice space, Electric Babyland, afforded the band an opportunity to take time while the lineup coalesced, and get tour-tight supporting La Luz, Bad Sports and Patsy’s Rats on the road. The result is a unique album that is at once sprawling in direction and tight in execution, with all the sonic stank you’d expect from sweaty beer plied basement sessions. Out of the gate, “Shakin All Over” will register to all of the senses, like you were there, squatting in the corner of the basement, imbibing with the band and absorbing every hit from Jake’s C&C kit (note frivolous plug for Jake’s drum company). The 14 tracks that emerged as Another Whiff are expertly mixed by Vince Lawhon and mastered by Jordan Peterson for a final package lacking any sort of trend necessitated sell-by date, just honest guitar driven, vocally infectious love songs for the ages. Timeless tunes and the triple-threat of Rory, Zach and Joey’s vocals set The Whiffs apart from their peers. Three distinct songwriters with their own personal flavors, delivering three-part harmonies make for the unique rotation of upbeat punk belters (“Now I Know”), achy ballads (“She”) and triumphant tearjerkers (“How Could You”) our troubled troubadours dispense like a Greatest Hits Factory from the last half century of all of our all time favorites.


  1. #1 Shakin All Over

  2. #2 What Do You Want Me To Do?

  3. #3 Hey Little Anne

  4. #4 Please Be True

  5. #5 My Vision of Love

  6. #6 Dream About Judy

  7. #7 I Don't Wanna Know

  8. #8 Throw It Away

  9. #9 How Could You?

  10. #10 On the Boulevard

  11. #11 She

  12. #12 Seventeen

  13. #13 Now I Know

  14. #14 Please Come Home

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